California Closets vs Elfa:Choose The Best One

Looking for the best closet for your home and confused between California closets and Elfa…

A well-organized home is appreciated by people, and also grabs the attention of buyers. Your house resells value would increases if the majority of rooms of your home have closets.

According to a recent study having a closet in every room, hallway, and bedroom can increase the home resale value by up to 30%.

Among other major brands if you want better functionality, durability, and flexibility with uniqueness then you have two choices California closets and Elfa closets.

Both brands seem to be very promising right?


Which one to pick and which one to kick?

Let’s find out…

Here, in this article, I’m going to share every pinch of information about each brand with every pros and cons, and a quick comparison table will help to make the final decision at a glance.

so without further ados let’s begin the comparison…

Detailed Comparision Table Of California Closet Vs Elfa Closet

California Closet Elfa Closet
1. California closets are made of laminated composite wood fiber that is highly durable and sustainable. Elfa closets are made of Epoxy bounded steel, which is rust-free and durable.
2. They provide a local expert executive who visits your home for design consultants and for taking measurements. Their ordering procedure is online.
3. More than 100 showrooms are available in the USA.I don’t find any info regarding this. But till 2020 they have 93 stores.
4. They provide a huge variety of aesthetic designs and patterns with lots of elegant color combinations.They also have a vast variety of wood-based and steel-based designs.
5. They don’t provide any price calculator for their custom-made closets. Some pre-built closets are available with prices on their website.Elfa also doesn’t provide any price calculator but you can check your custom-made closet price on their site.
6. They provide a lifetime warranty for new home buyers where their closets are preinstalled and a limited 1 year of warranty for new installation in the home. They provide 10 years of warranty to their closet.
7. The delivery and installation are headache-free as their expert technician delivers the product with the complete installation.They delivered your closet but you need to either install it yourself or you’ve to hire an expert.
8. California closets will cost you between $2500 to $5000. The price also depends on many factors.Elfa closets will cost you between $1500 to $5000 or higher. the price also depends on many factors
9. I found their aftersale service and customer satisfaction unmatchable. They also provide better service to their customers.
10. California closets come with an aesthetic and premium finish that provides an exotic and more premium look to your room.They also come with a decent look but not as much as you will get in a California closet.

Differences Between The California Closets And Elfa Closets

You will always be in a hurdle between the two products if you don’t compare them side by side. Here, we are going to compare them in some parameters such as:

Design & Style:

In terms of design and style, both brands are unique. California closets come with a very aesthetic design that looks very premium and luxurious. They offer a huge variety of custom closet designs with classic touch and premium finish.

California closets offer their customer to choose from Albero, Dakota, Tesoro, Lago, Luxematte, and classic with numerous color patterns.

On the other hand, Elfa offers a minimalistic design with an excellent finish. Their designs are very simple and highly customizable.

They offer a much easier procedure to install, change and uninstall.

The Quality Of Material

California closets are environment-friendly because they use sustainable resources for almost every DIY project. California closets are made of recycled wood fibers, which are eco-friendly, and CARB-compliant.

They are highly durable than ordinary wood-based closets and the melamine coating over there provides a sleek and modern finish to them.

On the other hand, Elfa closets are made of Epoxy bounded steel, and the quality of their attachments drawers, and shelves are also very promising.

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Ordering Procedure

California Closet Ordering Procedure

The ordering system of the California closet is very simple, you don’t need to worry about anything. Everything will be arranged by the company.

You can take an appointment with their expert consultant through their website or by a call. The company arranges a local consultant who will visit your home, to know about your needs, space, design, and measurement of all the things they handle.

Their computerized system generates a realistic design installed in your home space so that you can get a quick idea about how it will look after the final installation.

I really like their overall procedure from design selection, and space utilization to final product delivery everything is unmatchable.

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Elfa Closet Ordering Procedure

On the other hand, the Elfa ordering system is fully online. To order their product you have to visit containerdotcom website.

I really love the look and simplest layout of the website. You can order your dream closet within a few clicks.

They offer five different types of closets to their customers.

  1. Master closet
  2. Child Closet
  3. Teen Closet
  4. Guest Closet
  5. Entry/Coat Closet

You have to choose one of them and then move further. Now There are two closet designs available to choose from.

