How To Prevent Someone From Unlocking Your Bedroom Door[Solved]

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Nobody wants anyone to snoop in their bedroom because it’s one of the most relaxing places in the home, where you can enjoy your favorite pastimes with your loved ones.

While privacy may not be as much of a concern when living with family, it becomes significantly important in situations like hostel or hotel rooms, especially for those in live-in relationships.

Preventing someone from unlocking the bedroom door is crucial in such situations.

In this article, I’ve covered some practical and inexpensive tips that can help you address the issue of how to prevent someone from unlocking your bedroom door.

For Inward Opening Doors

1. Use A Portable Door Lock To Prevent Someone From Unlocking Your Bedroom Door

A portable door lock serves as an excellent temporary solution, particularly for travelers who frequently move between different accommodations such as rental compartments or hotels.

In situations where individuals lack permission to modify existing door mechanisms, such as in hotels or rental houses, a portable door lock offers an effective means of enhancing bedroom security. This is particularly crucial as the primary entry point to your room in hotels is, naturally, your bedroom door.”

portable door lock
Portable door lock

A portable door lock is a compact locking device designed for easy installation and removal. It consists of metal components that can be fitted onto the bolt or latch of a doorknob, effectively preventing the door from being opened.

While this locking mechanism is highly effective for doors that open and close from the inside, it may not be suitable for doors that open outward.

You can purchase a portable locking system from your local hardware store or online retailers.

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2. Use A Small Wood Piece to Secure the Bedroom Door

One of the quickest and easiest solutions to prevent unauthorized access to your bedroom is by using a small piece of wood. You can often find this item in your garage or backyard.

Simply take a piece of wood and cut it in a way that creates a thin slope at one end while keeping the other end thick enough to prevent the door from sliding when pressure is applied from the inside.

This device, sometimes referred to as a ‘doorstop,’ can be easily slid between the floor and under the door. While typically used to prevent entrance doors from closing, when placed behind an inward-opening bedroom door, it effectively prevents sudden opening.

While this method may not be suitable for deterring intruders, it offers protection against unintentional opening, particularly by family members, such as children, providing an added layer of security for your bedroom.

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3. Install a Door Reinforcement Lock on Your Bedroom Door

A door reinforcement lock is a compact device designed to be installed on inward-opening doors, including bedroom doors. This lock provides an additional layer of security for your bedroom.

If you’re not currently using any lock on your bedroom door, installing a door reinforcement lock would be the ideal solution to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access.

Benefits of using a door reinforcement lock

reinforcement door lock
Reinforcement door lock
  1. The reinforcement door lock is constructed from extruded aluminum with a satin nickel anodized finish, capable of withstanding up to 800 lbs of force.
  2. Its tamper-resistant and child-safe design provides additional security for your bedroom door.
  3. This lock effectively prevents sudden door openings from intruders attempting to kick it in, as well as from lock picking and bumping techniques.

Installation Process

Installing this reinforcement locking system is quick and straightforward, typically taking just a few minutes. Simply drill four holes and mount the lock using the hardened screws included inside the box.

This locking system proves highly effective, especially when sharing a room with a partner. Wooden doors can withstand approximately 3 to 4 kicks from an intruder, while its durability increases for steel bedroom doors.

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4. Use A Dowel Stick To Secure Your Bedroom Door

A dowel stick is a versatile tool whose height can be adjusted to match the height of the doorknob. It serves as an effective barrier to prevent forced entry into your bedroom.

dowel stick installation
Dowel stick installation

The stick is constructed from heavy-duty 20-gauge stainless steel, ensuring the security of your privacy. Its portable and compact design makes it easy to carry and store.

How It Works

Equipped with a pivoting ball joint that maintains full contact with the floor, providing a secure fit. Its foot features a padded grip that firmly adheres to the floor surface without slipping.


  1. Simply press the silver button to adjust the length of this bedroom door stopper. Fix its padded base 15 to 18 inches away from the base of the door.
  2. Next, tightly place the yoke end of the dowel stick against the underside of the doorknob.
  3. Finally, slide the padded part of the dowel stick toward the door until it is snug.

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5. Install a Floor Barricade on Your Bedroom Door to Prevent Unlocking

Consider installing a floor barricade available on Amazon, as a robust option to prevent unauthorized access to your bedroom. This method proves highly effective in safeguarding your privacy, particularly if you share your room with a partner or need to secure confidential items from potential intruders.

use floor barrier
Floor barrier

How It Works

The floor barricade consists of two main parts:

  1. Base
  2. Brace

Utilizing the strength of the floor, this door barricade is exceptionally powerful and capable of withstanding immense force. The installation process is straightforward, requiring just a few minutes of DIY work to lock your bedroom door from the inside effectively. This feature could prove invaluable in emergencies.

For Outward Opening Door

If your bedroom door opens outward, you’ll need to take a different approach to prevent unauthorized entry.

1. Tie the Door Knob

The simplest method is to tie your door knob with a rope, belt, or cotton cloth. Secure the other end of the rope, belt, or cloth to a nearby heavy object to effectively prevent the door from opening.

2. Use a Long Wooden Stick

If you have wooden sticks at home, tie them together with a rope and secure them horizontally along the doorknob, spanning from left to right. This creates a barrier against intruders and buys you more time to escape.

3. Tie Something to Your Bedroom Door’s Top Hinge

Another easy step involves using objects you already have. Remove your belt and tie it around the top of your bedroom door hinge, or use a rope for the same purpose.

4. Throw Heavy Objects in the Door Way

Scan your bedroom for heavy objects such as furniture, tables, or boxes, and stack them in the doorway. This obstructs entry and makes it difficult for someone to enter your bedroom easily.

Who Needs to Prevent Unlocking Their Bedroom Door from Someone?

There are several reasons why individuals may want to secure their bedroom doors from unauthorized access:

  1. Big Families: Maintaining privacy in a large family can be challenging, especially with children moving freely around the house.
  2. Extended Absences: People who leave home for extended periods, such as for work or travel, may want to secure their bedroom doors to deter potential intruders who may notice signs of vacancy, like a filled mailbox or parcels accumulating.
  3. Lack of Security Systems: Individuals without dogs or security systems installed in their homes may seek additional measures to protect their privacy and belongings.
  4. Vulnerable Individuals: Elderly individuals are often targeted by burglars, making it essential to secure entrance doors and bedroom doors to safeguard valuable documents and possessions.


I hope this detailed guide will help you secure your bedroom door from unexpected unlocking by someone. The above-mentioned detailed guide is also helpful in preventing burglary. According to the latest report published on The Zebra website, “In 2020, Mexico had the highest burglary rate in America.”

If you are still confused about which method best suits your situation, then sit back and keep reading.

sit back and keep reading …

If you want a better keyless solution to secure your bedroom door, then you can use a door reinforcement locking system.

If you live with your partner and often spend time away from the house, and want to ensure that no one enters your house, then you can install a door barricade. This is a sturdy, durable, and reliable solution to your problem.

You can also choose from other working methods according to your needs mentioned above.”

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