Why Put Foil On Door Knob When Alone[Things To Know]

Many people wonder what to do with the doorknob when home alone. Most people suggest using foil on the doorknob to protect yourself from burglars, while others suggest not using foil on your doorknob because it could be a signal for tricky men that no one is at home and he can break into your house as soon as he gets a chance.

According to the report published on Zebra, there are 2.5 million burglaries in the USA per year and 30% of total burglaries happen only in summer and 11% in winter.

So the question is…

What happens when you wrap your doorknob in Aluminum foil?

Does putting Aluminum foil on a doorknob beneficial or is it clickbait?

What are some benefits of putting Aluminum foil on doorknobs?

You will get all the answers to your questions in this article.

Here is a list of some benefits of putting foil on door knobs when alone:

Benefits Of Using Foil On The Doorknob:

1. Check Unwanted Mysterious Activity:

Wrap your door handle with Aluminum Foil at night and see what happens.

You can check whether last night was secure or not, simply by putting some layers of aluminum foils on the doorknob. In the morning if you find the foil gets torn or damaged it means, you need to be alert. 

2. Foil On Door Knob For Safety When You Are Alone

A doorknob is a way to enter a home, and you can do one thing after wrapping your doorknob with Aluminum foil. Pour some vaseline over there, It makes it hard to move the doorknob. 

Most people think that wrapping a foil on the doorknob when home alone is useless because It will not prevent anyone from entering the house. 

Instead of doing this, installing a CCTV camera is a better way to identify the mysterious activity outside your home. 

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3. Protect Your Door Knob From Being Polished When You Are Painting The Door

When you are doing some DIY work in your home like painting walls, and doors, it’s important to cover the door knobs and handles. If you don’t, your door knobs and handles will get painted.

Protect the doorknob from being painted using foil
Protect the doorknob from being painted using foil

You already know how expensive these accessories are, It’s going to be very hard to remove paint from painted knobs and handles. 

A common solution is to use Aluminum Foil or other tin foil to cover the knobs and handles. You can find aluminum foil in the baking section of a grocery store, or you can use tin foil from your kitchen drawer.

Most people prefer to use tape to protect the doorknob from being painted, but using Aluminum foil or tin foil is much easier than tape because it’s easy to peel off the foil and it doesn’t leave any residue behind. 

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How To Apply Aluminum Foil On The Door Knob?

To use aluminum foil, simply cut a piece of foil to fit the doorknob and then wrap it around the doorknob. The doorknob will be shiny again and look much better than using tape on a doorknob.

Put A Rubber Band Around The Door Knob When Alone 

Sometimes we have to be alone at home, maybe our parents have gone out on a business trip for 2 to 3 days or other reasons. In most cases, we don’t have any problem with daytime, but at night, a normal unexpected noise will scare us. 

rubberband on the doorknob
rubberband on the doorknob

One of the most common reasons for such fear is the obnoxious, and unnecessary sound of a slamming door. It scares you a lot when you are home alone at night. 

Don’t worry a simple and quick solution is here.

A simple rubber band makes your day.

Just attach a rubber band to both sides of your doorknob in a twisted manner. The rubber band creates a barrier between the knob and the door frame and prevents interference with the latches. 

The rubber band will prevent the scary and rude noise from your door whenever you open and close it. 

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This trick is also helpful when you come home with lots of grocery packets in both of your hands and nobody is there to help you. A rubber band keeps your door from being locked and you can open it just by pressing its bottom with the toe of your leg when handful.

Caution: A rubber band at both sides of your doorknob keeps your door open, so avoid using this at the main door of your home otherwise it could be an easy invitation to the burglars. 

Put A Glass Or A Mug On Your DoorKnob

You can also try this to catch the intruder at night when you are sleeping. Just put a glass or a mug on your door handle or doorknob from inside. At night when someone tries to rotate the doorknob from outside, the glass or mug will fall and make a loud noise.

This sort of adjustment on your doorknob will alert you and could save you from something bad happening.

What To Do If You Spot A Rubber Band On Your Door Knob?

If you spot a rubber band on your doorknob, it is a sign that someone is trying to get into your house. Do not attempt to remove it Instead, call your local police department and ask them to come to your home for an investigation. 

You must have heard about the incident that happened with Kim Fleming Cernigliaro. One day she was home alone and suddenly she encountered a loud and pondering knock-knock at the door.

The whole incident made her worried, she tried to figure out what was going on through the stained window glass. She saw a guy standing outside, whom she had never seen before. 

Suddenly a loud and disturbing knocking was stopped, she was scared and waited for half an hour before opening the door. She encountered a parcel a few steps away from the main door, and a rubber band fastened to the doorknob. 

She was really confused and immediately called the police for help. When the officers came they told about the same thing that had been reported by many people across the town. People got robbed when they opened their doors just after listening to the knock-knock at their main door. Later, the same rubber band was found tied to their doorknob.

How does It work?

When homeowners open the door, the rubber band which is fastened around the doorknob makes its latch open and prevents it from locking the door when they close it after opening it. Now it becomes very easy to get inside the home because the homeowner will not be able to lock the door. 


Putting foil on the doorknob for safety may not be that much helpful. Installing CCTV cameras, security lights, and alarms are some great ways to stay safe and secure when home alone.

There are some benefits too of putting aluminum, and tin foil around the doorknob that I’ve mentioned in this article. I’m also aware of what to do if, you encounter a rubber band tied to your doorknob.

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