California Closets Vs Closet Factory:[Choose Wisely]

When you are looking for a custom-made closet, there are many different options out there. We all have a certain amount of space in our homes, and we need to find ways to maximize that space. 

One of the best things about building your own custom closet is that it gives you the flexibility to customize it exactly how you want it.

But the market is full of numerous choices, and many people are confused between the two most promising choices which are California closet and Closet factory.

If you are in a dilemma about…

How to choose the right one between California Closet Vs Closet Factory?

What are the pros and cons?

Which one is cost-effective, comes with good quality, and is easy to use?

Which one is perfect in terms of size, style, and storage capacity?

How do they compare in terms of durability and longevity?

Then in this post, we compare the two leading closet manufacturers, Closet Factory and California Closet. We take a look at what makes each company better than the other, as well as how you can save money when you buy from one of these companies.

So without further ado let’s break it down.

California Closets Vs Closet Factory: Which One is Better for Your Home Storage Needs?

closet for home storage
closet for home storage

Let’s have a look at their history, in a nutshell, to understand them better. 

History Of California Closets

California closet is a dream of an 18-year-old college student, who was unsatisfied with his dorm room closet and wanted to maximize its space and functionalities.

Later on, This small idea turned into a successful small business in Southern California.

The closet company now has many years of experience in manufacturing custom closets. It is the most popular brand and has a wide range of products from wardrobe boxes to full-size closets.

History Of Closet Factory

Closet Factory is also a popular brand in the market of custom closets. It was founded by John LaBarbera with one goal, “Design a storage system that you will love.” He was open his first store in on Feb 9, 1983, in California, to provide custom-made closets as per the requirements of people.

Today Closet-Factory is a well-known brand in custom organizational storage systems. It has a wide range of closets with classic, all-white, melamine, and traditional look.

Closet Factory Vs California Closet:[Features In Detail] 

California Closet Design And Features

California Closet is an international brand that offers 5 different types of closets to their customers which are:

  1. Custom Closets
  2. Walt-In Closets
  3. Reach-In Closets
  4. Wardrobe Closets
  5. Kids Closets

Custom closets can fulfill your specific need. There are a bunch of material and hardware choices that you can choose according to your preference.

Walk-in closets give you multiple storage solutions like wardrobe space, drawers, shoe racks, etc. If your room has enough space, there are endless choices of different materials, designs, patterns, etc.

california closet
California closet

reach-in closet is the best storage solution for those who have a very small space in their room. You can install them in your bathroom, hallways, or other small spaces.

Wardrobe closets are a perfect storage solution to organize your clothes, and other foldable items such as your sheets, pants, trousers, etc. You can choose wardrobe closets in different sizes, materials, and multiple designs and patterns.

Kid’s Closets are best to teach your kids how to organize their belongings. These closets are the best storage options for your kid’s room.

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Closet Factory Design And Features

Closet Factory also has a wide range of different closet systems in different designs and styles with tons of material choices.  

closet factory
closet factory

Closet Factory closets are categorized into the following 8 different sections:

  1. Closet Organizers
  2. Dressing Rooms
  3. Finesse Systems
  4. Reach-In-Closets
  5. Shoe Closets
  6. Walk-In-Closets
  7. Wardrobe Closets
  8. Wood Closets

Closet Organizers: The market is full of so many closet organizers that claim are the best in the market but what makes Closet Factory different from them is the choices of adjustable rods, shelves, and drawers, and those can be modified as per the need of a user.

Dressing Rooms: Dressing room closets are the best option to organize your wardrobe and accessories. Closet-Factory offers unlimited options for your master bedroom. This includes cloth storage, shoe racks, hats, and other accessories shelves, etc.

Finesse Systems: Closet-Factory fitness system is inspired by the Italian system in which you will get a floating storage system that is suspended off the wall. Here you have choices of floated rods, shelves, display over storage, and many more.

