Bertazzoni Range Problems: A Quick Fix Guide

Range oven makes it much easier to prepare tasty and healthy food for your family every day.

Bertazzoni is an Italian family-owned company that is known for its unique and aesthetic colors and textures of luxury kitchen accessories.

The Bertazzoni Range is the heart of your kitchen appliances. It measures the temperature of the food and determines how much cooking time it needs to be done.

The problem is, that the range can stop working and give you a false error code. You could end up wasting your time troubleshooting the range when the real issue is the oven itself.

When you have a problem with your Bertazzoni range oven, you’re probably thinking about how to fix it.

Here’s our handy guide for you on how to fix the problems you might encounter with your range oven.

1. Bertazzoni Oven Temperature Problem

Solution: One of the most common errors you can encounter with your range oven is when the temperature doesn’t go down to the desired level when you turn it off.

It’s also one of the most difficult issues to fix. The error code you get from your range oven might seem like gibberish to you, but there are several different reasons that can cause this problem.

In order to solve this problem, you need to check the oven temperature sensor and adjust the settings accordingly. If you do not solve the problem in this way, then the temperature will continue to rise and can damage your oven. So if you want to find out what your range oven temperature error code means, here’s how to fix it.

How to Fix the Range Oven Temperature Error Codes 

Usually, you will get four types of error codes with your Bertazzoni oven if it has some issue such as:

  • Temperature error code.
  • Sensor error code.
  • Error code if its doors have some issue.
  • Error code for its damaged control panel.

you need to check the following components in the oven:

Temperature error codes may be caused by malfunctioning heating elements, temperature sensors, or the control board of your oven. To solve your Bertazzoni temperature problem you have to check these components by using a multimeter.

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Oven Temperature Sensor:

You will get a temperature sensor error code on your oven display panel if there is a fault or shorted temperature sensor. The oven temperature sensor is a small component located in the front of the oven. It measures the temperature inside the oven and sends a signal to the range controller.

To identify if this component works perfectly or not you have to verify its resistance which I’ve discussed in this article later on.

The problem is, if the sensor is dirty or damaged, it will send a wrong signal to the range controller and the temperature will not go down.

The sensor should be cleaned with a soft cloth and a bit of detergent. You can also use a spray with a bit of detergent on it. Make sure you clean it thoroughly to prevent any further issues.

If you encounter a control error code there is a chance that the problem is in its control panel or its keypad. This is an electric circuit and it is better to consult an expert electrician to repair this part of your oven.

2. Bertazzoni Oven Ignition Problem

If the oven ignites but doesn’t start cooking, there may be a problem with the ignition. Check the cord, plug, or fuse. If the problem persists, the oven may need to be serviced.  

Steps to fix Bertazzoni ignition problem:

1. Unplug the power cord first before the repair. 

2. Pull out the rack.

3. Now remove the bottom panel of your range oven.

4. You may encounter some carbon deposits over here. Try to clean it by using a wire brush.

5. Also check its electrode for rust and clean it properly using a small wire brush.

6. Make sure wires are tight enough to the thermal coupler otherwise it creates a problem.

7. Along with a small wire brush use any electric cleaner spray to clean thoroughly. 

If the oven does not start, the most likely cause is a bad spark plug. Check the spark plug connections, and if they are dirty, clean them with a wire brush and a bit of engine oil.

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3. Bertazzoni Oven Clicking Problem

Most Bertazzoni owners face this issue after a couple of years of using their Bertazzoni oven the Bertazzoni starter will not stop clicking.

There are many reasons for this problem some are listed below:

1. Dirty Gas Burner: A gas burner may clog due to dust, debris, grease, and spill food particles. These are the main reasons your Bertazzoni oven makes a continuous clicking noise. 

2. Another possible reason for a continuous clicking sound may be the dust particles disturb the ignition assembly. 

A thorough cleaning might solve this common problem. Simply follow these simple steps:

  • Use a wire brush and clean the burner and stove grates. 
  • Use a mixer of water and detergent and use a toothbrush to remove the stubborn dust. 
  • Wipe with a piece of cloth around the burner and ignite to clean dry food particles. 
  • To clean the burner holes use a sharp paper pin or small tool to remove the debris particles from the burner holes. 
  • If cleaning is not possible then remove the burner and caps and grates. 

3. A fault in the ignition board system that is going to the burner, will also create this problem.

4. Dirty grouting wire:  The dirty grouting wire may be another reason for the continuous clicking of your Bertazzoni oven. 

Most people also face the issue with their Bertazzoni oven which is that the oven will run for about 30 minutes and then the starter will click.

The reason is the timer that keeps track of the cooking time has failed to register the correct cooking time. Bertazzoni Oven Clicking Repair Replacing the timer is an easy repair and costs around $25.00 Removing the door of the oven will allow you to remove the timer easily.

