How To Open A Closet Door That Is Stuck [Solved]

The closet door is one of the most used doors at home, it often gets jammed or stuck and won’t open. If you face this issue most frequently then I know how annoying this is. This could happen due to several reasons such as wet weather, hot weather, dust & debris, creating a thin gap between the two doors, etc.

This type of problem is often faced in wet weather because humidity makes the wood swells a little bit and causes the door of your closet to become stuck. Sometimes loose hinges also cause this issue.

Identify The Problem In Your Closet Door

This is a very important step. You have to first identify where is the problem.

For this, you have to examine your closet door thoroughly. Look at the latches, patches, doorknobs, and gaps on all the sides of your closet door to figure out any damage to the frame and closet door.

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Examine carefully the gap between the latches, and between the door, If the gap is normal or thin in a particular area. You can do this by using a credit or debit card and moving it around the gap. This will help to identify those areas that you can’t see normally and make your closet door stuck.

Some helpful ideas you can implement to open a stuck closet door at the very first stage…

  • Jiggling the door.
  • Moving the door knob.
  • Use a plastic card(debit card or credit card) to try to open it.

These are very common steps that may work if your closet door is stuck loosely. But if it is stuck firmly then you need to take some extra steps to fix your closet door.

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3 Easy Steps To Fix Closet Door That Is Stuck

1. If Problem With Your Closet Door Knob

If you encounter that your doorknob is not moving properly so here are the chances that your doorknob is jammed. Here don’t be so aggressive, keep calm, and don’t try to move the doorknob forcefully otherwise the little problem will become bigger and would cost you much higher than earlier.

Sometimes this type of problem occurs when the internal parts of the knob have rusted. You can fix this issue by oiling the internal parts of the doorknob.

2. If Problem With The Hinges Of Your Closet Door

If you hear squeaking sounds coming from hinges, it means the problem is in this area. You can fix this issue by oiling the hinges properly.

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3. Problem Due To Thin Gap Between the doors

Things swell and shrink due to the temperature change. The same thing happened with wood. It swells in summer due to high temperatures and gets shrike in winter.

so the question is…

How To Open A Stuck Wooden Closet Door?

You can solve this type of problem in a few steps. Here, you need to do some DIY work that requires some tools which are mentioned below:

  1. You have to disassemble one door which creates a problem. You can inspect this door for problems by examining the side that comes together with the other door when closed.
  2. Look at its side its paint peeled off due to friction between the doors when they come together. It indicates that the door requires some DIY work to fix this problem.
  3. Now, look at the hinges. There are two hinges on the door. The first is at the top and another at the bottom. The hinge is connected to the frame with the help of a small piece of metal.
  4. Remove the bottom metal connector first from the hinge, it requires a hammer. Hit the hammer on the metal connector to remove it completely.
  5. In the same way, you have to remove the top hinge connector to remove the door.
  6. Now you have to sand its edges using coarse sandpaper.
  7. After slicing you have to assemble the door again. Let’s see if our problem is solved or not.

This method is very effective if your closet door is stuck due to a thin gap between the doors.

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Other reasons For Your Closet Door Getting Stuck And Won’t Open

Your wooden closet door would stick due to wet spring weather conditions. Wet weather makes metal parts jam due to corrosion. Wet things attract dust and debris that is easily filled inside the small gap and stuck the doors.


Here in this article, I’ve tried to cover all the possible reasons that cause your closet door to be stuck and won’t open easily. Sometimes this type of problem is solved by following some easy steps but in some cases, it’s not possible to fix it by following easy steps.

But It can be solved by some wood DIY works. I hope this article really helps to solve your problem.

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