How To Lock Bedroom Door From Outside [5 Simple Ways]

This looks like a very silly question at first sight but this is really a genuine problem. Some people want to lock their bedroom door from the outside.

Reasons Behind Locking A Bedroom Door From The Outside

Here, I have listed some very common reasons that make people lock their bedroom door from the outside which are:

If You Go Out For Vacation Or For Business Purposes

This is a very common reason when you are planning to go out for a vacation with your family. In this case, if no one is in your house then there are chances that intruders can enter your home.

Although you locked all the entrance doors of your home still most people keep their important business documents or their precious things in their bedroom storage cabinet.

To ensure complete safety, locking a bedroom door from the outside when you are not in your home is a must.

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When You Are Sharing A House With a Roommate

In the USA I found most bedroom doors can be opened just by a small thin wire that can be put into the outside keylock hole and after some twists and turns the door could be opened.

sharing a room with a roommate
sharing a room with a roommate

This is good for those who live with their family having children because it is a great idea to keep the balance of the privacy of your child as you can easily unlock their bedroom door from the outside in an emergency situation.

Sometimes due to financial reasons, most people share a rented house or an apartment with their roommate. In this situation, anyone wants to ensure extra safety to his/her privacy and belongings whether it is in the room or outside.

So the question is…

How To Lock Your Bedroom Door From The Outside With A Key When You Share Your Apartment With Someone?

One of the best solutions to this problem is to change your bedroom door’s old doorknob system with the new one which has a keyhole outside that can be opened with a key.

lock your bedroom door from the outside with a key when you share your apartment with someone

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As you are living in a rated house or apartment so this type of DYI work needs homeowner permission. This is an easy process that doesn’t need to drill any extra holes in the door and in the frame, and you can do this yourself. This process works well with most doors.

As a homeowner, I have been definitely allowed to do this kind of DYI work for the convenience of residences. So try to ask your homeowner first before making any DYI work on their property. As this is a very genuine problem they would surely allow you to install a keyed bedroom doorknob system just outside of your bedroom door.

Install A Keylock Barricade System Just Outside Of Your Bedroom Door

This is the most secure way to lock your bedroom door from the outside. You need to buy a keylock barricade system for your bedroom door.

If you want to implement this system in a rental house then must take the permission of your landowner. It is very easy to implement a keylock barricade on your bedroom door.

How It Works

A barricade system has two important parts:

  • Main lock system with keylock
  • Another part with a hole

The main part contains a locking system. The locking metal pieces come out from it and go inside the bottom part of the lock that is installed on the floor of your bedroom.

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Installation Process:

The installation process is very simple. It requires a drill machine, some high-quality screws, and one more tool to make a hole that can fit the locking metal piece.

After the installation process is done, you can lock your bedroom door from the outside by using a key.

How To Lock A Bedroom Door From The Outside Without A Key

Sometimes we face a difficult situation where we lost the key to our bedroom door. The situation becomes worst when you are in an emergency and want to lock your bedroom door from the outside without a key.

If you face this situation often then here I’ve listed some very simple tips and tricks that help to lock the bedroom door from the outside without having a key.

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Use A Thin Wire Or Thread To Lock The Door From The Outside

A thin wire or a strong thread may help to lock your bedroom door from the outside without having the key.

Use These simple steps:

  • Wrap one end of a thin wire to the door handle.
  • Take tape and wrap some rounds over the wrapped wire to secure it to prevent it from getting loose.
  • Now hold its other end and take it outside by moving it from the top of the bedroom door.
  • Now apply some pressure on the rope to try to lock the door from the outside.
  • When you hear the sound of the slider, it means the bedroom door is locked.
  • But you can not open it from the outside if no one is in the bedroom.

Apply this process only when you have some other option to open the door or do this in an emergency condition.

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Although the above-mentioned methods are working with most of the doors (might not work for every door), if not necessary don’t try the last method because once the door is locked, it will be difficult to open it again.

If you are living on rent then must consider the house owner first before doing any DIY job on their property.

Safe ways to lock a bedroom door from the outside:

  • Install a keyhole locking system on your bedroom door (simple and effective) as mentioned above.
  • Install a keylock barricade system at the bottom of your bedroom door (the most secure way) as mentioned above.

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