Closet By Design Vs Closet America:Choose The Right One

Are you confused between these two brands namely Closet America and Closet By Design?

Choosing the right closet brand is very important for a homeowner because it is not something that comes with little or no money. There are lots of brands available in the market which makes it quite a confusing task to choose the best brand among them according to your need and budget.

Most popular and well-known brands are costly on the other hand some new brands offer captivating offers which create doubts in the mind.

but not to worry as we are here to clarify all of your doubts regarding Closet by design Vs Closet America…

But wait if you are in hurry and don’t have much time to go through the whole article then you can consider our detailed comparison table that helps to finalize your decision in a very short period of time.

Quick Comparison Table Of Closet America Vs Closet-By-Design

Closet AmericaCloset By Design
1. This is a local and independent company. This is a well-known nationwide brand.
2. As this is a local brand so their customer support and design consultancy services are quick and fast. 2. Although this is a big brand with several branches, their services are great.
3. It provides free consultancy services with a 3D design rendering facility. They also provide the same service to their customers.
4. It provides floor-standing models to its customers at a very competitive price segment. It also provides this facility to its customers.
5. It provides complete installation service to its customers by its expert technicians.It also provides the same service to its customers.
6. Usually they don’t provide existing closet dismantled facilities to their customers. Customers need to remove the existing closet parts on their own. They provide the existing closet dismantled facility to their customers.
7. They provide some luxury accessories to their customers at very promising prices. It also has a wide range of accessories to offer its customers.
8. They provide an unlimited warranty with a warranty transfer facility to the next home buyer.They provide a limited warranty with their products.
9. They provide laminated thick shelves without spending much. They provide thick shelves if you are willing to pay more.

Closet By Design And Closet America: Differences And Similarities

We can’t judge two different brands without comparing them side by side. You will find some features are better in Brand One while some are in the second brand.

That’s why here, we are going to dig deeper into every pinch of details about these two well-known brands, and at last, we also clarify your doubt and share some most important information that makes you more confident and clear about your decision.

So without further ados…

Let’s get started…

Design & Style

In terms of design and style both the brands are quite different. Let’s find out how versatile and unique both of them are?

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Closet By Design (Designs And Style)

Closet By Design offers two types of closets to their customers:

  1. Walk-In-Closets
  2. Reach-In-Closets

They offer 4 distinct types of closets to their customers to organize their wardrobe and life with every budget range.

  1. Everyday Collection
  2. Classic Collection
  3. Regency Collection
  4. BRIO Collection

The everyday collection is for those customers who want a basic but useful design that can not only store their wardrobe well but also utilize the dull space fullest. The everyday collection comes with a 3/4″ straight edge panel, shelves, and half overlay flat face doors that can be upgraded to Deco doors, drawers, and molded base.

The classic collection closet comes with a simple yet stylish design. Here, you will get some stylish designs that you won’t get in their everyday collection. Here, you will see soft edges with half overlay doors and shelves.

Regency collection comes with an 11/8″ thick panel with 3/4″ shelves. Here you will get tilt-out hampers, islands, and, a countertop that looks more stylish and versatile than its previous designs.

The BRIO Collection is their premium closet design that comes with a bold and modern look. You will find some better designs, materials, patterns, and colors in this segment. You will get sleek corners and clean edges with flat front doors and shelves.

Closet America (Design & Style)

Closet America also offers two types of closets to their customers:

  1. Walk-In-Closets
  2. Reach-In-Closets

They don’t show what types of closets they offer to their customers on their website, but they commit that each and every design is unique and you can feel the love with their craftsmanship and with elegant design.

Features of their walk-in-closets & Reach-In-Closets
1. They use closet islands and peninsulas to create storage space and counters.
2. Flexible shoe shelves that can store every type of shoe no matter it is big or small.
3. Crome laundry hamper with a heavy gauge and removable liners.
4. Jewelry storage that is secure and eye-catching.
5. Slide-out belt racks and tie racks (full extension).
6. Soft drawer edges to ensure they close quietly and smoothly.
7. To ensure your dry cleaning wardrobe can be stored safely it has valet rods.

additionally, their walk-in closets and reach-in closets come with a floor-standing design that this stable and durable, dovetail drawer boxes with hidden wall support that looks very elegant.

Ordering Procedure

The ordering procedure is almost the same for both brands. Both of them provide free consultation services which means you don’t need to pay anything until you finalize the design, pattern, and other hardware accessories and are fully satisfied with their design and services.

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Closet By Design Ordering Procedure

The first step is to schedule a free in-home design consultation on their website. I found they get lots of information to book your appointment with a design consultant such as

  • Your name
  • Your phone number (Daytime & Evening time)
  • Complete Address
  • How did you hear about them?
  • Your design of interest means which kind of closet you want to buy.
  • First choice and then the second choice of appointment time and date.
  • comment section

look at this such a huge appointment form you have to fill out if you want to apply for a design consultant.

