What Is The Cheapest Way To Side A Garage: Easy

If you want to make your garage looks better by using some less expensive sidings then you are in the right place. Garage siding enhances the overall look of your home and also has so many benefits of doing this such as…

  • It keeps the coolness inside your garage against the scorching sun.
  • Your home looks better with a siding garage.
  • Siding supports the structure of your garage and protects it from external forces.

There are a bunch of materials available in the market for siding your garage but most of them are expensive and others will cost you between $1000 to $10,000 for siding a 20 by 20-foot garage. The cost goes down for an attached garage up to 25%.

Don’t worry I’m here with some cheapest and most inexpensive siding materials such as vinyl, wood, aluminum, etc. Let’s discuss them in detail because there are lots of benefits to them.

But wait,

If you are in hurry this brief table will help you to identify the inexpensive and cost-effective siding material for your garage in a nutshell.

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Cheapest Garage Siding Options And Prices

Homeowners are normally willing to pay for siding their 20 x 20 square foot garage between $1,000 to $10,000.

MaterialCost per Square FootAvg installation Cost (1500 x 2500 square feet)Popularity
Vinyl$3-$12$6,150- $15,90020% of Homeowners like this. (cheapest)
Engineering Wood$4-$9$5,400-$13,0006% of Homeowners want to install it.
Aluminum$2-$5$10,000-$19,00014% of Homeowners like this.
Stucco$5-$6$18,000-$7,00010% of Homeowners like this.
Steel$4-$8$4,000-$14,00013% of homeowners like this.
Fiber Cement$5-$13$6,000-$20,0005% of homeowners like this.
Brick$9-$28$8,900-$25,00032% of homeowners like this.

7 Cheapest Garage Siding Ideas

1. Vinyl Siding (Cheapest Siding Material)

If you have a question in your mind…

What is the cheapest siding for a garage?

If you seek the cheapest siding material for your garage then Vinyl is for you. This is the cheapest way to side a garage.

Benefits of using Vinyl siding in your garage

  • Cheapest among the other siding material.
  • Easy to install, even you can install it yourself and save the labor cost.
  • Comes in several elegant colors and textures.
  • Vinyl siding is durable and requires low maintenance.
  • It can withstand climate changes and temperature.
  • Vinyl siding prevents any water damage in your garage due to its water repellent property.

Disadvantages Of Using Vinyl Siding In Your Garage

  • It gets dented very easily by bad climate conditions.
  • It is really very hard to change the individual panel.
  • Its color faded out with time.
  • Cold weather is an enemy for it and might be cracked under its influences.

Vinyl is a durable inexpensive siding material that makes it perfect for exterior garage walls. You can install it just over the existing material of your garage. It can clean by power wash once a year. It gets some minor scratches and gouges over time which are hardly visible over its surface.

Cost of Applying Vinyl Siding In Garage

Material TypeCost Per Square FootAverage Cost Of Installation
Vinyl Siding$2- $7$6,150-$15,900

The installation cost is for a garage size of 1500 to 2500 square feet.

2. Engineering Wood

I’ve listed wood in the second position in this list. This is the second cheapest siding material after the Vinyl. It has some good features and some bad.

Among the other wood species, engineering wood is one of the most affordable options for garage siding. Engineering wood looks like real wood but it is far better than the traditional wood in terms of durability, and weight, also it is environmentally friendly and economical.

Benefits Of Using Engineering wood Over The Traditional Wood For Garage Siding

  • Engineering wood is customizable and comes with tons of finishing options.
  • This is a more durable and strong siding material than the normal wood.
  • Most economic siding option for your garage.
  • It has decent resistance against Pests, Cracking, and Warping.

Downside Of Using The Engineering Wood As A Siding Material For Garage

  • It can grab some moisture in a humid environment.
  • It causes problems if doesn’t install properly.

Cost Of Applying Engineering Wood Siding In Garage

Material TypeCost Per Square FootAverage Cost Of Installation
Engineering Wood Siding$4- $9$5,400-$13,000

For the garage size of 1500 to 2500 square feet.

3. Aluminum

If you live in a place where it is very hot or cold then Aluminum siding is the best option for your garage due to its following advantages…

Benefits Of Using Aluminum Siding In Your Garage

  • Siding with Aluminum in your garage is going to be easy because it is lightweight.
  • Aluminum has better insulation which can save your hard-earned money on heating and cooling costs.
  • Aluminum is waterproof and is a good siding material if you live in a coastal area.
  • Easy to paint, Fireproof, Rustproof, and Pest resistance metal siding material.
  • Recyclable.

Downside Of Aluminum Siding On Your Garage

  • The chances of getting dent and scratches on Aluminum siding is high as compared to other siding materials.
  • It makes some annoying sounds when exposed to high winds, and storms.
  • Its color faded out over time.

