California Closets Vs Ikea:[Similarity & Differences]

If you are confused between the California Closet and Ikea then you are in right place.

Choosing the right closet brand is very important because your home improvement materials are something that self-life is several years and if it needs repairing or maintenance then a brand with decent after-sale service will please you very much.

But choosing the right brand as per your requirement and budget is really a tricky task because there are lots of brands with several options in a very competitive price segment…

It is enough to confuse you about…

Which brand to pick or which one to kick?

Here, in this article, I’m going to dig deeper into every aspect of these two most famous brands so that you can be more clear about your buying decision.

so without further ados let begin the comparison…

Comparison Table Of California Closets Vs Ikea

California ClosetsIkea
1. California Closets are made of high-quality, durable, and sturdy material that will last for a long period of time.Ikea closets are much cheaper and not so durable and sturdy as you will get from California Closet.
2. They provide a free consultation service to their customers.They don’t provide such service to their customers.
3. You can set an appointment with their design expert who visits your home and help to build your dream closet.Almost all the services are online.
4. They provide a CAD design of your closet that looks similar to a real closet. You can design your dream closet using their planner tool.
5. Their delivery and installation services are better than any other brand. Their products are designed in such a way that anyone can install them with simple DIY work.
6. Their expert technician deliver the product and could install it on the same day in most cases.You could either install their product on your own or take service with their partner contractors who charge a huge sum to offer their services.
7. Their products are premium and costly. Their products are cheaper but functional.
8. There are more than 100 stores across the United State.There are more than 50 local stores across the United state.
9. California Closets are popular for their quality, better customer support, and their after-sale services.They are popular for their budget-friendly options.

California Closet Vs Ikea [Their Features In Detail]

Although both the brands offer the same kind of home improvement products to their customers, they are different in terms of design, quality, services, and warranty.

Let’s find out what features they offer to their customers…

California Closet Design And Features

California Closet is an international brand that offers 5 different types of closets to their customers which are:

  1. Custom Closets
  2. Walt-In Closets
  3. Reach-In Closets
  4. Wardrobe Closets
  5. Kids Closets

Custom closets are perfect to organize your dream room with a traditional and modern feel. you can customize everything according to your requirement.

Walk-in closets allow you to take a quick decision about which wardrobe will best suit your ongoing event. The benefit of having a walk-in closet at home is, that you can see everything like clothes, accessories, and shoes at a glance.

reach-in closet is a practical space where you feel your room becomes more beautiful with a perfect balancing of storage and style.

Wardrobe closets are different in design and feel. They use custom-crafted furniture in design and sliding wardrobe doors look like they fit naturally into the space.

Kid’s Closets are fully customizable and could be the perfect storage solution according to their growing bodies.

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Ikea Design And Features

California Closet offers such a huge variety of whole home improvement products. I found the layout of their website is pretty simple and you don’t find any difficulties to find the needy thing on their site.

On the other hand, Ikea also offers complete home improvement products at a very competitive price point but I found it a little bit difficult to find the needy things easily.

For example, I was looking for a walk-in closet for my home but I didn’t know where it is listed on their site. After searching for a few minutes, I found this under the subcategory namely storage solutions system of the main category storage and organization.

Let’s talk about their closet storage system.

Which type of closet system you will get from Ikea?

Let me clear the first thing, Ikea offers such a nice pre-build closet to their customers at the most affordable price range. You can’t expect the same quality and durability on their closets as you get in California Closets but they offer such a nice finish and functionality that are the same as you get in California Closets.

Recently Ikea introduce its two new closet storage systems in the budget segment:

  1. Boaxel Storage System
  2. Aurdal Closet System

The first one is one of the most affordable closet storage systems right now. It comes with a wall-mount storage system where you will get hook shelves to hang your clothes and wire baskets to organize other belonging inside it.

The second one is Aurdal Closet Storage System. This feels as it is a cheaper version of Ikea’s most popular storage system namely PAX which offers a nice finish but very few customization options. It comes in only two colors:

  1. White
  2. Dark Grey

The Aurdal Closet System comes with long legs that provide a modern and sleek look, and are very easy to clean. If you want to install a budget closet system in a small space then this could be the one choice for you.