When you filled up the form within a few hours you will receive a call from their representative and they select a design consultant that could visit your home on your mentioned date and time.

After that, they take care of the rest of the things such as taking your ideas, giving their best suggestions to unitize the space fullest, taking the measurement, finalizing the design, etc.

In the end, they provide a computer-generated (CAD) design of your closet so that you can see the actual product that looks the same as appear on the design.

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Closet America Ordering Procedure

Closet America also provides a free design consultancy service. You can apply for this service by visiting their website.

I found the appointment form on their site is pretty sort and time-saving.

You will see only a few columns in the form such as:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Zip Code

I love the online chat facility on the Closet America website. When you visit their website a pop-up window opens with live specialist support. I ask a few doubts regarding the closet and their response and knowledge about the topic is pretty impressive.

This facility is not available on the Closet-In-Design website.

Delivery And Installation Procedure

Some brands offer fast delivery with the same-day installation that appeals to their customers but some are not. Some brands even don’t provide the installation service on their own they hire third-party contractors to do so and their services turn out to be bad.

Let’s see which company offers on-time delivery and better installation service to their customers.

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Closet America Delivery & Installation Services

Closet America offers very promising services to their customers for delivery and installation. They don’t make any third-party contractor to their partner to provide the installation services.

The price a customer pays for his custom build closet covers the installation charge also. Closet America doesn’t take extra charge for this service.

Everything is completed In-House means they don’t offer any kind of custom build product line for their customers to choose from. Everything is planned and designed in front of the customer.

And their expert design engineers and expert technicians can handle the whole thing professionally so that you will love their design and craftsmanship.

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Closet-By-Design Delivery And Installation Services

Closet-By-Design also offers better service of delivery and installation to their customers. I found one identical thing in Closet-By-Design and Closet America is that their expert technicians that come for installation purposes are employees of the brand and not any outside subcontractor.

In most cases, the existing closet needs to be removed by the homeowner first, so that the company installs their closet in that place. Very few brands make their customers sit relaxed and Closet-By-Design is one of them.

You don’t need to worry about finding a technician to dismantle the existing closet system. Their expert technician will remove the existing system such as shelves, racks, wire baskets, rods, etc, and install a new closet for you.

Warranty And After-Sale Service

Closet America offers an unlimited lifetime warranty to its customers. Most brands offer their lifetime warranty only for the existing home buyer that buys a new house where the brand closet is installed and not moved.

On the other hand, Closet-By-Design offers its lifetime warranty to its current home buyer and also to the new homeowner of your home. It means their lifetime warranty can be transferable.

Which One Is Better Between Closet-By-Design and Closet America?

If you are reading this section of that article it means you have grabbed each and every detail about both brands.

still, get confused about which one is right for you.

Don’t worry I will clear all of your doubts in this section so sit back relax and keep reading.

If you want better customer service that is quick and responsive then you will go with Closet America. This is a local and independent company so it takes care of its customer services in a better way than other international brands.

Its warranty service is better than other top leading brands. If you want to sell your home or want to buy a new one and if that house has the same brand closet pre-installed then its warranty can be transferred to the new home buyer.

The main advantage of this service is that the after-sale service of your home is going to be much higher and more profitable if Closet America products are installed in that house.

On the other hand, you have to look into Closet-By-Design for their fast delivery and installation work. They provide trained technicians that take care of all the technical work such as dismantling the existing closet system, which service I think doesn’t provide by any other brand.

The rest of the services and features are the same in both brands.

Closet America And Closet-By-Design (FAQ)

1. Can You Negotiate With Closets-By-Design?

Sometimes brand favors their customers, and if the customer wants they are ready to give some extra discount due to some promotional offers. That’s why always check on their website if some promotional offers are running or not due to some festival seasons.

2. What Are Closets By Design Made Of?

They don’t disclose what kind of material is used on their custom-build-closets but I think, it might be a laminated wood finish. A normal wood with a laminated finish allows several different patterns and colors to be created on its surface.

3. What Is The Average Cost To Build A Custom Closet From Closet By Design?

It will cost you from $2000 to $10000. It depends on the size, space, and how complex and luxurious the design is. If we talk about the average cost of a normal closet with no wall interior then it will cost you around $3500.

4. What Is The Average Cost To Build A Custom Closet From Closet America?

It is quite difficult to estimate the exact cost of a custom build closet of any brand but it might be between $2000 to $6000. It also depends on the materials and other hardware equipment that are going to be installed in your closet.

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