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4. Bertazzoni Oven Thermostat Problem

The Bertazzoni oven thermostat is an electronic device that controls the temperature of your oven. When the Bertazzoni oven thermostat senses a temperature that is too high, it will turn off the heat.

You can use the Bertazzoni oven thermostat to set a specific temperature for your oven. It can be used to make sure that your food is cooked at the right temperature.

However, you can face some issues with this device with the passing of time. If the Bertazzoni oven thermostat is malfunctioning, you may not be able to use it to control the temperature of your oven.

How Do I Know If My Bertazzoni Oven Thermostat Is Bad?

You can check a faulty thermostat of your Bertazzoni oven by using a multimeter by following these simple steps:

1. First of all make sure that you have unplugged or powered off the oven. 

2. The second step is to disconnect the wires from the thermostat sensor. 

3. Now take a multimeter to check the resistance of your oven thermostat. 

4. Plug the multimeter into the outlet and turn it on. Connect the red lead from the multimeter to the positive (+) terminal of the thermostat, and the black lead to the negative (-) terminal. Wait for 10 seconds and check the voltage reading on the multimeter.

5. If the reading is zero or near it then you have a faulty thermostat.

It means you have to replace the thermostat of your oven. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Bertazzoni Thermostat?

The Bertazzoni thermostat replacement will cost between $15 and $300. 

5. Bertazzoni Oven Won’t Turn On?

This is a common problem with ovens. The most common cause is a faulty electrical connection. If the oven has a digital readout, the most likely cause is a loose wire or a blown fuse. If the oven has a dial control, there may be a broken wire inside the oven.

Check If Bake And Broil Elements Work Properly

The other reason your Bertazzoni oven won’t turn on is might bake and boil elements burned out. 

You will find the bake and boil elements at the bottom and at the top of the oven respectively. These components glow with a bright red flare if working correctly. 

You can also check if they work properly or not by using a multimeter as mentioned earlier.

Check If Your Oven Igniter Works Properly

The last reason why your Bertazzoni oven won’t turn on is its igniter not working properly. The igniter is located at the bottom of the oven and is glowing with a bright blue or white flare. 

You can check if the igniter is working properly or not by using a multimeter. also 

Check If The Ignition Switch Works Properly.

The igniter switch is a very important part of your oven.

If the igniter switch doesn’t work properly, the oven won’t turn on.

Check The Spark Electrode

If your Bertazzoni oven won’t start then don’t worry as This is a very common problem in all home appliances. It can be easily solved by checking the spark electrode.

The ignition system on most ovens is controlled by a spark plug. The spark electrode is an ignition point inside the oven that generates the spark necessary to start the cooking process. A Bertazzoni oven won’t come on if the spark electrode isn’t inserted correctly. The spark electrode should be clean and dry, otherwise, you may be getting a poor spark.

6. Bertazzoni Oven Door Problems

The door of the oven traps the heat inside and maintains the desired temperature for perfect cooking. One common problem with oven doors is that they stick or won’t open.

This can cause food to overheat or become burnt, and can also create a hazardous environment. If the door won’t open at all, it may be necessary to understand the problem and try to fix it as soon as possible. 

Some common ways to fix a malfunctioning oven door:

Check the oven door lock:

The oven safety lock is a very important mechanism that keeps your children safe from any accident. Sometimes it creates problems and won’t engage properly. The problem might be in the oven crud. 

To solve this problem you need to wipe all the dust and debris from the latch of the oven door. 

Stuck Oven Rack:

Normally an oven rack sits inside the oven without sticking to its door, but in some cases, it jammed and won’t go inside perfectly. 

This happened when the rack is most often used to bake many food items frequently. To solve this problem you have to push the oven rack perfectly. 

Identify The Mechanical Problem:

If the oven door does not close properly, there may be a mechanical problem. A broken hinge or latch can cause the door to remain open even if the oven’s temperature has been turned on.

Damaged By Fire Or Other Accident:

If your oven door is not closed easily, it may have been warped or damaged by a fire or other accident. Check to make sure the door is straight and not cracked or broken.

Use Grease On The Stuck Door:

If the door is stuck, try using a little grease on the hinge or latch.

Change The Door Assembly:

If all the above methods don’t work for you then, it may be necessary to replace the oven’s door assembly.

Inspect The Inside Of Your Oven Thoroughly:

If the oven door won’t open, check to make sure the oven’s door is not blocked by an object or food.

Conclusion (Bertazzoni Electric Oven Problem)

If you are an owner of a Bertazzoni oven and face some above-listed problems then you don’t need to worry about them. 

I hope the above-mentioned steps will help you to save your money and precious time. If you are still facing the same problem then contact an expert to solve the problem. 

Ovens are quite complicated and not easy to understand.

First, look at your instruction sheet to see what needs to be done, and then make sure you have everything you need.

It will be more expensive to replace it later.

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