How To Lock A Sliding Glass Door From Outside[Easiest Ways]

Now a sliding glass door is very common in the home. People usually want to see and feel the beauty of their outdoor garden not only from outside but from inside their rooms.

A sliding glass door is a very good option that provides a way to connect the room with the outdoors so that you can feel the outdoor fresh air and ample natural light just sitting in your room.

Usually sliding glass doors are made to lock from the inside but sometimes people want to lock the door from outside when they are outside of their home may be in the home’s backyard. This way they want to ensure the safety of their children and also want to save their home from intruders.

so the question is…

How To Lock A Sliding Glass Door From The Outside?

Here I’ve listed some very simple and feasible methods to lock the sliding glass door from the outside.

Consult Your Local Locksmith [The Simplest Way]

This is one of the most simple ways to deal with such an issue. Because a locksmith knows well how to securely and safely do this job, without losing the look of your sliding glass door.

Take a picture of your sliding glass door and door latch and visit the nearest Locksmith shop at your place.

Manipulate Your Existing Sliding Glass Door [Manual Approach]

Here in this process, you have to do some technical work, if you are going to do this on your own.

Lock And Key System To Lock Your Sliding Glass Door From Outside

You can secure your sliding glass door by simply installing a Lock and key system on the door. This might be inconvenient for you if you haven’t done it before, but there are some additional benefits to installing this system on your sliding glass door.

Installing a lock and key system on your door will not only allow you to lock your sliding glass door from the outside but also will prevent your children from opening the door accidentally. It will also help to secure your home from dacoits by preventing the entry of unwanted suspected people.

Now you understand the benefits of installing such a system on your sliding glass door.

but the question is…

How To Install A Lock And Key System on Your Sliding Glass Door on Your Own To Lock It From Outside?

lock and key system installation guide to install it outside of a sliding glass door

here in this section, I am going to tell you a step-by-step approach that helps to install this system successfully so don’t bother and continue reading.

If you want to use your sliding glass door as a primary entry door then follow these simple processes…

Installation Instructions

  • Wash The Door Properly

Before going further, you need to clean the dust particles from the door so that all the installation work can be done perfectly. You can use a solution of soap and water (It would be better to use mild warm water).

  • Dry The Door Completly

After washing properly and Making sure all the dust and dirt are removed completely, Now it’s time to dry it out well. Use air-dry to dry quickly and thoroughly.

To remove the additional moisture, use a dry towel and wipe it over the surface of your sliding glass door.

  • Locate The Right Spot For Further Process

This is a very important step. There is no room for mistakes here because a silly mistake can break the glass of your sliding door so be careful.

The process is quite simple. Use any screwdriver and hold it upside down. Now knock by its plastic end on the surface of the door where you want to install the lock system and examine it carefully until the sound is changed.

When you feel the sound that comes out of this process is slightly changed it means it is a safe spot to use for installing the lock system as the glass surface is ended here.

  • Install The Lock In This Marked Spot

In the above process you have found the right spot, now take a marker and mark this spot so that you do not make a hole in the wrong place.

Now place your lock system over this right spot and follow these steps:

  1. Take a metal punch and use a hammer to make a small hole on the spot to tighten the lock system screws.
  2. Now in this area use a drill machine to drill as deep as the screws rest completely inside it, and the locking system sits here firmly and securely.
  3. Now use the mounted screws coming with the locking system and mount the lock system with proper attention.
  • Installation Process of Latch Plate For Sliding Glass Door

Installing a latch plate is not a cumbersome job, even if it doesn’t need so many tools. After installing the lock system just close the door one or more times. It will make some marks on the door frame.

highlight these marks by using a pencil and drilling some holes to fix the latch into the door frame.

Now check if it is working or not by closing the door and moving the handle of the lock system. If the door won’t lock properly, rearranges the latch position as it will fit the lock system.

Great job…

Now you are ready to lock and unlock the sliding glass door of your home from the outside.

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How To Choose The Right Sliding Glass Door Lock To Lock It From Outside?

Normally the sliding glass door is designed to lock from the inside, but if you want to lock them from the outside as well then there are few lock systems available on the market that helps to achieve this goal.

Note: One most important thing to keep in mind before choosing a lock system if you want to install it outside of your sliding glass door is, always to choose a lock that won’t open without a key.

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Additional Lock For Sliding Glass Door For Extra Safety

After applying the exterior keylock system to your sliding glass door, you can attach an extra safety lock just outside of your sliding glass door to ensure extra safety for your family.

Benefits of Using Such Extra Lock In The Sliding Glass Door

This is a simple lock that can be installed at the top corner of your sliding glass door where the glass door meets with another side frame when you try to close the door.

As the position of the lock is at the top so it can only be opened by a tall person or by older children and this is what makes it safe for children to open it accidentally.

Some such types of locks allow to lock the door in 2 positions:

  • Close the door completely by sliding it to its endpoint.
  • Close the door by sliding it to the left few inches of space between the sliding glass door and the edge so that the fresh air come inside and the door is also almost closed.

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Whatever method you are trying to lock your door, security is the primary concern. Now people want additional security for their homes as well as for their children.

They also want to protect their home from intruders. A Keylock system is really a cost-effective and beneficial way to lock your sliding glass door from the outside.

Keep in mind to read the installation instructions and all the safety features listed in the packet of the lock system which you are going to buy. It can help you to understand how easy or difficult to use it.


Q.1 How do you secure a sliding glass door from the outside?

Ans: You can secure your sliding glass door from the outside by installing a good-quality, and durable lock system on the outside of your door. Make sure the door should open with a key.

Q.2 Can a lock system that is installed outside of my sliding glass door secure my home?

Ans: Yes, if you buy a premium quality lock, that comes with some advanced security features, and if you also install an extra lock at the top of your sliding glass door then it could save your home from illegal intrusion.

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