Tifway 419 vs Celebration Bermuda [ Which One Is Best]

Choosing the right grass for your lawn or garden is not so easy. But a little bit of research can help you to decide, which one would be the best suited for your lawn or garden.

Here, I want to clarify one thing, both the grass varieties come from the same family which is the Bermuda grass family. However some people like the texture and quality of Bermuda grass on the other hand others find Tifway 419 best for their lawn.

All the things are going to clear in the next few minutes so sit back relax and keep reading.

Comparison Table of Celebration Bermuda Grass And Tifway 419

Tifway 419 vs Celebration Bermuda
Celebration BermudaTifway 419
1. Its texture is fine with dark bluish and green color.1. Fine texture with dark green color.
2. Costlier to cover the whole lawn or garden.2. To cover the whole lawn or garden with Tifway 419 will cost you half as compared to Celebration.
3. Decent shade tolerance capability. 3. Shade tolerance capability is not as good as the Celebration.
4. Maintenance cost is high.4. Maintainance cost is minimal as compared to Celebration.
5. It grows dense and thick.5. It also grows dense but not like Celebration.
6. Best for sports fields, and high-traffic areas. 6. Best for residents, home garden, lawn.

Celebration Bermuda

If you want a little bit broader (around 0.27 cm) blade with decent green color in your lawn or garden then you can definitely go with the celebration Bermuda grass breed. If you take care of proper fertilization then you can achieve a dark bluish-green color that looks great.

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How does It feel On Your Feet?

The texture of grass is very important that define how it looks and feel on your feet when you walk on it. Celebration Bermuda comes with a fine texture that feels very good when you walk over it, and when you wear nothing on your feet, especially good for yoga and other sports activities.

Dense And Thick

The Celebration Bermuda grows very thick and more dense than Tifway 419. If you like dense grass surfaces on your lawn then you will definitely like Celebration grass very much.

Grow Well In Shade

In most cases, people don’t have the facility to provide enough sunlight on their lawns. Here the shade tolerance capability of Celebration Bermuda is really impressive.

Performance In Extreme Condition

If you live in a place where the water supply is minimal and there is very little rain over the year then Celebration Bermuda grass is for you. The grass is very robust and it can bear extreme drought conditions.

Recovery Rate from Diseases

Celebration is also capable to overcome some diseases as its recovery rate is higher than Tifway 419.

Disadvantages Of Celebration Bermuda Grass

Apart from all the benefits, it has some cons that must be known to you.

  1. Celebration Bermuda produces seed heads but not as much as its other varieties. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the inadequate supply of water and heat.
  2. Celebration Bermuda grass variety is very costly as compared to Tifway 419.
  3. It requires a large quantity of nitrogen-based fertilizer which costs you higher. By using such a large quantity of fertilizer its yield is also higher, which requires frequent cutting and mowing to look better so maintenance cost is also higher than Tifway 419.
  4. As earlier stated it grows very fast, which is good for some conditions but not really beneficial in the home garden. Nobody wants to mow their lawn several times a week.
  5. Although its shade tolerance capability is surprisingly good, there is a need for wide open spaces with full sun.
  6. Like other Burmuda breeds it is also at risk from insects so it is necessary to spray insecticide from time to time.

Tifway 419

Tifway is also a very popular grass breed that is known for its fine texture and cost-effective property. Its blade size is only 0.17 cm broad which is 37% less than Celebration Bermuda. Unlike Celebration its texture is slightly different. It grows dark green when fertilized properly.

How Does It Feel On Your Feet?

The grass comes with a fine texture that feels quite different on your barefoot as compared to Celebration Bermuda. It totally depends on you which one you like most.

Tolerance Capability

All the Bermuda grass breeds come with a good tolerance capability to weather, insects, and any damage but their shade tolerance capability is not as good as that of Celebration Bermuda.

Cost of Cultivation

I found the Tifway 419 is a more cost-effective grass breed than the Celebration. If you want to cultivate good quality grass with a fine texture on your tight budget then you can definitely go with Tifway 419.

Tifway 419 does not grow as thick and dense as the Celebration Bermuda. The benefit of such property is its maintenance and cultivation cost is minimal as compared to Celebration. It will cost you half as compared to Celebration Bermuda to cover your whole lawn or garden.


I hope this article will help you to decide which grass type would best suit your gardening need. Here the choice is very clear, If you don’t have any financial issues then definitely go with Celebration Bermuda due to its much darker blueish-green soft texture and its better shade tolerance capability.

But if you want a cost-effective solution that can enhance the overall appearance of your lawn or garden then Tefway 419 is not a bad choice. Its maintenance cost is less as compared to the celebration and it doesn’t grow as fast as the Celebration grows hence frequently mowing is not necessary.

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