MMI doors vs Jeld Wen: Differences & Similarities

People often confuse MMI and Jeld Wen for choosing doors for their homes. MMI also known as “Milliken Millwork, Inc” is a leading producer of different kinds of doors and other value-added services in the USA. 

Jeld Wen is a world-renowned company in the field of doors and windows manufacturing industry. Both brands are known for their best-quality doors, which are energy efficient, durable, and come with aesthetic appeal. 

It is quite confusing which one would be right for your home between Jeld wen and MMI but in this article, I’ve shared some major differences and some similarities which would help you to make the right decision. 


Let’s get going…

A Detailed Comparison Table between Jeld-Wen and MMI Doors

Some major differences and similarities are mentioned in the below detailed comparison table:

 Jeld-Wen MMI Doors
Product Line-UpInterior Doors, Exterior Doors, Patio Doors, WindowsInterior Doors, Exterior Doors, Patio Doors, Commercial Doors, and Fully Customised Doors. 
Website LayoutVery simple and easy to understand.Its interface is also simple and easy to understand.
Ordering ProcedureYou can order Jeld-Wen doors by searching for the nearest showroom in your area. You can search the nearest showroom by the Zipcode of your area. The ordering procedure is the same as we have seen in the Jeld-Wen. You can search for the nearest showroom by giving the zip code of your location. 
Product Categorization And How Easy It Is To Choose Them.Much better categorization and much easier to choose required doors or windows than the MMI Doors.Categorization is good and product selection is also easy but not as great as Jeld-Wen has. 
Material Choices, Design, Patterns, etc.VastLimited
PriceDoors and windows are available in every price range from low price to expensive. MMI doors are also available in every price range from cheap to expensive. 
After-Sale Service RatingNot that great. Jeld-wen has to work on improving its customer support services. As MMI doors are now part of Jeld-wen then the customer support service is the same. 
WarrantyJeld-wen all interior doors come with 5 years of warranty, Fiberglass Exterior Doors come with a lifetime warranty and it is applicable as long as you own and occupies your residence.  Steel Doors – 5 years, Steel Exterior Doors – 10 years, Wood exterior doors- 5 years. Windows and Patio doors Warranty period: Wood & metal Clad wood – 20 years, Composite – 10 years, vinyl and metal clad vinyl – as long as you own your home and Aluminum- 10 years.Fiberglass Doors – Lifetime Majestic Steel Door, Steel Replacement Door, Glass Lite Warranty – 10 Years, Builder’s Classic Steel and Fiberglass Door Warranty – 2 Years, Interior door warranty- 5 Years. 
Fire-RatedJeld-wen steel and IWP wood-based Exterior doors and IWP wood and solid mineral core flush interior doors are the highest fire rated with a rating of 90 minutes. MMI doors has a separate category of fire-rated doors which are rated 90 minutes and 20 minutes. 
Extreme Weather RatingJeld-wen doesn’t mention clearly that which door types are rated for severe weather.  With a little bit of research, I found its IWP Aurora fiberglass doors are rated to withstand any climate. Steel doors are also impact resistant.   MMI Doors makes it quite easier to choose doors that can withstand challenging and tough weather conditions. It has a separate category with the name Severe Weather Doors. 
Energy RatingAs a partner of Energy Star since 1998, Jeld-wen ensures that its wide variety of doors and windows meet the energy star standard. MMI Doors is also a member of Energy Star, and ensure that its products meet their standard. 
Sustainability RatingJeld Wen committed to utilizing recycled materials in its manufacturing units. Its products are energy star rated. It also took its footstep against large amounts of fuel consumption and emission of greenhouse gases. MMI doors are energy star rated and qualify for the LEED program. 


Every brand has a glorious past and getting a brief knowledge about it would give us more information about that brand that helps us to make a final decision later. 

MMI (Milliken Millwork, Inc) Doors 

MMI was started in 1953, and now it has a wide range of interior, exterior and patio doors that would match the demand of every homeowner. 

MMI is a USA-based company that provides its services to the midwest region of the USA. 

Jeld Wen

Jeld Wen is a world-renowned company in the field of doors and windows manufacturing industry. It has 120+ manufacturing units in 19 countries and most of them are primarily located in North America, Europe, Australia, etc. Its headquarter is located in Charlotte, North America. 

Whether you want doors and windows for new construction, repair, or remodeling of your home, you will get all the different designs, textures, and materials in their interior and exterior doors product lineup.  

As per the report published in Businesswire[1], In July 2017 Jeld Wen acquired MMI Doors, It means now MMI is a part of Jeld Wen but still, both have some differences, which make them identical. We look forward to each of them later in this article. 

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Product Line-up

MMI is solely a door manufacturing brand whereas Jeld Wen manufactures doors and windows. Both brands also offer other value-added services. 

