Easy Closets Vs California Closets:[Which One Is Better?]

If you are looking for a custom-made closet for your wardrobe then you would definitely confuse between the Easy Closet and California Closet.

Both brands offer a bunch of trendy and fashionable designs that best suit your home interior and the amount of space you offer them to use.

However, there is some differentiation between the two brands that make them identical in their work.

Here in this article, we are going to compare Easy Closet with California Closet. We are going to dive deeper into every aspect of these two brands and present the plus points and also the weak points of each of them.

This will definitely help to decide which closet brand fulfills your dream within your budget without compromising on the latest trend and quality.

If you are in hurry then you would go through the detailed comparison table given below to find all the details in one place…

Quick Comparision Table Between California Closet And Easy Closet

California Closet (Best Service & Upgradability Options)Easy Closet (Best DIY Choice)
1. California Closets Are made with laminated composite wood fiber and tailor-made material that is highly durable than normal wood.Easy Closets Are made with Melamine an organic chemical substance that is also durable.
2. Available in a huge variety of designs and color combinations.They also provide different styles and designs with various color options to their customers.
3. California Closet has a strong nationwide network with more than 100 showrooms across the country with independent design consultants. Easy Closet offers most services online and allows its customers to design their closets from their homes.
4. They provide everything custom so there is no price reference in the California closet. I really like their online price calculator that helps to figure out the overall cost before you finalize your decision.
5. California closet provides local design consultants free of cost, who visit your home and take care of all the things such as design, measurement, suggestions, etc.Easy Closet allows only phone calls or online mediums to interact with their customers.
6. When the deal is finalized they deliver their product through expert installation technicians who can install the whole closet on the same day of delivery.After the order is placed online, they delivered the closet the next day, and you need to install it by yourself or will need to arrange for a technician to install it.
7. They use environment-friendly materials most of them are recycled wood fibers that are LEED & CARB compliant. I didn’t find such kind of information for Easy Closet.
8. In California Closet you will get contemporary, classic patterns and designs. Moreover, they provide flexibility to change things as per the direction of the customer.Easy Closet also provides a wide range of different patterns, designs, and colors, choose according to your wise. They also have the flexibility to change things accordingly.
9. California Closet offers a limited lifetime warranty for home buyers where it is pre-installed and one year of warranty for non-residential buyers. Same here
10. California closets are costly as compared to Easy closets due to their good services. Easy closets are cheaper than the California closet.
11. If budget is not an issue definitely go with California closet due to their best services. Go with Easy closet if budger matters most.

so without further ado let’s get dive deeper into the topic.

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Comparison Between Easy Closets And California Closets

Here we are comparing both brands in some parameters such as the website user experience, variety of design, number of customization features, price, and much more.

Website Layout And User Experience

I found the design and look of the website of California Closet to be more professional and organized with a vast variety of designs, and different categories everything is in front of you.

On the other hand, The website of Easy Closet looks somewhat blog-type, and it’s not opened perfectly. However, their online design software is very helpful to refine your dream design with the help of a graphical interface.

The software allows changing the wood color, you can choose from different patterns on your computer.

Design Selection And Ordering Procedure

California Closet offers an appointment-based service without any cost. You can arrange a free design consultation on their website.

They provide a local design consultant who will visit your home to take measurements of the space and for design, and all the procedures make it very simple with the Auto CAD design that looks real, you can feel the design just in front of you.

I really like their overall procedure from design selection, and space utilization to final product delivery everything is unmatchable.

On the other hand, Easyclosers services are online-based, they tackle your every query online, you have to select the design and send it through fax or mail. They would suggest to you the design and some improvements to your selected design.

When the design is finalized, they shipped all the material the next day. Their suggestion I found it pretty decent. I really like their shipping service as it is free of cost for the USA continent.

Quality & Durability

Everyone wants their closet to last longer but they don’t know which material is best for their closet. The most common material used to build closet storage is Plywood and medium-density fiberboard.

But what if you can find something more durable than this for your closet storage? This is Melamine.

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How is The Quality Of Easy Closet Material?

What is Melamine?

Unlike stacking thin woods on top of the others, Melamine is made using organic chemical substances that added extra durability to ordinary wood.

Some Properties of Melamine Over an Ordinary wood?

The deliberately engineered chemical substance in a normal wood added additional properties such as:

  • Water Resistance
  • Shatter Resistance
  • Mold Resistance
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to color
  • Available in Varieties
  • Cost Effective

Cost Of Melamine Based Closet Storage

If you are going to pay for plywood and MDF-based closed then it will cost you much higher than what you pay for a Melamine based closed storage. The Melamine based closets are very cost-effective.

You can assemble and install a full-size closed made of Melamine material may be between $1500 to $5000, While other materials will cost you much higher than what you will get in the Melamine based closet.

