Marvin vs Kolbe Windows: Similarities & Differences

Marvin Windows is a top-rated window company in the United States. They offer great customer service and high-quality windows at a very affordable price. Kolbe Windows is a new window company that has been rapidly growing its popularity.

I know how difficult it is to choose the right window brand for your home that is not only under your budget but also will last longer

In this article, we’re going to share every single detail about these two most popular brands, what is the similarities and differences between them,  what are the pros and cons of each, and which one is cost-effective.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

We are going to compare these three popular doors and windows brands in the following parameters:

  • Brand Reputation And Origin
  • Quality And Durability
  • Variety And Materials
  • Ordering Procedure
  • Delivery And Installation Procedure
  • Warranty

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If you are in a hurry then this brief comparison table will help you to understand all the neediest information in a nutshell.

Comparison Table Of Marvin And Kolbe Windows

Marvin WindowsKolbe Windows
1. Marvin is an old and reputed brand in the field of doors and windows manufacturing.Kolbe is a new player in this market and is only 75 years old.
2. Marvin windows are highly durable and energy efficient.4. Marvin has several different varieties of textures and patterns to fulfill every need of its buyers.
3. Marvin doors and windows are costlier than the Kolbe. Kolbe offers decent quality for a budget homeowner.
Kolbe products are more environmentally friendly than the Marvin products. I found the style, texture, design, and choices are more vast in Kolbe than the Marvin.
5. Marvin needs to improve its footsteps in the direction of environment-friendly behavior in its manufacturing units.7. Marvin offers a better delivery and installation facility.
6. Marvin windows come with decent build quality which can withstand severe weather conditions. Kolbe windows have also come with the same level of impact resistivity that Marvin offers but it will cost you extra.
7. Marvin offers better delivery and installation facility. Kolbe windows are required self-installation or you have to hire an expert technician if you don’t want to do this DYI work yourself.
8. Marvin offers a limited lifetime warranty on some of its windows and doors, and it is transferable. Kolbe also offers a limited warranty on its products and it is also transferable.

Brand Reputation And Origin

What Are Marvin Windows?

It was 1904 when George G. Marvin with his friend Percy Roberts started a company with the name Roberts & Marvin Lumber Co. 

Bill Marvin the son of George G Marvin and the eight employees of this company realized that making windows created job opportunities after World War II, and this way Marvin Windows and Doors came into existence. 

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The company was created with the motive of providing high-quality windows to its customers. It has been one of the most trusted names in the industry for over a century. Its products are known for their outstanding quality and durability. The name “Marvin” is derived from the name of the founder’s grandfather, William Marvin.

Marvin Windows is a national chain of independent distributors that offers high-quality windows for home and commercial buildings. They have been around for over 100 years, and their windows are made in the USA. They offer great customer service and a wide variety of styles, designs, and features for their customers.

What are Kolbe Windows?

Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork was founded in 1946 by Herb and Ervin Kolbe as a window repair workshop from the family dairy farm near Marathon.  

They expanded their business gradually and appointed their brother as the first employee of this company. Between 1972 and 75 they introduced wood double hung, sliders, casement, and awning as their first product line. 

In 2021 the company celebrated its 75 successful years of business with a strong commitment to quality and excellence in manufacturing. 

Today, Kolbe & Kolbe is one of the most respected and recognized manufacturers in the industry, renowned for its commitment to quality and excellent craftsmanship. 

Variety And Material

Let’s understand which brand offers a huge variety of styles and different material choices to its customers.

Marvin Windows Line-Up

Marvin has 10 different types of windows to meet every expectation of a homeowner such as…

Bay and BowPicture Speciality Shapes
CasementSingle Hung
Double HungSliding

You can choose these different types of windows in different textures and designs such as Marvin Signature, Coastline, and Modern. Ultimate, Marvin Elevate, and Essential.

Marvin Signature is one of the most famous categories of their windows segment where you will get, an optimum finish with a modern touch and a high level of architectural craftsmanship.

If you love to see the woody texture on your windows then their Ultimate Windows collection is for you. Their modern windows come with a combination of fiberglass and Aluminum.