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Both the closets come with a planner tool so that you can use this tool to design your closet by simply selecting your desired item and dragging it into its place. This tool is pretty easy and very user-friendly.

The one thing I like most about this planner tool is that as you keep adding items into the closet, it keeps updating the price and you can see the final price immediately maybe tax is not included at that price.

Their premium lineup starts with Pax System.

let’s find out what this system delivers to its customers?

I really like its planner tool which works really well. Here you have everything to customize according to your need. With the help of a planning tool, you can design your custom closet with a wide range of premium shelves, doors, frames, and other accessories.

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Material plays a very important role to deliver a long-lasting, sturdy and durable life span to the product. It also defines the quality and reputation of a brand.

Let’s find out which brand uses top-quality material in their products.

What Material Does California Closet Use?

The main aim of this brand is to provide an environmentally sustainable option to their client. Their custom-made and pre-build closets are solely made from recycled wood that is not only safe for your family but also is a one-step to make our surrounding environment better and healthy.

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California Closet three finishes come with CARB(California Air Resources Board) certificate, which are…

  1. Classic
  2. Lago
  3. Tesoro

You will get a huge variety of beautiful colors and textures in these designs.

California Closet doors and drawers are made of recycled and reclaimed wood that is not only good for your family health but also achieves credit from LEED 2009 and LEED v4 standards.

If you don’t know about LEED then this is a nationally recognized system that is established by US Green Building Council and its full form is ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.’ The aim of this organization is to promote green energy and environment-friendly activities and help to educate people to produce and purchase environment-friendly products.

Some of their translucent doors and drawers, inserts, and back panel are made of natural material in which 40% of the material that is used is made of recycled content.

California Closets are also certified by UL GREENGUARD. This is an environmental institute that aims to reduce the pollution from indoor air and improve its quality. They tried to minimize human interaction with chemicals and other pollutants.

Also, check out the detailed comparison of the California closet and Inspired closet.

What Material Does Ikea Use?

Choosing the right material is always a challenge for a brand if you want to keep prices low and quality high. Ikea tries to use renewable resources for their products and if it is not possible then they try to use recyclable and recycled ones.

Wood is a fundamental source for home improvement product manufacturers. But due to their fragile and sensitive nature, Ikea uses wood with the partnership of forest departments such as Forest Stewardship Council. In that way, Ikea tries to maintain the balance between the wood usages and its plantation.

Cotton is known for its natural, renewable, and breathable nature. Ikea gets it from sustainable sources. The company tries to minimize the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers that directly benefits our surrounding environment.

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Other sustainable and renewable materials used by Ikea

  • Natural fiber
  • Bamboo
  • Scrap/Recycled
  • Composite
  • Plastic

Ordering Procedure

How easy and time-saving it is to place an order makes a big difference between the two brands. This is the reason some big brands spend a lot to improve their online tools.

Let’s find out which brand is very convenient to place an order.

California Closet Ordering Procedure

I found the ordering procedure and the overall ecosystem of tackling the customer’s problem, getting their ideas, and adding their expertise into the design is way better than any other brand.

Customers don’t hesitate to pay an extra amount for what they deliver them. The overall ordering procedure of California Closet is very simple. You don’t need to worry about anything.

You can arrange an appointment with their expert consultants either by calling them or from their website. Their consultancy service is free of cost. After the appointment is fixed, the company send a local expert consultant to your home, to discuss everything like what is your design ideas, how big, small the space is, take the proper measurement, and give suggestions to utilize the whole space properly, etc.

Trust me the overall procedure is going to be headache-free and you feel relaxed and confident that your dream closet will be totally worth every penny, that you are going to spend.

When the design is finalized, you can see the actual computer-generated 3D design in your empty space that is amazing.

Ikea Ordering Procedure

Ikea offers only online ordering services to its customers. Everything is done by yourself means suppose you want to build a custom closet for your bedroom then you have two options to do so.

First is just purchase their pre-built closet models, and install them in that place and the second option is to design your dream closet by using their planning tool, choose each and every product according to your budget as here, you will find a wide range of different shelves, drawers, handles, doors, frames, etc.

