How To Lock Bedroom Door From Outside [5 Simple Ways]

This may seem like a trivial question at first glance, but it actually addresses a genuine concern. Some individuals wish to lock their bedroom doors from the outside.

Reasons Behind Locking A Bedroom Door From The Outside

Below, I have outlined some common reasons for this practice:

1. When Going on Vacation or Business Trips

It’s common to lock the bedroom door from the outside when leaving for a vacation or business trip, particularly if no one will be home. Even though all entrance doors may be secured, many people store important documents or valuables in their bedrooms, necessitating an extra layer of security.

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2. When Sharing a Living Space with a Roommate

In the USA, many bedroom doors can be easily opened using a thin wire inserted into the keylock hole from the outside.

sharing a room with a roommate
sharing a room with a roommate

This feature can be advantageous for families with children, as it allows for quick access in emergencies while still maintaining privacy.

Additionally, financial considerations often lead people to share rented accommodation with roommates. In such situations, individuals may wish to safeguard their privacy and belongings by locking their bedroom doors from the outside.

So the question is…

How to Lock Your Bedroom Door from the Outside with a Key When You Share Your Apartment With Someone?

One of the best solutions to this problem is to replace your bedroom door’s old doorknob system with a new one that has a keyhole on the outside, accessible with a key.

lock your bedroom door from the outside with a key when you share your apartment with someone

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Since you are living in a rented house or apartment, this type of DIY work requires permission from the homeowner. Fortunately, this is an easy process that doesn’t require drilling any extra holes in the door or frame, and you can do it yourself. This method typically works well with most doors.

As a homeowner myself, I have been granted permission to perform this type of DIY work for the convenience of residents. Therefore, I recommend asking your homeowner before undertaking any DIY projects on their property. Given that this is a genuine problem, they would likely approve the installation of a keyed bedroom doorknob system just outside your bedroom door.

Install a Keylock Barricade System Just Outside Your Bedroom Door

This is the most secure way to lock your bedroom door from the outside. You’ll need to purchase a keylock barricade system specifically designed for bedroom doors.

If you plan to implement this system in a rental property, it’s crucial to obtain permission from your landlord or landowner. Fortunately, installing a keylock barricade on your bedroom door is relatively straightforward.

How It Works

The barricade system consists of two essential components:

  • Main lock system with a keylock
  • Another part with a hole

The main part houses the locking mechanism. Metal pieces extend from it and are inserted into the bottom part of the lock, which is installed on the floor of your bedroom.

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Installation Process:

The installation process is straightforward and requires a few tools: a drill machine, high-quality screws, and another tool to create a hole to accommodate the locking metal piece. Once installed, you can lock your bedroom door from the outside using a key.

How to Lock a Bedroom Door from The Outside Without a Key

Sometimes, we encounter situations where we’ve misplaced the key to our bedroom door. This can be particularly distressing in emergencies when you need to secure the door from the outside without a key.

If you find yourself in this predicament frequently, here are some simple tips and tricks to lock the bedroom door from the outside without a key:

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Use a Thin Wire or Thread To Lock The Door From The Outside

A thin wire or a strong thread may help to lock your bedroom door from the outside without having the key.

Use These simple steps:

  • Wrap one end of a thin wire around the door handle.
  • Use tape to secure the wrapped wire in place, preventing it from loosening.
  • Guide the other end of the wire outside by passing it over the top of the bedroom door.
  • Apply pressure to the wire to attempt to lock the door from the outside.
  • When you hear the sound of the slider, indicating the door is locked, be aware that it cannot be opened from the outside if no one is inside the bedroom.
  • Only employ this method if you have an alternative means of opening the door or in emergencies.

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While the methods described above are effective for most doors, it’s important to note that they may not work for every door. Exercise caution, especially with the last method, as once the door is locked, it can be challenging to reopen.

If you’re renting, always seek permission from your landlord or homeowner before undertaking any DIY projects on their property.

Safe Ways to Lock a Bedroom Door from the Outside:

  • Install a keyhole locking system on your bedroom door (simple and effective) as mentioned earlier.
  • Install a keylock barricade system at the bottom of your bedroom door (the most secure way) as explained previously.


Q.1 Can I install a keylock barricade system on any type of bedroom door?

Ans: Keylock barricade systems are compatible with most standard bedroom doors. However, it’s recommended to check compatibility with your specific door type before installation.

Q.2 Is it difficult to install a keyhole locking system on my bedroom door?

Ans: No, installing a keyhole locking system is a relatively simple process that can be done with basic tools and instructions provided with the system. However, ensure you have permission from your landlord if you’re renting.

Q.3 What should I do if I lose the key to my bedroom door after installing a keyhole locking system?

Ans: If you lose the key, contact a locksmith for assistance in opening the door without causing damage. It’s important to have a spare key or backup plan in place to avoid such situations.

Q.4 Can I use the thin wire or thread method to lock my bedroom door without a key on any door?

Ans: While the thin wire or thread method may work for some doors in emergencies, it’s not guaranteed to work on all doors. Additionally, it’s recommended to use this method only when other options are unavailable.

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