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Drawback Of Using Melamine To Build A Closet

Everything has some pros and cons. Melamine material also comes with very few drawbacks which you should be aware of.

  • Scratchable: Everyone wants their closet to remain scratch free over time but this expectation seems unrealistic for any material. Some precautions prevent severe scratches in your closet such as taking proper care while moving your Melamine closet from one place to another.
  • Although Melamine is water resistant, it will get ruined if you throw moist or damp clothes in its drawer. This will happen if you will put swimsuits or ski clothes in it for drying them, as it increases the humidity level beyond the acceptable parameter.

Now you have full knowledge about Melamine, Let’s find out what Easy closet offer to their customers and what material California Closet comes with.

Easy Closets are made of Melamine wood.

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How is The Quality Of The California Closet?

California Closets offers an environmentally sustainable option to their customers. All the California closets are made of Laminated Composite. Now a question must be arising in your mind…

What is A Laminated Composite?

Laminated composite is made of recycled wood fibers, due to CARB complement material you will indirectly contribute to your environment by buying their products.

It is pretty hard to work with solid wood in terms of providing various colors and textures to the design. That’s why they use Laminated wood fibers that allow them to provide more varieties and color combinations in their closet that appeal to their customers.

Advantages of Using Laminated Composite Wood Fibers

  • No or very minimal maintenance cost.
  • Comes with huge varieties and color combinations.
  • Not a single part is made of plastic.
  • Everything in the design is fully customizable.
  • Adjustable and removable shelves.

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The Installation Process Of Easy Closet

The Easy Closet comes with easy to install procedure which means after the delivery of all the parts, you have to either hire an expert installation technician or do it yourself by using simple tools.

Not everyone an expert even the things seems simple to others, so it might be a headache for some people, who never do any DIY work at home. They provide installation videos and step-by-step procedures for complete installation.

The overall process takes time and also will cost you extra which may be not bearable for some customers.

The Installation Process Of California Closet

California offers one-day installation for most orders. It also depends on the complexity of the design and the size of the space where the California closet is going to be installed.

The California closet offers headache-free installation as the whole installation is done by their expert installation technicians. They deliver your order and install it on the same day in most cases.

Warranty Of California Closet

They provide 1 year of warranty on their closet that is bought and installed in a house. If you bought a new house where Califonia Closet is already installed then it will come with a limited lifetime warranty until it remains in the same place where it is installed.

Warranty Of Easy Closet

Easy Closet also comes with a Limited lifetime warranty for single-family residential use, and one year of warranty for nonresidential or commercial use.

Is it Worth Investing In Easy Closet?

The easy closet offers limited services as compared to the California closet. This is why the Easy closet will cost you cheaper than the California closet.

Some additional charges are included such as an installation charge if you don’t do it yourself. They also offer only phone calls or chat consultancy services to their customers.

The whole process of Easy Closet is online, this is why you can buy an Easy Closet within your budget.

Is It Worth Investing In California Closet?

People can extend their budget if they will get more convenient and better service from the brand, that’s why California closet stands alone in this category.

Their services are truly customers supporter, and what you pay truly satisfies you in the long run. They offer free-of-cost home consultancy services that you will not see in most of the other top brands such as Easy Closet.

The consultancy staff come to your home, talk to you about your ideas, measure the space properly, and provide a realistic design with 3D graphics and you can give them suggestions accordingly.

Their delivery and installation service is also very convenient. The expert installation technicians can install whole the assembly on the same day of delivery.

The truly Unmatchable service of California closet makes them one of the best closet brands.

Final Thought

If you are reading this section, it means you have thoroughly read every single piece of information about the California Closet and Easy Closet.

Still have doubts about which one to pick and which one to avoid…

Let me clear all the doubts in this section.

If you want to get the best services from a brand for arranging a closet in your home then California Closet is the best option for you, but it will cost you much higher than what Easy Closet offers.

If your budget is tight and wants to buy a feature-rich, closet at a low cost then go with Easy Closet. They provide online assistance for all of your queries. You need to install the closet either yourself or by an expert technician if you don’t comfortable doing DIY work yourself.


Which Brand Is Best For Closet Among California Closet And Easy Closet?

If you want better upgradability features and the best services from a closet company then definitely go with California closet. Their price is not transparent as the whole process is custom.
While if you want better DIY options from a brand just from the comfort of your home then no doubt Easy Closet is the right for you.

Do California Closets Add Value To Your Home?

A closet in your bedroom or other rooms definitely increases the after-sale price of your home.
Buyers looking for closets in most of the rooms of a house eagerly pay as high as they want.

What Material Does The Easy Closet Use?

Easy closet uses Melamine for the majority of Closet parts and other woodworking projects.

What Material Does The California Closet Use?

California Closet uses Laminated Composite recyclable wood for their woodworking projects. These materials are compliant with CARB & LEED.

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