I found this procedure is not beneficial for those buyers who don’t know much about DIY work. It would be really a cumbersome job for the first-time buyers such as taking proper measurements, planing the right design as per your need and as you are not an expert then here the chances are higher that you make a mistake.

Price & Installation Procedure

When the whole design and other accessories and hardware texture are finalized, it’s time to finalize the order so that your dream closet can be installed as soon as possible.

How Much Will A California Closet Cost?

In terms of their services and free home visit consultancy services, the overall price will be higher than the Ikea.

The installation charge is included in their final price. Their installation is headache-free as the expert technicians deliver the custom-made closet and install it in most cases the same day of delivery. It will cost you roughly between $3000 to $5000.

How Much Will A Ikea Closet Cost?

If you are on a tight budget but want a good-looking and functional closet for your home then you can definitely go with Ikea.

If your budget is under $1000 then you can design a custom closet by using their planning tool. If you don’t want to use their planning tool then you can buy any rebuild closet from their website.

I found Boaxel storage system is one of the cheapest closets right now that you can buy for under $500.

But if you want a little bit more freedom for a better customization option with some good quality, frames, doors, drawers, and other hardware then you can try Aurdal. It will cost you under $2000.

If you want to buy a closet with a premium finish with a full customization facility then PAX would be the right choice for you. It will cost you more than $2000 and it depends on the material that you choose, and the quality of frames, drawers, doors, etc.

The company claim that their closets are very easy to install. It means if you buy any product from their site then either you have to do self DIY work or hire an expert technician for complete installation.

Although Ikea provides a third-party installation service from a company namely TaskRabbit Assembly but their services are slow and costly.

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The downside of Ordering A Closet From Ikea

Note: These points are not applicable for a mature buyer, these points could be right for a newbie.

  1. Free design consultant service is not available.
  2. They don’t provide a free home visit consultancy service to their customers that some top brands like California Closet offers.
  3. Their products are design to keep in mind that people can install them by themself but not everyone keep all of the DIY tool in their home because they are expensive and also doing the DIY work if you don’t know anything about it is really a cumbersome task.
  4. They provide third-party installation service from TaskRabbit that is slow and expensive.
  5. All of their products come with a limited warranty.
  6. To keep the prices reasonable their products are not as durable and sturdy as you will get in California Closet.

Which One Is Best Between Ikea And California Closets?

If your budget does not allow you to go with some top brands then you can look for Ikea. Although you have to compromise with the quality and durability of the product it will be as functional and elegant as you will see in California Closet.

You and I know better than California Closets are way expensive and if your budget allows then blindly go with the California Closet.

Ikea offers such a huge collection of pre-build closets and you will find each and every spare part for your closet. What if you will get an elegant and fully functional closet just at a haft the price of a California Closet. It could be the best alternative to the California Closet.

Ikea Vs California Closet (FAQ)

1. Are Ikea Closets Worth It?

Ikea offers such a huge variety of different closets options for home improvement at a very handy price range.
There Boaxel closet system is one of the most cheaper options for newbies or for tight-budget buyers.
If you want to go with some of their premium range then the PAX closet system provides a fully customized and functional closet system at a very affordable price range.

2. Does Ikea Wardrobes Need To Be Fixed To Wall?

It is very necessary that a closet must be fixed to the wall to get proper support. Ikea uses a wall mount closet system for their all clothing storage system. Their PAX brackets are good to provide better support than other ordinary wall anchor brackets.

3. What Kind Of Wood Does California Closets Use?

All the closets of the California Closet are made of sustainable wood resources. They use recycled wood that is not only safe for your family but also is very environmentally friendly.

4. Why Does Ikea Charge So Much For Delivery?

This is a very common philosophy that when a buyer visits the local shop to buy something, the probability of buying more products is high as compared to when he is buying anything online.
Ikea knows it very well and encourages the buyers to shop from their shop instead of buying online.

5. Why California Closets Are So Expensive Than Ikea?

California Closet ecosystem is designed in such a way that directly benefits its customers. They provide free design consultancy in which a design specialist could visit your home without paying an extra charge.
He/she take care of all the thing such as taking the measurement, finalizing the design, taking your suggestions, improving your design, and many more.
They provide a complete installation service that is not available in Ikea. Their after-sale service and warranty time period are better than any other brand.

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