Bertazzoni Vs Bosch Appliances: Which Are Better?

Whether you buy a new home or remodel your outdated kitchen, having premium, durable, functional, and aesthetic kitchen appliances is what every homeowner wants. 

The market is going to be very competitive right now, and if you are in a dilemma about Bertazzoni vs Bosch then look no further, because today I’m going to share every single detail about these two most popular brands so that you can choose the one that most suit your need and budget. 

Let’s have a look at what parameters I’m going to compare them:

  1. Brand history and reputation
  2. Product lineup
  3. Some most popular products comparison
  4. Warranty 
  5. Price

Note: To make the comparison feasible, we are going to compare only some consumer goods in this article.  

So without further ado, let’s begin the comparison. 

Bertazzoni Vs. Bosch: Differences And Similarities

Bertazzoni and Bosch both are Italian brands and they have been making top-quality appliances for decades. 

Let’s have a look at their history to understand them better. 

History Of Bertazzoni

The company was founded in 1882 by its founder Francesco Betrazzoni. The company is an Italian home appliance manufacturer based in Guastalla. 

Its first factory was established in 1909 near the Guastalla railway station. Francesco and his son made a wood-burning stove in early 1907 and it was the first step to today’s modern kitchen cookware. 

In 1950 they started using steel and other strong and aesthetic materials to beautify the design of their gas stove. In 1953 company introduced its first gas cooking oven to its product lineup. 

In 1975 electric oven was introduced and the induction cooktop was introduced in 2005. Apart from cooktops, gas stoves, and oven, the company also focus on marketing other kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.

History Of Bosch

Bosch is known as a multinational engineering & technology company based in Gerlingen. The company was founded by Robert Bosch in 1886

In 1886 company innovation began with one of its most successful products namely low voltage magneto. Bosch’s first factory was opened in 1901 in Stuttgart. 

23% of the sale of Bosch Group come from the consumer goods businesses. It has a huge range of consumer products such as refrigerators, freezer stoves, ovens, induction, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, etc.

Today, Bosch Group is a market leader in various industries like automotive, power tools, medical devices, aerospace, and industrial automation.

Bosch Vs Bertazzoni Product Lineup

Bertazonni Product Lineup:

Bertazonni has 6 main categories which offer a variety of kitchen appliances to meet the need of every customer. 

1. Ranges
2. Convection oven
3. Specialty oven
4. Rangetops and cooktops
1. Built-in-column
2. Built-in-bottom mount
3. Freestanding
DishwasherCollezione metalliAccessories

According to the quality of the products, it has three series which are:

Professional seriesMaster SeriesHeritage series

Its range category has 4 types of cooktops which are:

  • All gas
  • Duel Fuel
  • Induction
  • Electric Ceran

All the ranges are available in these sizes 48″, 36″, 30″, and 24″ widths. You can choose its professional series for enriching features or choose its master series with limited basic features. 

Bertazzoni convection ovens are available in two types single ovens and double ovens. The available sizes are 30″ and 24″ in width. 

You can get a nice variety of its Specialty oven ranges which are: 

MicrowaveConvection SteamSpeed Ovenwarming drawer

You can choose either a 30″ or 24″ model according to the space and your budget.

Its Rangetop or cooktop series are available in these types, sizes, and series:

Type:InductionRangetopDrop-in-cooktopsFront controlsElectric clean
Series:Professionalmaster –

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Bosch Product Lineup

Bosch has a much wider and broader range of different consumer goods. Some most popular and very common kitchen appliances are listed below. 

I’ll ensure that these appliances are also available in the Bertazzoni product lineup to make the comparison feasible.  

1. Front controller
2. Top controller
3. Custom panel
Cooking & Baking
1. Wall oven
2. Ranges
3. Microwaves
4. Ventilation
5. Cooktops & Rangetops
RefrigeratorsWashers & Dryers
Coffee MachinesBosch Mixers

You have the following variations on the Bosch ranges segment: 

Electric slide-inInduction slide-inGas slide-in
Gas freestandingDual Fuel Slide-InFreestanding Dual Fuel

I found the design, looks, and feel is totally different in Bosch ranges than the Bertazzoni. You have more choices of different designs and styles in Bosch than the Bertozzani. 

Bertazzoni Vs Bosch Induction Range

Bertazzoni and Bosch both come with different Induction ranges, but which one offers better features and variety, let’s understand it in this section. 

bertazzoni and bosch induction range
Induction range comparison

Bertazzoni Induction Ranges:

Bertazzoni inductions are available in two sizes 36″, and 30″. You can choose your desired model from its two different series, the Master series, and the Professional series. 

The difference between the Master series and the Professional series ranges from the Bertazzoni

FeaturesBertazzoni Induction Master SeriesBertazzoni Induction Professional Series
KnobMetal coatedSolid metal
Boiler typeElectric
Induction Zone55
Cooking Zone55
Color Choices51

I’ve only mentioned the differences here, and all the other features are the same in both series which I didn’t mention here.

