Container Store Vs California Closets: Similarity & Differences

It’s really confusing to choose between Container Store and California Closets. Which closet could provide the best value for money, in terms of durability, features, and looks, and also which one comes with low maintenance cost?

Closets are very important for your home. You must have a closet installed in the bedroom, kitchen, garage, side-way, etc. If you want to rent your property or want to sell it. A closet can maximize the resale value of your home dramatically.

People are often confused between the two renowned brands namely Container Store and California Store.

Let’s find out every single detail about these two most famous closet brands. I’m going to share the similarities as well as differences that make it much easier to decide…

which one to choose and which one to kick?

If you are in a hurry then this brief comparison table will definitely help you to compare these 2 brands side by side so that you can finalize your decision.

So without further ado’s let’s get started…

Detailed Comparison Table Of Container Store Vs California Closets

Container StoreCalifornia Closet
1. Container Store closets are made of durable and rust-free Epoxy bounded steel. California closets are made of highly durable and sustainable composite wood fibers.
2. They provide free design consultants but they don’t provide any home visit consultancy as their majority of services are online. They provide a free design consultant and a local expert who visit your home for a design consultation and take measurements.
3. They have up to 95 showrooms in the different-different locations in the USA.
There are 100 + local stores available in the USA, which means you have the flexibility to visit their nearest showroom for consultancy.
4. They have 4 types of closets layout to choose from and different colors and textures. They have five different types of closet layouts and aesthetic designs with some amazing color combinations and textures.
5. They don’t provide any price calculator but you can see the price of your custom-made closet on their site. They don’t provide any price calculator as the final price depends on many factors. Some pre-build closets are available with price tags on their website.
6. They provide a limited lifetime warranty with their 2 products which are Laren and Avera.They provide a lifetime warranty for new home buyers where their closets are preinstalled and a limited 1 year of warranty for new installation in the home.
7. They provide Self DIY installation procedure if you are comfortable with otherwise you can consult them for complete installation.Their delivery and installation procedure are headache-free as the expert technicians deliver the product with the same-day installation in most cases.
8. Here, I give a rough idea about the price. Suppose your area is around 6 to 7.5 feet then Elfa classic will cost you $800 (approx), Elfa Decor $2400(approx), and Avera $5500(approx). California closets will cost you between $2500 to $5000. The price also depends on many factors.
9. They provide online problem solutions but their services need improvement.They provide top-quality services to their customers that’s why people are willing to pay a higher amount for their amazing after-sale services.
10. They also provide a decent look to your empty space at less price than a California closet. California closets come with an aesthetic and premium finish that provides an exotic and more premium look to your room.

Difference Between The California Closet And Container Store

You are always in a hurdle between the two products if you don’t compare them side by side. Here, we are going to compare the Container Store Closet with California Closet. This is going to be the most in-depth analysis that you can hardly find any other.

Design & Style

In terms of design and style both the companies are best in their space but what differentiates both of them from each other is the quality, material, number of designs they offer, ease of ordering system, quick delivery, and hassle-free installation process, and after-sale service.

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California Closet (Design & Style)

California closet offers 5 different types of closet designs to choose from which are:

  1. Custom Closets
  2. Walt-In Closets
  3. Reach-In Closets
  4. Wardrobe Closets
  5. Kids Closets

Custom closets are perfect to organize your dream room with a traditional and modern feel. you can customize everything according to your requirement.

Walk-in closets allow you to take a quick decision about which wardrobe will best suit your ongoing event. The benefit of having a walk-in closet at home is, that you can see everything like clothes, accessories, and shoes, at a glance.

A reach-in closet is a practical space where you feel your room becomes more beautiful with a perfect balancing of storage and style.

Wardrobe closets are different in design and feel. They use custom-crafted furniture in design and sliding wardrobe doors look like they fit naturally into the space.

Kid’s Closets are fully customizable and could be the perfect storage solution according to their growing body.