Marvin Skylight Windows

Marvin skylight windows are a special type of interior windows that open from all sides for better air circulation. It has a hidden perimeter screen that keeps insects and dust outside.

The window comes with dimmable LED lights. You can set its intensity at 2200k to feel the sunrise and sunset effect and 5500k makes you feel like having the sun at the top of your head.

Kolbe Windows Lineup

The Kolbe Windows is a series of double-hung windows manufactured by Kolbe Industries, Inc. and marketed under various trademarks. The company was founded in 1948 by William A. Kolbe and his brothers, Henry Kolbe, Robert Kolbe, and John Kolbe. The company initially sold its windows as a replacement for traditional wooden window frames but later developed a range of custom windows and doors. It is best known for its double-hung windows.

Kolbe also has a wide range of windows to meet every homeowner’s needs such as:

Casement Windows:

  • Crank out
  • Push out
  • Inswing

Awning Windows:

  • Crank out
  • Push out

Double Hung Windows:

  • Sterling
  • Traditional
  • Old world classic
  • Replacement

Sliding Windows:

  • Single 
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Quad

Specialty Windows:

  • Corner
  • Direct sets
  • Folding
  • Radius
  • Geometrics
  • Tilt-Turns
  • Hoppers

The Kolbe’s were inspired to build windows that could withstand the elements, particularly the Pacific Northwest weather.

In terms of product varieties, Kolbe has extensive collections of different windows than the Marvin. Kolbe Windows are available as pre-hung or custom-hung. Custom-hung windows offer a wide variety of options, such as single-hung, double-hung, and casement windows.

Marvin Vs Kolbe Window Material

Variety and material
Variety and material

What Materials Does Marvin Use In Its Manufacturing Unit?

Marvin Windows and doors are made of wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl, and fiberglass.

Marvin uses the highest quality wood available for their windows. These three types of wood are very popular, which are: Pine, Douglas Fir, and Honduran Mahogany. 

Pine – Pine is an excellent choice for doors and windows. This type of wood is inexpensive and not a good option for flooring because it can get splinters and dents easily.

Oak – It is a common and popular choice for flooring. Oak is a very heavy wood that takes time to dry out so it is better suited for outdoor areas.

Douglas Fir – If you are willing to get more different looks and textures to your doors and windows then Douglas Fir comes with more vertical grain. This is slightly better than the Oak in terms of durability. it is hardwood with a rich color, a soft feel, and a durable texture. 

Honduran Mahogany – This is a very strong, long-lasting wood that has a rich brown color but is also a little expensive.  

Some of Marvin’s windows are made of Vinyl. They can be very hard to find, but some are available on the market that can be a good substitute for wood.

What Type Of Material Used By Kolbe In Their Windows?

Kolbe uses a variety of materials in its manufacturing unit. Some of the materials include Aluminum, Wood, and Fiberglass. Kolbe uses a wide variety of wood species in their manufacturing unit, some of them are Pine, Maple, Spanish Cedar, Oak, Walnut, etc.

Marvin Vs Kolbe: Quality & Durability

Marvin and Kolbe both brands use highly durable materials for their doors and windows. Some best quality materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, wood, and Aluminum, are common in both brands. 

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But the differences between them are quite obvious. Marvin is slightly better than the Kolbe in terms of durability and overall performance of their windows. 

Which Brand Is More Energy Efficient Between Marvin And Kolbe?

Every household wants the doors and windows of his house should be energy efficient. If you are willing to install the windows of any of these two brands then you have to know which offers better energy efficiency between Marvin and Kolbe. 

I found Marvin is more energy efficient than the Kolbe, because of its exceptional durability. Marvin has expertise in their craftsmanship that keeps drafts out, and seals better to minimize your bill in energy loss.

Kolbe also offers some of the most energy-efficient windows in this segment, and some of their double-pane glass windows use less energy than other types of glass, though Marvin strongly stands out in this segment. 

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Which Brand Is More Environment Conscious Between Kolbe And Marvin? 

People want their doors and windows to have a less negative impact on the environment since they don’t want to hurt the surrounding nature.

Kolbe is better than Marvin because they care about the environment. The windows and doors are made from recycled materials. Most energy-efficient technologies are used to reduce the amount of energy needed to create a window or door. It uses water-based paints and uses the best insulation. It is a brand that uses wood from recycled forests.