Reach-In-Closet: California Closet Reach-In-Closets are best for bedrooms, Kids’ bedrooms, and for master rooms. It has lots of hanging space instead of drawers, baskets, and pull-out trays that occupy lots of space in your room. You can include the most necessary drawers and shelves to store undergarments, jewelry, socks, etc.

Shoe Closets: Shoe closets are specially for those who love to buy lots of shoes, in fact, that have a huge shoe collection. These shoe closets are designed in multiple sections with fully customized shoe shelves.

Walk-In-Closet: Closet Factory walk-in closets come with some unique features such as washers and dryers with laundry stations. Some people also include an espresso machine corner in their walk-in closet. These closets are very common in a master bedroom but now many people prefer to install them in their secondary bedrooms and guest quarters.

Wardrobe Closet: This is a quick way to add an organizer storage option to your room. You can consider this if your room doesn’t have a closet before. You can design it by adding a hanging clothes section, folder garment shelves, shoe racks, etc.

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Custom closets are currently in trend because they can enhance the overall look of your home and its resale value too. 

Closet Factory has experienced designers with a bunch of amazing designs to meet your requirement under your budget. 

Their custom-made closets are stylish and come with a detailed finish which makes them a perfect choice for a homeowner. They have amazing color variations that can match your home interior.

Whereas California Closet also has a wide variety of options with some aesthetic designs without compromising the quality. 

You will find variations in style and finish as per different locations. In some cases, I found California closet is better than the Closet Factory in some parameters. 

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What if your closet is made of a strong, and environment-friendly material? Understanding the type of material that a closet company uses to manufacture your closet is a must also it must have environment-friendly properties. 

Let’s find out…

What Material Does California Closet Use?

Environment sustainable options are easily available but how many companies use them? California Closet is one of those companies that use recycled wood on their pre-build closets.

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California Closet is a CARB(California Air Resources Board) certified brand, and offers these three finishes to its customers:

  1. Classic
  2. Lago
  3. Tesoro

These designs come with endless choices of different colors, textures,s, and patterns.

California closet doors and drawers are certified by LEED 2009 and LEED V4. California closets utilize recycled wood in their manufacturing.

Not only recycled wood, California Closet translucent doors, and drawers are also made from natural materials of which 40% of material is outsourced from sustainable sources.

California Closet is a brand that is also certified with UL GREENGUARD.

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What Material Does Closet Factory Use?

Closet Factory commits to utilizing recycled wood in its manufacturing units. The second most widely used material is Melamine.

Melamine is known for its durability, and easy-to-clean properties, and is easily available in many colors, and finishes. It is a type of plastic laminate that is applied on particleboard or MDF.

Here is the type of different colors and patterns:

Solid color melamineWood grain melamineTextured melamine

California Closets also offer different wood choices to its customers such as :

Maple, Oak, African Mahogany, and many more. The good thing about them is you can paint them. This is quite different from the other brands that don’t provide staining and painting facilities.

Closet Factory works with the aim of minimum wastage of resources and energy. Closet Factory purchase 50% CPA EPP-certified wood products every year. Most of the materials that are used in Closer Factory manufacturing units such as wood, paper, glass, plastic, etc are outsourced from recycled resources.

Some other noticeable efforts toward making this planet green and safe for all living being are:

  • Use LEED-certified materials.
  • Produce 100% sustainable products which are renewable.
  • Reduce airborne particles by using the latest technology.

Colors & Patterns

Beautiful and elegant colors grab people’s attention and unique and aesthetic patterns admire by others. The closet factory has two choices in its colors and pattern segment which are:

  • Solid color
  • Wood grain pattern

The closet factory uses some paint-grade materials such as Plywood and MDF. But its designers make changes in the pattern and colors as per the customer’s demands and budget.

California Closet’s, classic and contemporary patterns are very famous. White, Ivory, Cashmere, dove, etc some most widely used colors in the California closet.