Container Store(Design & Style)

Container store offers 4 different types of design and style to their customers such as:

  1. Elfa Classic
  2. Elfa Decor
  3. Avera
  4. Laren

Elfa’s classic closet system comes with a custom drawing and shelving system that can be added or removed as per your need. The closet comes with a wall hanging system that is quite different from what we have seen in the California Closet. Their designs are more versatile and appealing than the design of Container Store Closets.

Elfa Decor is introduced by the company that inherited the strength and flexibility from its Classic variant with the addition of beauty of wood and deluxe options. If you love the wood touch to your closet then Elfa Decor provides gorgeous wood shelves and drawers with different varieties and finishes.

Avera comes with a premium finish and design that will cost you much higher than the above two variants. Here, you will get full-extension drawers that can be opened or closed just by a touch. An anesthetic back panel with LED light integration completes the look of your closet.

Laren is a luxurious closet option for those buyers who want to decorate their empty space with a premium and luxurious build-in closet.

The Laren offers a glass front door so that you can see your favorite clothes and accessories at a glance. LED light integration looks very appealing. You can choose the design of its floor base by choosing numerous floor trim options.

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It is not necessary that a closet that looks premium would be durable or sturdy. It totally depends upon the quality of material that is used to make those closets.

Let’s have a look at what material these two brands use in their closets…

What Material Does Container Store Use?

Their entry-level Elfa closets are very popular due to their low price and durability. In Elfa closets, you will get epoxy-bonded steel on every weight-bearing component such as top track, brackets, hanging drawers, ventilated shelves, etc.

Elfa Decor will cost you a little bit higher but apart from epoxy-bonded steel, you will get beautiful solid wood Décor Shelves and Drawer front.

Now we will talk about their premium category which started from Avera. We have already discussed Avera earlier, here we will talk about the material that is used for manufacturing it. Avera is manufactured using fully recycled material and its exceptional craftsmanship gives it premium look and feel.

Laren is a final premium closet made from environmentally friendly material. The closest is manufactured in the USA using the North American source wood with the combination of European-designed hardware.

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What Material Does California Closet Use?

The main aim of this brand is to provide an environmentally sustainable option to their client. Their custom-made and pre-build closets are solely made from recycled wood that is not only safe for your family but also is a one-step to make our surrounding environment better and healthy.

California Closet three finishes come with CARB(California Air Resources Board) certificate, which are…

  1. Classic
  2. Lago
  3. Tesoro

You will get a huge variety of beautiful colors and textures in these designs.

California Closet doors and drawers are made of recycled and reclaimed wood that is not only good for your family’s health but also achieves credit from LEED 2009 and LEED v4 standards.

If you don’t know about LEED then this is a nationally recognized system that is established by US Green Building Council and its full form is ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.’ The aim of this organization is to promote green energy and environment-friendly activities and help to educate people to produce and purchase environment-friendly products.

Some of their translucent doors and drawers, inserts, and back panel are made of natural material in which 40% of the material that is used is made of recycled content.

California Closets are also certified by UL GREENGUARD. This is an environmental institute that aims to reduce the pollution from indoor air and improve its quality. They tried to minimize human interaction with chemicals and other pollutants.

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Ordering Procedure

The user experience while ordering a product is also very important which gives a hint about the after-sale service of that company. Here, both the brands offer free design consultancy services to their customers, but…

Which one is best for this overall procedure?

Let’s find out…

California Closet Ordering Procedure

I found the ordering procedure and the overall ecosystem of tackling the customer’s problem, getting their ideas, and adding their expertise into the design is way better than any other brand.

Customers don’t hesitate to pay an extra amount for what they deliver them. The overall ordering procedure of California Closet is very simple. You don’t need to worry about anything.

You can arrange an appointment with their expert consultants either by calling them or from their website. Their consultancy service is free of cost. After the appointment is fixed, the company sends a local expert consultant to your home, to discuss everything like what is your design ideas, how big, and small the space is, take the proper measurement, and give suggestions to utilize the whole space properly, etc.

