Jeld Wen Vs Masonite: Which One Is Reliable For Your Home

Choosing the right doors and windows for your house is a very crucial step because it will impact your day-to-day life directly and indirectly.

If you want to invest your hard earn money in these two most popular brands namely Jeld-Wen and Masonite then you must have each and every detail about them such as

  • What kind of material do they use?
  • How many varieties do they offer?
  • How easy is the ordering process?
  • Their Shipping and installation process
  • Cost
  • Aftersale Services

I know very well that investing a huge sum in a brand for satisfactory service to their product is very important. You would never invest your hard earn money in those brands that can’t deliver what they advertise to their customers.

As an experienced person, I knew my responsibility very well, so do not doubt the information you are going to read on this site.

So without further ado let’s break it out…

But wait,

If you are in hurry and don’t have much time to go through the whole article then this brief comparison will definitely help you to figure out all the crucial information about Jeld-Wen and Masoline doors and windows.

Jeld-Wen Vs Masonite Exterior Doors & Windows Comparison Table

1. Jeld-wen is a very reputed brand in the field of doors and windows manufacturing. Masonite is also a reputed multinational brand in the field of doors manufacturing.
2. Jeld-Wen has a wide range of interior, exterior, and patio doors collections and they are also very popular in the production of windows.Their expertise is in manufacturing doors and providing soundproofing services.
3. Jeld-Wen flush wood veneer doors are durable and very attractive.I found Masoline MDF stile and rail doors look very elegant and are some most affordable options.
4. Jeld-wen offers tons of different colors and styles for its products.Masonite doors are available in several elegant patterns, textures, and designs.
5. Their windows quality is above average.Their door quality is excellent.
6. Comes with an energy-efficient rating.This is also an energy-efficient and sustainable brand.
7. Their after-sale service is good.Their after-sale services are better.
8. You will get some best doors and window options in a very attractive price range.Masonite doors will cost you much higher.
9. Their doors and windows are out of stock most of the time.Masonite has better inventory management than Jeld-wen.
10. You can buy their product online through the home depot site and through several independent dealers and retailers located in your area.You can buy Masonite doors online from the home depot site as well as through local dealers and retailers.

Jeld-Wen Vs Masonite Interior Doors: Similarities & Differences

Here, I’m going to explain these two brands in some factors that will help you to choose the best brand that will be best suited to your house.

Brand Reputation


Jeld-Wen was established in 1960 and is one of the world-leading windows and door manufacturer brands with 117 manufacturing units in 17 countries. They are mainly operated in North America, Europe, and Australia.

You can find its headquarter in Charlotte, North Carolina.


The company was established in 1924 under the name of Mason Fiber Company. Currently, they are operating in eight countries and serving their services across 64 countries’ customers.

You can find its headquarter in Tampa, Florida.

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Quality Of Material

This is a very important form factor that decides, the life and durability of a door and window.

What Material Does Jeld-Wen Use In Its Doors And Windows?

Jeld Wen has its own secret process to make a highly reliable and durable wood that is known as Aura Last Wood. The process is very effective and protects the wood from water saturation, termites, and wood rot.

The Aura Last Wood process strengthens the wood fibers through the Vacuum Pressure process. The process is quite different and effective in increasing the lifespan of the wood and it is more effective than the dip-treating process which is common in the industry.

The wood that this company makes is 96% free from Volatile Organic Chemicals. Due to the small number of preservatives used, its reliability is quite high.

What Material Does Masonite Use In Its Doors And Windows?

Their story is started with an invention. The two most talented people namely William H. Mason and Thomas A. Edison invented a revolutionary method to convert waste wood fibers into useful products.

In this process, heat, steam, and pressure are applied to the wood fiber which results in Masonite. Masonite is a highly enduring product for the building industry. Later on, Mason acquires several patents regarding his invention of Masonite.

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Different Designs & Patterns

People want different textures and patterns on their doors and windows borders and bodies that can match the room belonging perfectly.

Let’s find out which brand offers numerous options to choose from.

How Many Variety does Jeld-Wen offer To Their Customers?

Jeld-Wen has such a wide range of products for renovation, new construction, builders, and homeowners. They have a massive collection of windows, doors (interior, exterior), and patio doors,

Windows styles

Jeld-Wen offers a huge variety of windows that can meet your expectation and can match your room interior very well.

They have 8 different patterns and styles in the window segment that can definitely meet your requirement such as

1. Single hung2. Double hung
3. Awning4. Fixed
5. Sliding6. Casement
7. Bay 8. Bow

all the types carry numerous different patterns, styles, and colors to choose from.

Different Door Options And Styles

They have such a wide range of different designs, textures, and patterns whatever doors you want to install in your home, whether it is an interior door, an exterior door, or a patio door.

They have different types of exterior doors with tons of different patterns, designs, and colors. They have two types of fiberglass doors which are Aurora and Design Pro, and two different wood options (IWP Wood & Authentic Wood Doors), and the last one is steel exterior doors.

Their Interior doors are available in three different styles All Panel, Bifold, Glass Panel, and Louver. You have the option to choose from more than 8 different species of wood.

Their Patio doors come in four different colors Almond, Chestnut Bronze, Desert Sand, and White. You will have 4 different styles to choose from which are Folding, Multi-Folding, Sliding, and Swinging.

4 choices of materials ( fiberglass, clad wood, vinyl, and wood) allow you to choose the best one according to your budget and design needs.