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Bosch Induction Range: 

Unlike Bertazzoni, Bosch has only three models in its induction ranges which are:

SeriesBenchmark800 Series (Black)800Series (Normal)
Material:Stainless steelStainless steelStainless steel
Grill ElementsFixed assembledfixed assembledfixed assembled

I found the Bertazzoni induction comes with some most elegant colors and is in a huge variety than the Bosch Induction range. 

Some top models like Bosch Integra 700 series which is a 30″ model come in the same price range as Bertazzoni 30″ Gas range and are available in a much better look than the Bosch. But in terms of functionality and performance, Bosch gains more positive reviews from its customers than the Bertazzoni induction range.

Bertazzoni Vs Bosch Gas Range

Bertazzoni gas ranges are available in 4 sizes which are 48″, 36″, 30″, and 24″. These gas ranges are available in 3 different series which are:

  1. The Professional series come in 6 different eye-catching colors and metal-coated knobs.
bertazzoni and bosch gas range comparison
Gas range comparison

2. The Master series which comes in a single color with a solid metal knob,

3. Heritage series comes in three colors with solid metal knobs.

Its Professional series will cost you much higher than its other two series.

Bosch gas ranges are available in two categories which are:

Gas Slide-In RangeGas Freestanding Range

The gas slide-In range has 3 models which are:

  1. Benchmark 
  2. 800 series (Dark)
  3. 800 Series 

It’s gas freestanding range has four premium gas ranges. These Bosch gas ranges are available in 36″ and 30″ sizes. 

If we compare Bosch gas ranges with Bertazzoni gas ranges then Bertazzoni gas ranges are no doubt beautiful, and elegant, and come in several different varieties. 

On the other hand, Bosch gas ranges are available in limited varieties having only two colors. In terms of performance and durability Bosch gas ranges are better than the Bertazzoni gas ranges.

Bosch Vs Bertazzoni Oven

If you are confused between Bosch and Bertazzoni and want to know that

Which brand has better ovens?

and not just in look but also in performance and functionalities.  

bosch and bertazzoni gas rage comparison
Oven Comparison

Let’s find out.

Bertazzoni Oven 

Bertazzoni has 2 categories in its oven segment, which are:

  1. Convection Ovens
  2. Specialty Ovens

Have a look at what you get in its convection oven segment:

Types:Single OvenDouble Oven
Sizes:30 inches24 inches
Series:Professional Master
ColorSingle(Grey) –

These ovens are best to decorate your kitchen wall. All of these ovens are available with a self-cleaning feature, and some of them have an assistant feature. 

Specialty series come in a versatile and compact size. Let’s have a look at what you get in its specialty oven segment:

Speciality Oven Varieties:MicrowaveConvection SteamSpeed OvenWarming Drawer
Size:30 inches24 inches – –
Series:ProfessionalMaster – –
Color:Grey – – –

Steam ovens are best for reheating, and sterilizing, and you can set the water hardness on them, whereas Speed ovens are best for making pizza, popcorn, defrosting, etc.

Bosch Oven

Bosch also has a huge variety in its wall oven segment. Let’s have a look at what sizes, features, and varieties it offers to its customers:

Oven TypesSingleDoubleCombinationSteam Speed
Sizes24 inches27 inches30 inches –– 
SeriesBenchmark500 800 – –
Capacity1.61.8 ––  –
ColorBlack stainless steelStainless steel – – –

I found that the steam oven is costlier than its speed oven, which has 1000 watts max microwave power. The speed oven comes with a handle opening whereas the steam oven has a dropdown opening.

Bosch Vs Bertazzoni Dishwasher

Dishwashers are important for cleaning your dishes much easier and faster and saving you time and money. Whether you’re looking for a simple dishwasher or a top-of-the-line appliance, we’ve got a solution for you.

dishwasher comparison
Dishwasher Comparison

To help you decide which one is right for your home, we’ve put together this guide comparing the Bosch VS Bertazzoni Dishwasher.

Let’s have a look at their features and varieties:

Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch dishwashers are available in three categories:

Front controlTop controlCustom panel


Bosch has 7 different series in its dishwasher segment which are:

1. Bosch Ascenta Series Vs 100 Series

These series are designed to keep in mind a budget buyer. These series come with some basic features such as:

Common Features in both:

  • Precision wash system
  • Pure dry system
  • Stainless steel with a plastic base
  • Overflow protection
  • Push button control

Apart from these common features, you will get some additional features on its 100 series such as:

  • Low noise level than its Ascenta series.
  • Rackmatic adjustable middle rack
  • 3 racks
  • Infolight

2. Bosch Dishwasher 500 Series Vs 800 series 

Some Common Features of its 500 and 800 series:

  • Precision wash system
  • Full stainless steel body
  • RackMatic Adjustable Middle Rack
  • 3rd rack (Flexible)
  • 24/7 AquaStop
  • InfoLight
  • FlexSpace Tines Lower Rack
  • EasyGlide upper rack system

Some advanced features in the 800 series which are missing in its 500 series:

  • The noise level in the 500 series is 44 dBA and in the 500 series, it is 42 dBA.
  • Aura air dry (500 series) and Crystal dry (800 series).
  • Push button control (500 series) and touch control (800 series).

