Are 3 Bedroom Houses Hard To Sell: [Breaking The Myth]

My friend bought a three-bedroom house two years ago, but now his wife wants to convert it into a two-bedroom house by knocking down the wall between the two front bedrooms. He doesn’t agree with her idea because he’s worried about the lower resale value of a two-bedroom house compared to a three-bedroom house.

Many people find themselves in this tough situation when they want to renovate their house but are hesitant due to the fear of getting a lower resale value.

In this article, we will explore whether this fear is justified based on data from more than 1,000 houses that have been sold in the last five years, and how homeowners can approach renovations with resale value in mind.

Before starting working on any renovation Idea, you must take a look at these important points to understand what activity could lower the resale value of your house, or which activity benefits you.

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Cost Differences between 2-Bedroom and 3-Bedroom Houses: A Comparative Analysis by Location and Community Type

The below table shows that on average, 2-bedroom houses cost $20,000 less than 3-bedroom houses, regardless of the year. However, the difference in price can vary depending on the location and community type.

Property TypeAverage Price (2014-2019)Difference in Price
2-Bedroom House$221,658$0
3-Bedroom House$241,907$20,249
3-Bedroom House (55+ Community)$236,745$14,913
3-Bedroom House (Outside 55+ Community)$279,124$37,379

In a 55+ community, where buyers typically don’t need a third bedroom, the price difference between 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom houses is significantly reduced to $14,913 on average. This suggests that the presence of a third bedroom does not significantly affect home prices within 55+ communities.

Outside of 55+ communities, the difference in price between 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom houses is much higher, averaging $37,379. This means that a third bedroom is more likely to affect the value of a home in non-age-restricted communities.

Overall, the data suggest that the cost differences between 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom houses can vary depending on a variety of factors, including location, community type, and buyer preferences.

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Appreciation Rates of 2-Bedroom and 3-Bedroom Houses in 55+ Communities

When it comes to buying or selling a home, the potential for future appreciation is always a consideration. The data shows that in 55+ communities, 2-bedroom houses tend to appreciate value more quickly than 3-bedroom houses.

According to the data set, 36 2-bedroom homes and 36 3-bedroom homes were sold in 55+ communities in 2014. By 2019, 128 2-bedroom homes and 105 3-bedroom homes were sold. Homeowners who purchased a 2-bedroom house in 2014 saw an average increase in value of $16,000 by 2019, compared to those who purchased a 3-bedroom house with an average increase in value of $12,000.

YearBedroomsNumber of Homes SoldAverage Increase in Value

The Resale Value of a 3 Bedroom house is much higher for people who don’t have any bondage of how many people live in that house

I keep some people outside in our 55+ communities who don’t have any headaches about how many people live in a house. For such people, a 3 bedroom house attracts more than a 3 bedroom house.

We keep such people outside of our previous 55+ communities.

LocationHOA rulesBedroom trendResale value trendAverage price difference
55+ CommunitiesStrict rules3 bedrooms are not preferredNot as important$15000 on average
Non-55+ CommunitiesFlexible rules3 bedrooms are preferredHigher resale value for 3 bedroom homes$56,000 on average

Overall, having 3 bedrooms in a home has a higher resale value in non-55+ communities where HOA rules are flexible, with an average price difference of $56,000.

Let’s understand these factors that affect the overall resale value of your 3 bedroom and 3 bedroom house in detail.

Factors Affecting the Sale of 3-Bedroom Houses

The sale of a three-bedroom house can be influenced by a variety of factors. These include the location of the property, the condition of the house, its pricing, local market conditions, demographics, and competition from other properties.


A house located close to schools, shopping centers, and public transport is more attractive to buyers and thus can increase the value of the property.

The condition of the house is also important, as well-maintained properties and updated fixtures and appliances can attract higher prices. Pricing is another key factor, as overpricing or underpricing the house can have negative impacts on its sale.


LocationHOA rulesBedroom trendAverage time to sell
55+ CommunitiesStrict rules2 bedrooms are preferred60 days for 2-bedroom homes, 74 to 88 days for 3-bedroom homes
Non-55+ CommunitiesFlexible rules3 bedrooms are preferredSame amount of time for both 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom homes

Overall, outside of 55+ communities with flexible HOA rules, both 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom homes sold in the same amount of time. However, inside 55+ communities with strict HOA rules, 2-bedroom homes are preferred and sell faster, while 3-bedroom homes take longer to sell.

Size Of The Property:

The size of a house also plays a vital role in determining its resale value. A small house with three bedrooms doesn’t appeal as much to buyers as a decently-sized two-bedroom house with an elegant interior, which allows buyers to pay more than they would for a small three-bedroom house.

Resale potential:

3-bedroom houses tend to have higher resale potential than 2-bedroom houses, especially in areas with families or a high demand for larger homes. However, there are situations where a 2-bedroom house may have higher resale potential, such as in areas with a high demand for starter homes or where there is limited land available for development.

Market Demand for 2-Bedroom and 3-Bedroom Homes: Inside and Outside 55+ Communities:

2-Bedroom Home3-Bedroom Home
55+ Community84 buyers in 201944 buyers in 2019
Outside 55+ Community74 shoppers in 20191,988 shoppers in 2019

This table summarizes the data presented in the text regarding the number of buyers and shoppers for 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom homes both inside and outside 55+ communities.

As the table shows, there were significantly more shoppers for 3-bedroom homes than 2-bedroom homes outside 55+ communities in 2019, while inside 55+ communities, there were more buyers for 2-bedroom homes than 3-bedroom homes.

This highlights the importance of considering the market size and demand for different types of homes in a given location when deciding on the size and features of a home to purchase or sell.


In conclusion, the resell potential of a 3-bedroom house depends on various factors such as the location, size, condition, and local market demand. While 3-bedroom houses may take longer to sell in some specific situations, there is no evidence to suggest that they are generally hard to sell.

In fact, in many areas outside of 55+ communities, 3-bedroom homes are in high demand and can command a higher resale value than 2-bedroom homes. Ultimately, working with a real estate professional can help homeowners understand the local market conditions and position their properties for a successful sale.


Q.1 Are 3-bedroom houses generally harder to sell than 2-bedroom houses?

Answer: Not necessarily. The resell potential of a 3-bedroom house depends on various factors such as location, size, condition, and local market demand.

Q.2 Are 3-bedroom houses in 55+ communities harder to sell than those outside of these communities?

Answer: Yes, generally speaking. 55+ communities have a lower demand for 3-bedroom homes, and buyers in these communities often prefer smaller properties.

Q.3 What can homeowners do to increase the resell potential of their 3-bedroom house?

Answer: Homeowners can take steps such as ensuring the property is well-maintained, decluttering and staging the interior, and working with a real estate professional to market the property effectively to potential buyers.

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