How Many Varieties Does Masonite Offer To Its Customers?

Masonite is a brand that manufactures different types of doors. Its door collection is massive. They have a bunch of the latest, classic & modern doors in both interior and exterior segments.

Different Door styles And Textures Of Masonite

They have mainly two major categories in the door segment:

  1. Interior Doors
  2. Exterior Doors

Their interior doors come in 4 different styles Classic, Craftsman, Modern, and Traditional. You can choose from a glass or a non-glass option.

They have a huge collection of interior doors for your house such as

1. Artisan2. Classic Molded
3. Flush4. French
5. Heritage6. Le Chateau
7. Livingston8. Louver

You have the option to choose from their paintable or stainable interior doors. They use 4 different materials on their interior doors such as

1. Flush MDF2. Flush Veneer
3. Molded MDF4. Wood

You will also have different options on their Exterior doors collections to choose from such as

1 Durastyle2. Sta-Tru HD Steel
3. Belleville4. Heritage
5. Masonite HD Steel6. VistaGrande

Their exterior doors come in two finishes one is paintable and another is stainable and two surface options that are smooth and textured.

Masonite has a huge variety of different species of wood to choose from at every budget segment price is started from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

The different wood species and textures of Masonite are listed below:

1. Fir-Fiberglass2. Oak
3. Mahogany4. Hemlock
5. Knotty Alder6. Mahogany
7. Pine8. Torrefied Fir
9. Torrefied Mahogany10. Torrefied Maple

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Masonite Doors Vs. Jeld-Wen Ordering Procedure

How Is The Ordering Procedure And Consultancy Service Of Jeld-Wen?

Jeld-Wen doesn’t provide an online ordering facility through their own website but you can order their products through Home Depot, also they have a good network of local dealers and retailers. They have more than 30 dealers and distributors alone in Las Vegas, LA, and 40+ dealers in Texas 8 beltway, Houston.

Whichever doors, and windows you will choose they will locate you at the nearest local dealer to your area, where you can visit, and the rest of the process will be handled by their expert technicians.

They also provide help for your project whether you are a homeowner, a builder/contractor, an architect, or a dealer.

I found their get help service is very effective where they will inquire about a few details about your project, take your contact details and address, and would contact you later.

How Is The Ordering Procedure And Consultancy Services Of Masonite?

As we have seen in Jeld-wen, Masonite also does not provide any online ordering service through their website but you can order their products through Home Depot. Also, you can find several local and independent retailers and dealers in your hometown.

For example, you will get 100 plus local dealers and distributors across Los Angeles California. You can buy directly from their retailers and dealers.

You can take their help for door selections, installation, and for warranty claims either by contacting them at the given number or by mailing them.

Contact number for consultancy:1-800-663-3667

Email Support: [email protected]

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Shipping And Installation Procedure Of Jeld-Wen

The shipping process is very simple, when your order is finalized through your local dealer store, they will ship all the parts immediately.

You can either do the installation on your own or can locate an expert around your location through their main website. Their products come with all the installation procedures, and all the installation instructions are also available on their website.

If you are not comfortable doing the manual installation on your own then either you have to take the service of an expert technician or contact the company consultancy helpline number to take their installation services.

Shipping And Installation Procedure Of Masonite

When your order is finalized, the product is shipped by the dealer. The installation can be done by yourself with the help of the installation guide provided by the company.

Warranty Of Jeld-Wen Doors & Windows

Jeld-Wen has a wide range of products and their warranty period may vary from product to product.

And also point it out…

Their warranty is not transferable.

Door TypesWarranty Period
1. Fiberglass exterior doors As long as you own that property.
2. Steel exterior doors10 years
3. Wood exterior doors 5 years
4. MDF interior doors10 years
5. All other interior doors 1 year

You can claim the brand warranty against any kind of peeling, checking, or cracking of the company applied pre-finish. When the defect on the brand pre-finish is proven then the brand has its own right to repair or refinish the door or pay up to the credit per opening to the current owner.

Warranty Of Masonite Interior And Exterior Doors

First I want to clarify that

Their warranty is not transferable.

Masonite provides different warranty periods for its different products. The below table provides the detail of the warranty periods of some of their doors.

Masonite Doors(Resident Only)WarrantyFactory Finish CoverMulti-Resident Warranty
Fiberglass doorLifetime*2 years5 years
Steel doors20 years5 years5 years
Masonite insulated glass 20 years5 years
HD steel edge doors15 years2 years5 years
HD wood edge doors5 years2 years2 years

Note: You can only claim the warranty, if you are the first owner of the residential home during the installation of the product or if you own a home from its previous owner and you have installed the Masonite doors after that then you are eligible to claim the warranty.

Masonite Vs. Jeld Wen (FAQ)

Does Jeld-Wen Cost-Effective?

This is the main segment in which most customers are interested. Every buyer is eager to know the final price of the product that he wants to buy.
Here, I’ll give you a rough idea about the price of the windows and doors of the brand Jeld-Wen. You can purchase a small, fixed window (nonopening) for under $200, whereas a custom wood windows installation will cost you more than $2500.
Some premium windows series like BAY Window & Bow Window will cost you much higher. Their doors will cost you between $900 to $2500 (Approx).

How Much is The Cost Of Buying The Door From Masonite?

Masonite has a wide range of doors to meet your interior and exterior door needs. Their doors are available between $150 to $5000( Approx).



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