MMI Doors Product Line-Up

MMI offers these types of doors to its customers:

  1. Interior Doors
  2. Exterior Doors
  3. Commercial Doors
  4. Patio Doors

Interior Doors:

If you are looking for interior doors for your home then you have a wide variety here such as:

1. Wood Panel Doors: These doors would give a natural look to your home interior. Wood doors are available in multiple panels with raised and flat panel designs. 

2. Molded Panel Doors: These doors are made with Primed and a combination of wood fiber and resin, and are available in different patterns and styles such as single doors, double doors, barn doors, etc. 

MMI Doors also has a wide range of barn doors. 

3. Flush Doors: This is an inexpensive and plain-looking door range for those homeowners who don’t want to spend more but want a door that is easy to paint or stain. 

4. Glass Doors: MMI has a wide range in its glass door segment where you have options to choose from a simple glass door and a decorative one. These doors are available in Oak, Pine, and Primed material. 

5. Louver Doors: Louver doors are best suited for a packed rooms such as laundry rooms, furnace rooms, pantries, etc. It enhances the ventilation and beauty of a room with an angled piece of wood design.

6. MDF Custom Paneled Doors: These doors are alternatives to expensive molded doors. These doors are available in smooth and dense skin and high-quality finish.  

Exterior Doors: 

You have a huge variety in the exterior door segment. These doors are available in so many types, material choices, different panels, and with complete security. 

MMI sidelite doors are very popular and you have the choice to choose the location of the sidelite. 

MMI Glass Door Range:

MMI offers a huge range of exterior doors with glass panels such as:

  1. Clear glass
  2. Decorative glass
  3. Grilles between glass
  4. Textured/Privacy glass

Fiberglass Door Material Choices:

MMI offers architectural fiberglass doors with different material choices such as:

  • Fir
  • Knotty Alder
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Rustic Cherry
  • Traditional Cherry
  • Bullders Classic Fiberglass

Steel Security Replacement Doors:

These doors are easy to install and come with steel frames on all four sides. These doors are available in multiple decorative glass options. 

Fire-Rated Doors:

You can also order fire-rated doors from MMI doors. These doors are available in two types of fire ratings:

  • 20 minute
  • 90 Minute

The higher the rating, the minimum chances of severe damage to the property and life. These doors are available in different glass styles, hardware options and different patterns, and panels. 

Severe Weather Doors

These doors are a must-have choice for those who live in those areas where the wind speed crosses 140 MPH. In some areas where hurricanes and tornados are very common, these doors could be a life savior. These doors from MMI Doors are certified to use in Florida, Texas, and other areas that face severe weather conditions.  

Fully Customize Doors

Apart from that MMI doors also offer a wide range of commercial and fully customized door ranges. You can build interior and exterior doors, commercial doors, patio doors, etc according to your need. 

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Jeld Wen Product Line-Up

Jeld Wen has three categories in its door segment which are:

  1. Exterior doors
  2. Interior doors
  3. Patio doors

Exterior Doors:

Exterior Doors Product Line-Up

Jeld Wen exterior doors are categorized into 8 different sections. Let’s discuss the difference between them :

(1) Smooth-Pro Fiberglass Doors come with light paint and brush stroke. There are 100+ models available, and this category of exterior doors is the cheapest among the others. These doors come with minimal maintenance costs. 

(2) Architectural Collection Fiberglass Doors appeal to those people who want a real wood texture and feel on their door. Nickel Vapor Deposition technology makes these doors as they are made of real wood with several customization options.

50+ models are available with minimal maintenance. These doors are a little bit costlier than the  Smooth-Pro Fiberglass doors but are midrange doors.

(3) Design Pro Fiberglass Doors: These doors are midrange doors that come with high-definition panels, and many attractive designs. Available in 100+ different designs with minimal maintenance, and a midrange price tag.

(4) Steel Doors: These doors are available in different designs and are budget-friendly options that come with strong and durable material and provide complete security to your home. 

The other important features are energy-efficient cores & fire-rated bodies. More than 100+ models require minimal maintenance and come with 10 years of warranty. 

(5) IWP Wood Doors: The doors are expensive, look premium, and allow you to customize almost every part of the door. They make you feel the real wood. The company offers 5 years of limited warranty with these doors. More than 150+ models are available with moderate maintenance. 

(6) IWP Aurora Fiberglass Doors: This is also a premium category of Jeld wen fiberglass doors that comes with tons of luxurious woodgrain finish. These are expensive and require minimal maintenance. 

(7) Authenthic Wood Doors:

These doors are available in limited models. With these doors, you have options to choose wood species, design, and different woodgrain finishes. 

Jeld wen exterior doors are available in all panel types from 1 to 8 whereas it has some additional panel types such as top view, full view, oval view, flush, etc which make it much easier to select a desired door type. 