Trust me the overall procedure is going to be headache-free and you feel relaxed and confident that your dream closet will be totally worth every penny, that you are going to spend.

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When the design is finalized, you can see the actual computer-generated 3D design in your empty space which is amazing.

Container Store Ordering Procedure

Container stores also offer free consultation to their customers, but most of the services are online. You can arrange a call with their free consultant design expert by filling out a brief request form on their website.

soon you will get a call from their design expert. Now you can share your design ideas, also they want to see the space where you want to install your dream closet. They will tell you to take the exact measurement of your space. After that a follow-up appointment would be organized, where you will be connected with their design expert by video chat.

Here, they will examine the space, take your design ideas, and give suggestions if needed. Their design software provides each and every detail and you can monitor the whole design and edition procedure just from your home by video chat.

When the design is finalized, you can choose the texture and material for the shelves and drawers, and also choose the color that can match the rest of the room’s furniture.

In the end, they deliver the final design to you with a link so that you can view it any time you want.

Price & Installation Procedure

When the whole design and other accessories and hardware texture are finalized, it’s time to finalize the order so that your dream closet can be installed as soon as possible.

How Much Will A Container Store Closet Cost?

I will give a rough idea about the final price that you have to finalize on their website. If you go with their Elfa Decor custom-build-Closet then it will cost you around $2500 with delivery charges but here, tax is not included.

Roughly it will cost you around $2700 with tax. They also offer a DIY installation option from that you can save some money in installation, and if you do the whole installation on your own then it will cost you nearly $1900.

How Much Will A California Closet Cost?

In terms of their services and free home visit consultancy services, the overall price will be higher than the Container Store.

The installation charge is included in their final price. Their installation is headache-free as the expert technicians deliver the custom-made closet and install it in most cases the same day of delivery. It will cost you roughly between $3000 to $5000.

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Warranty & After Sale Service

California Closets come with a limited lifetime warranty with their closet if it is pre-installed into the house at the time of buying, and a limited one-year warranty for those closets which are purchased separately and installed into the empty space of your home.

On the other hand, Container Store provides a limited lifetime warranty on their two custom-made closets which are Laren and Avera.

The lifetime warranty covers all the non moveable thermoplastic fused wood and metal components, and all the moveable components, installation services, and lighting come with one year of warranty.

Which One Is Best Between Container Store And California Closets?

If you are reading this section of our article then let me assume that you have each and every detail about these two most famous Closet brands.

Still, if you are confused about which one to choose, then let me clear your doubt in this section.

If you want to invest in unique color and a classic look with an eye-catching finish then definitely go with the California Closet. You don’t face any problems with the design selection and taking measurements, everything is handled by the company’s expert executive.

Even installation of their closet is hassle-free. Their after-sale customer services are unmatchable. You have to pay a little bit higher amount for what they offer but it totally worth and satisfied.

On the other hand Container Store is a very budget-friendly option for those buyers who don’t want to spend a huge sum on a closet but want a decent design and texture for their custom-made closet.

The 90% procedure of this brand is online. You will get online suggestions, design consultants, and each and every help either by phone call or by video chat. If you want to save some money then you have an option to install the closet on your own with that you can save up to $500 from the final sum.

Container Store Vs California Closets (FAQ)

Which Is The Best Closet Company?

In terms of build quality, design options, ordering and installation procedure, customer satisfaction, warranty, and after-sale services no doubt California Closet is number one.
On the other hand, Container Store is known for its variety of storage systems.

Do California Closet Added Value?

Yes definitely, installing a custom closet in each room and entryway will increase the resell value of your house by significant numbers. In fact, other renovations will never match such a resell value that you will get just by installing a custom-made closet in your bedroom, entryway, garage, etc.


California Air Resources Board (CARB)

UL GreenGuard

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