  1. Walk-in
  2. Open wall

If your room has more than 4 walls then you have to consult with their support executive either by live chat or by calling this number 1-888-226-8246.

you can continue your customization further, by choosing any one of the designs. Now you have to enter the detail of your closet dimensions.

If your baseboard or crown molding is taller than 5″ then you have to contact them by the above-mentioned detail.

Enter the door detail then tell them about the gender detail for storing the clothes. Now they offer 2 models of their closet:

  • For guests, teens, or entryway closet (steel based)
  • Master closet (Wood shelves & drawer)

Color Options

They offer different colors to their different closet for example:

For the guest/teen closet, you can choose from the following colors:

  • White
  • Platinum
  • Graphite

For the master closet, you have to choose from the following colors and patterns:

For metal finish these colors are available to choose from:

  • White
  • Platinum
  • Graphite

For wood finish these colors are available to choose from:

  • White
  • Birch
  • Walnut
  • Grey

Drawer Knob

Style Finish

Now, this is the final step where you have to make payment as they will show the complete cost of your closet in this window. You can customize the space of your shoe rack and shelf design in this section.

The overall ordering procedure is pretty simple and I really enjoy the whole ordering procedure. But one thing that might be creating difficulties for some customers is measuring the exact dimension of walls, ceilings, and doors on their own.

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The price of the California closet may vary as per design, different patterns, and the nature of the customization. I will give you a rough idea about the price of the California closet which will cost you between $2500 to $5000.

California closet prices are not available to calculate on their website, they only provide the final pricing when they finalize the complete product. In the final price, the installation and delivery costs are included. Although you will find the final pricing on their rebuilt closets which is available on their website.

On the other hand, Elfa closet provides every single detail on its website. When you finalize your desired closet you can see the final price and also make an online payment.

Their pricing also varies as per design, space, and customization. Elfa closet also costs you between $1500 to $5000.

Installation & Delivery

If we talk about the California closets then they offer full installation, when they delivered the closet to your home. Their expert technician comes with the package and maybe installs the closet on the same day of delivery. I really love their service and overall customer service which make them far better than any other brand.

On the other hand, Elfa offers online services and customer support. Their closets are easy to customize and installation is also pretty simple. But it will hurdle for those who don’t want to do any DIY process on their own.

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They provide 1 year of warranty on their closet that is bought and installed in a house. If you bought a new house where Califonia Closet is already installed then it will come with a limited lifetime warranty until it remains in the same place where it is installed.

On the other hand, Elfa closets offer 10 years of warranty for manufacturing defects such as color fadeout, damage, etc. You can contact their customer care number with a picture of the fault and they could sort out your problem as soon as possible.

Which One is Best Between California Closet And Elfa Closet?

Now you have each and every detail about both the brands that make you more clear about your decision than before.

if you are still in confusion then let me clear this up in this section.

California Closet offers unique and aesthetic designs, colors, and different hardware options which cost you much higher than the Elfa Closet. Its design selection procedure and space measurement service is headache free.

On the other hand, Elfa is also not much behind in quality, style, and excellent finish. I personally like their walk-in closet for its excellent finish and for providing a phenomenal look to your bedroom.

However their aftersale services are not as great as you will get in the California closet but, if you face any problem you can take pictures of the problem and directly contact their customer service executive and they would short the problem in the next 1 to 2 days.

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Elfa Vs California Closet (FAQ)

How Much Weight Can A California Closet Hold?

The shelves of a California closet can hold up to 55 lbs, It depends on the length of the shelves and how effective its side supports are. The overall weight hauling capacity of a complete closet is more than 100 lbs.

How Much Weight Can A Elfa Closet Hold?

Every Elfa closet can hold up to 100 lbs of weight having 24 inches of spacing.

Does California Closets Use Melamine?

Melamine is used to provide durability, scratch resistivity, and water resistivity to the closet, and some major brands like California Closet, spaceman, and Closet factory all use melamine in their closet.

Does Container Store Provide Free Shiping For Elfa Closet?

Yes, if your order is more than $75, you are eligible to get free shipping for your Elfa closet. If your order is less than this amount then don’t worry, you can still get your product from the store without any extra cost.


Closets and the resell value of your home

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