Key Differences

The above-mentioned additional panels are missing on MMI doors. The categorization of door panels and their types is way better in Jeld wen than the MMI Doors.

MMI Doors has a wide range of privacy glass doors, whereas Jeld wen doesn’t have such an option. 

Jeld wen has dutch type exterior doors that are unique. Jeld wen exterior doors are available in tons of different materials such as:

  1. Fiberglass
  2. Steel
  3. Wood

Oak and Knotty Alder are commonly used wood species in MMI and Jeld Wen whereas Jeld Wen offers some additional wood species which are listed below:

  • Cherry
  • Hemlock
  • Mahogany, Meranti Mahogany
  • Multi-wood option
  • Walnut

The multi-wood option is not available in MMI Doors, which could be interesting for many people who love to install a door that is built with a combination of multiple wood species. 

Jeld Wen Interior Doors 

Jeld-wen interior doors are also available in tons of different panel options from 1-panel doors to 9+ panel doors. Whether you want a bifold door, a glass panel door, or a Louver, their choices are endless. 

MMI doors has very limited wood species such as Oak, Pine, and Primed whereas Jeld Wen has a large list of wood species to choose from. 

Apart from Oak, Pine, and Primed it has these additional wood species:

  • Birch
  • Cherry
  • Knotty Alder
  • Knotty Pine
  • Mahogany
  • Medium  Density Fiberboard
  • Multi wood option
  • Red Oak
  • Tropical Hardwood
  • Walnut

You also select your desired material from these three available options:

  1. Tria Premium Composite
  2. Wood
  3. Wood Composite

Jeld Wen has categorized its interior door product lineup into these categories based on their quality, material, design, pattern, and price. 

We have already discussed some common product lineups such as Authentic Wood, and IWP wood. which are also available in its Exterior doors segment. Some different categories are: 

  1. Flush Wood Composite: Here, you have unfinished hardwood, veneer, embossed woodgrain, primed, and other finishes to choose from. These doors are simple and come with a classy texture. 
  2. Molded wood composite: These doors are designed in flat panels and available in different designs, textures, and four finishes such as paint frost, paint fog, paint ash, paint colony, and many more. 
  3. Studio Collection: These doors are designed with understated horizontal lines on the door body to give them a contemporary look. You can choose different colors, and finishes according to your room’s interior. 
  4. Moda collection comes with a simple and modern design. These doors can be painted and are also available in different glass panels. 
  5. Tria Composite: The specialty of these doors is a larger rectangular panel and a small bottom panel separated by a horizontal middle panel. 
  6. Woodview collection: These doors give you the feel of real wood. These doors are crafted in a smooth, plate surface with clean lines over their body. 

Patio Doors: 

Patio doors play a very important role to connect indoor living space to your backyard, patio, or deck. If we talk about which brand has a better collection of different style patio doors with numerous designs, finishes, and material choices then no doubt Jeld-Wen is a clear winner. 

MMI Patio doors:

MMI offers only 2 and 3 panels patio doors with some glass choices such as Clear glass, grills between the glass, mini blinds, simulated divided lines, and texture/privacy glass.

On the other hand, Jeld-Wen offers 4 types of patio doors which are: Folding, Multi-sliding, Sliding, and Swinging patio doors. 

MMI builds its patio doors using these materials:

Builders Classing Fiberglass, Fiberglass Mahogany, Fiberglass Oak, Fiberglass Smooth, and Steel Majesty. 

Whereas in Jeld-wen, the choices are much wider and better than what MMI Doors offer. Wood-based patio doors are built with three wood species as Alder, AuraLast Pine, and Douglas Fir. 

Jeld-wen patio doors are available with 5 different material choices such as wood-based, Vinyl based, Composite, Fiberglass, or Clad wood-based patio doors. 

Jeld-Wen Windows:

Apart from interior, exterior and patio doors, Jeld-wen also has a wide range of windows which is missing in MMI Doors. 

We won’t talk much about windows because it will not be a fair comparison. 


In conclusion, However, Jeld-Wen now is the owner of MMI Doors, still, they both have their own online stores for doors. Jeld-Wen has much wider and endless choices of different doors and windows whereas MMI doors have a limitation in material, design, and door choices. 

The product categorization is much better in Jeld-Wen than in the MMI Doors. Jeld-Weld is the first preference for many homeowners but MMI Doors also keep its presence among most homeowners. 


Q.1 Is MMI Doors Jeld-Wen?

Ans: Yes, according to the report published on BusinessWire, “Jeld-Wen acquired MMI Doors on 31 July 2017”. 

Q.2 Are MMI-Doors fireproof?

Ans: All MMI-Doors are not fire rated. It has a dedicated category of fire-rated doors, which are rated from 20 minutes to 90 minutes.


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