Ordering & Installation Procedure

California Closet Ordering Procedure

I found the ordering procedure and the overall ecosystem of tackling the customer’s problem, getting their ideas, and adding their expertise into the design is way better than any other brand.

Customers don’t hesitate to pay an extra amount for what they deliver to them. The overall ordering procedure of California Closet is very simple. You don’t need to worry about anything.

You can arrange an appointment with their expert consultants either by calling them or on their website. Their consultancy service is free of cost. After the appointment is fixed, the company sends a local expert consultant to your home, to discuss everything like what is your design ideas, how big, and small the space is, take the proper measurement, and give suggestions to utilize the whole space properly, etc.

Free design consultation form (California closet)
Free design consultation form (California closet)

Trust me the overall procedure is going to be headache-free and you feel relaxed and confident that your dream closet will be totally worth every penny, that you are going to spend.

When the design is finalized, you can see the actual computer-generated 3D design in your empty space which is amazing.

Closet Factory Ordering Procedure

Closet Factory also offers Online and In-Home Design Consultancy services. You can request an appointment by filling out this simple form. It also offers virtual design options using Zoom.

free design consultation form (Closet factory)
free design consultation form (Closet factory)

You have to take the measurement and the rest of the things could be handled by the expert team. In those areas where a home visit is not possible, the Closet Factory designer works online and delivers all the designs, and patterns to your laptop screen.

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure of both companies is almost the same. Both brands offer a completely hassle-free service from ordering, designing, and manufacturing to installation.

If you face any problem after the installation, you have to contact their customer care representative.


California Closet Pricing

The installation charge is included in their final price. Their installation is headache-free as the expert technicians deliver the custom-made closet and install it in most cases on the same day of delivery. It will cost you roughly between $3000 to $5000.

Closet Factory Pricing

If you are interested in its reach-in closet then it will cost you between $250-$1600, which is the cheapest of its other closet varieties. Similarly, its Walk-in-closet will cost you between $700-$3000, and its Built-in-wardrobe will cost you much higher and goes to $6000.


Warranty of California Closet

California closet offers a limited lifetime warranty for their closets as long as you own the home and the closet system remains in the place where it was installed. 

Warranty Of Closet Factory

The closet factory also offers a limited lifetime warranty on most of its products. Any manufacturing defect and problem in the quality of material and finish will be covered.

Which One Is Worth Buying? (Conclusion)

Both brands are premium and would never compromise the quality of the material. The differences are in their services, design, how easy and quick the overall procedure and after-sale services.

California closet offers online 3D design software where you can assign the space dimensions and you can create your own design according to your needs. You can also consult and present your design to their expert designers for further improvements.

This feature is missing in Closet Factory. You need to consult their expert and schedule a visit to go further.

Both brands offer some really impressive designs and patterns to their customers. I would highly recommend visiting their local store, communicating with them, highlighting your needs, and your budgets, and choosing the one that can most satisfy your needs.

FAQ About California Closet Vs Closet Factory

Q.1 Does California Closet Use Melamine?

Ans: Melamine is the most commonly used material in many closet manufacturing companies.  it is cost-effective and strong. Melamine is widely used for kitchen cabinets, office cubicles, and closets. Not only California closet but some other top brands like Closet Factory, Spaceman, etc are also used it. 

Q.2 Does Closet Factory Use Real Wood?

Ans: The closet factory doesn’t commit to using real wood they are trying to utilize recycled and sustainable sources of wood in their manufacturing unit.

Q.3 What Kind Of Wood Does Closet Factory Use?

Ans: The closet factory commits to using substrates of 100% recycled wood. The wood is sourced from a responsibly managed and sustainable forest. 

Q.4 Where Are California Closets Made?

Ans: California Closets is made in the U.S.A. with imported materials. Their largest manufacturing unit is located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is one of the largest closet manufacturers in the U.S.A. 

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