3. Bosch Dishwasher 800 Series Vs Benchmark Series

Some common features of its 800 and benchmark series are:

  • Precision wash system
  • Full stainless steel body
  • RackMatic Adjustable Middle Rack
  • Myway 3rd rack (Flexible)
  • Touch control 
  • FlexSpace Tines Lower Rack

Some advanced features in the Benchmark series which are missing in its 800 series:

  • The noise level in the Benchmark series is around 38-39 dBA and in the 800 series, it is 40 dBA.
  • 24/7 AquaStop in the 800 series and 24/7 AquaStop plus in its Benchmark series.
  • InfoLight (800 Series) and Timelight (Benchmark series).
  • EasyGlide upper rack system (800 series) and Telescopic Glides on all Rack levels (Benchmark series).

Some unique features in the Bosch Benchmark dishwasher that are missing in its 800 series are:

  • Water Softener
  • Interior Light

Bertazzoni Dishwasher

Unlike Bosch, Bertazzoni doesn’t have that many varieties in its dishwasher segment. 

Let’s have a look at what we get in the Bertazzoni dishwasher product lineup:

TypeStainless steelPanel Ready –
Sizes24 inches18 inches –

Features of Bertazzoni Dishwasher:

1. Its 24 inches dishwasher of all its series can generate 48 dBA noise.

2. All of them come with 3 racks.

3. A flexible top drawer.

4. 2 LED lighting systems.

5. Triple plastic and stainless steel filter systems.

6. Food disposer.

7. 3 spray arms. 

In my research, Bosch has much better varieties as well as features, style, and durability than the Bertazzoni. 

Bosch offers a more versatile, powerful, functional, and feature-pack dishwasher to clean your kitchenware fast and with proper hygiene while Bertazzoni dishwashers are more budget-oriented with limited features and functionalities. For that price both the brands are close to each other, so there is no major difference between their prices. 

Bosch Vs Bertazzoni Refrigerator

refrigerator range comparison
Refrigerator comparison

Bosch Refrigerator

Bosch has four different categories in its Refrigerator segments which are:

Side-by-sideBottom freezerFrench doorSingle door

Some features of Bosch Refrigerator:

  • Gallon wide door bins.
  • Wifi connectivity.
  • Stainless steel back wall.
  • LED lighting.
  • Quick ICE pro system.
  • Tiered Freezer Drawers.
  • Water filter.

Bosch refrigerator is available in several color variations. Some are easily clean stainless steel, Black steel, white, etc. Whether your family is small or big you can choose your desired capacity from 8 Cu ft to 24 cu ft. 

According to your budget, you can go with any of these series with improved quality and enhanced features.

Bosch Refrigerator Series:

300500 800 Benchmark

Bertazzoni Refrigerator

There are three types of refrigerators available in Bertazzoni to choose from:

CategoriesBuilt-In-ColumnsBuilt-In-Bottom MountFreestanding
Door FinishStainless steel doorPanel Ready
TypesRefrigerator columnWine ColumnFreezer ColumnBottom MountFrench Door

In my research, I found that Bosch has more features in its refrigerators than the Bertazzoni, but Bertazzoni offers some uniquely designed refrigerators for specific purposes such as wine refrigerators, bottom mounts, etc.


In my opinion, for the price, the Bosch appliances are a lot better than the Bertazzoni. The price is more than fair for the value you get in terms of quality. If you choose a reputable company like Bosch or Miele, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value for your money.

Warranty Period

Bertazzoni offers 2 years of limited warranty on parts and labor. To claim the warranty you have to activate it through their website.

Bosch kitchen appliances come with 1 year of limited warranty on the parts and labor. Like Bertazzoni, to claim the warranty and know all the detail about the purchased product, you have to register on their website.


Both brands are great but in my opinion, Bosch products are better. Their products are reliable and they last longer than any other brand. The choice also depends on the size of your kitchen, the design you are going to choose, and your budget.

For budget buyers, both Bosch and Bertazzoni have something to serve. I found Bertazzoni’s home appliance looks much better than the Bosch but in terms of performance, durability, and features Bosch has no competition. 

The choices are very limited in Bertazzoni whereas Bosch has more choices because they manufacture everything. They make washers, dryers, dishwashers, cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, microwaves, garbage disposals, dishwashers, and more.


Q.1 Is Bertazzoni A Luxury Brand?

Ans: Yes, you can say this because Bertazzoni’s kitchen and home appliances will cost you between $2000 to $12000, but it has always been something for its budget customers. Bertazzoni is popular in Europe. It is available in many countries and also is exported to other countries as well.

Q.2 Is Bosch A Good Brand?

Ans: Yes, Bosch is one of the best in the industry. The company has been around for a long time and has a good reputation for manufacturing quality tools. Bosch has made many innovative products that have become industry standards. These include the following: refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, water purifiers, and so on.

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