Marvin has to take the necessary steps to reduce the negative impact on the environment so that we can inhale in a healthy atmosphere. 

Ordering Procedure

Where And How You Can Order Marvin Doors And Windows?

Marvin doors and windows are only available in their local stores, you can find the authorized local dealer to consult and book your doors and windows. 

Other popular online platforms like Lowes and Homedepot have not listed them. 

Where And How You Can Order Kolbe Doors Ad Windows?

Kolbe is also a brand whose products are only available in their authorized local stores. You can book an appointment with their expert designers on their site by filling out a simple Contact Us form. 

Delivery And Installation Procedure

Delivery and installation procedure
Delivery and installation procedure

Marvin Doors And Windows Delivery And Installation Procedure

1. Contact their customer support team to schedule an appointment with their professional team.

2. Their team will provide a full estimate and a price list, and arrange a convenient delivery time.

3. They will provide an in-home inspection to verify and approve your order.

4. Once approved, their expert will call you to schedule a day and time for delivery.

5. On the day of delivery, a representative from Marvin will arrive at your home at the appointed time and take away your old doors and windows.

6. A representative from Marvin will then deliver your new doors and windows.

7. Installation will begin the next business day. Please allow approximately 3 days for installation.

8. Installation will be completed when we’re done!

Kolbe Doors And Windows Delivery And Installation Procedure

After the delivery of Kolbe doors and windows, you can either install the doors and windows on your own or you can hire an expert technician for that.

There are lots of installation video demos available on their website. 


Marvin Windows warranty: 

Marvin windows come with a limited warranty to the original consumer and it is transferable. Some of its products come with a limited lifetime warranty and others are with a limited warranty. The warranty covers both structural and mechanical defects in the materials or workmanship. 

Any defect could be repaired, replaced, or provide a full refund during the warranty period. 

Kolbe Windows And Doors Warranty:

Kolbe windows and doors are backed by a limited warranty. The warranty begins the day you install your window or door, and extends for 10 years. Kolbe doors and windows warranty is transferable. 

Which Brand Is Cost Effective?

Which brand is cost-effective Marvin and Kolbe?

Kolbe windows will cost you much cheaper than the Marvin. You will get decent quality which is close to some high-end brands like Marvin. 

Go with Kolbe if you want style and quality without compromising your budget. 

But Marvin windows are highly durable and energy-efficient, They offer headache-free ordering, delivery, and complete installation service which is better than the Kolbe. 

Marvin Or Kolbe Windows: Pros & Cons

Pros Of Marvin Windows:

  • Highly durable.
  • Highly energy efficient.
  • Comes with better impact resistivity.
  • Its fiberglass windows are more durable and long-lasting than the Vinyl-based windows of other brands.

Cons Of Marvin Windows:

  • Costly.
  • You will get very limited styles and varieties in its window segment than the Kolbe.
  • Marvin needs to improve its environmentally friendly behavior.

Pros Of Kolbe Windows:

  • Best choice for budget buyers without compromising the quality.
  • It has a huge collection of different styles and textures than what Marvin offers.
  • Kolbe windows are highly environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Cons Of Kolbe Windows:

  • The impact resistivity of some of its standard products requires additional costs.
  • Not as durable as Marvin windows.
  • Doesn’t offer as long-lasting performance as Marvin offers.

Kolbe Vs. Marvin Windows: Which One Is Best?

After reading all the above in-depth details about Marvin and Kolbe, I hope you are now in a situation where you can make your final decision cleverly. 

If you are confused then let me allow to clear the rest of your doubts in this section.

Marvin offers one of the most durable windows available in the market, while Kolbe windows are highly energy efficient. 

Kolbe offers more style and variety in their windows segment than the Marvin. Kolbe windows are the best suited for budget homeowners because they deliver the best quality at a much lower cost than some other brands like Marvin. 

Kolbe windows are highly environment friendly and their effort to make our planet healthy is truly admirable. 

Marvin windows offer better impact resistivity and a durable and long-lasting performance than the Kolbe. 

I hope this overall discussion is more than enough to make the final decision. 

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