Cost Of Applying Aluminum Siding In Your Garage

Material TypeCost Per Square FootAverage Cost Of Installation
Aluminum Siding$2- $5$10,000-$19,000

The installation cost is for a garage size of 1500 to 2500 square feet.

4. Stucco

The fourth inexpensive garage siding material on this list is Stucco. Stucco is very famous and one of the classic choices for a budget homebuyer. Stucco gives an elegant look to your garage and it is very easy to install.

Once proper installation, if it is properly maintained, it will last for more than 100 years.

Benefits Of Using Stucco Siding In Your Garage

  • This is a durable and effective siding material in most climates for your garage.
  • Available in tons of different colors and textures.
  • You can decorate your garage exterior as per your wish.
  • This is a soundproof material that minimizes the outside noises.
  • The Maintainance cost is very low.
  • Fireproof, Insect, and Pests resistance material.
  • It has good insulation properties which maintain a comfortable temperature inside your garage.

Downside Of Stucco Siding In Your Garage

  • It cracks due to the expansion and contraction of the material with the temperature changes.
  • Stucco can be painted but it grabs moisture through this process and painting it is not advisable.

Cost Of Applying Stucco Siding In Your Garage

Material TypeCost Per Square FootAverage Cost Of Installation
Stucco Siding$5- $6$1,800-$7,000

The installation cost is for a garage size of 1500 to 2500 square feet.

5. Steel

Steel or Steel Log Siding is a newly developed siding material. If you want a Durable, Rustproof, Sustainable, and Low-maintenance siding material for your garage that can withstand all weather conditions then Steel log is for you.

The installation process of steel log is almost the same as that of vinyl siding but it is better than the vinyl siding in terms of its looks and durability.

Benefits Of Using Steel Log Siding In Your Garage

  • This is a highly durable siding material for your garage.
  • Steel has amazing resistivity against Fire, Pests, Insects, Mold, Bacteria, etc.
  • You won’t face problems like fading out the surface texture, crack, wrapping, etc as you will face in the rest of the materials.
  • It can withstand severe weather conditions such as storms, heavy snow, and rain.
  • Steel log siding can last for 30 years guaranteed.
  • It doesn’t require regular pressure washing, just use a regular garden hose pipe to clean it every now and then.

Downside Of Steel Log Siding In Your Garage

  • The main con of using the steel log in your garage is its cost. It will cost you a little bit higher than the cost of vinyl siding.

Cost Of Applying Steel Siding In Your Garage

Although it will cost you a little bit higher than the vinyl siding, it is a cost-effective garage siding solution for the long run due to its low maintenance, durability, and long-lasting performance.

Material TypeCost Per Square FootAverage Cost Of Installation
Steel Log Siding$4- $8$4,000-$14,000

The installation cost is for a garage size of 1500 to 2500 square feet.

6. Fiber Cement

Whether you want a contemporary smooth finish or rough woody texture to your garage, Fiber cement makes your wish complete. Unlike wood, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Benefits Of Using Fiber Cement Siding In Your Garage

  • Fiber cement is a highly durable material for your garage. It can resist Wrapping, Rots, and Cracks very well those are the most common enemies of garage siding.
  • Fiber cement siding is not considered a recyclable material in its finished form, but it doesn’t release any toxic byproducts on the land.
  • Fiber cement siding offers 50 years of service without back coating and around 75 years with back coating.
  • Unlike wood and PVC siding Fiber Cement is heat and fireproof.

Downside Of Fiber Cement Siding In Your Garage

  • The installation cost is much higher than the Aluminum and vinyl-based siding.

Cost Of Applying Fiber Cement Siding In Your Garage

Material TypeCost Per Square FootAverage Cost Of Installation
Fiber Cement Siding$5- $13$6,000-$20,000

The installation cost is for a garage size of 1500 to 2500 square feet.

7. Brick

Brick siding is an ideal choice for a vintage-style house. Brick gives a classic and timeless appearance to your garage. The majority of homeowners rank brick as the number one choice for garage and home siding.

Advantages Of Having Brick Siding In Your Home And Garage

  • Brick requires low maintenance and unlike vinyl and fiber cement siding materials, its color doesn’t fade because its color is permanent on its entire surface which is the result of the baking process.
  • Unlike other siding materials brick has strong resistance to rot, and mold. It is peel and dent-free. It can withstand severe weather conditions.
  • Brick acts like a natural insulator and can save you money on energy loss.

Disadvantages Of Using Brick Siding In Your Garage

  • You have very limited choices in color, texture, and patterns such as red, dark red, and creamy color.
  • To ensure a long-lasting performance you need to hire a professional for perfect installation.

Cost Of Applying Brick Siding On Your Garage

Material TypeCost Per Square FootAverage Cost Of Installation
Brick Siding$9 – $28$8,900-$25,000

The installation cost is for a garage size of 1500 to 2500 square feet.

Cheapest Siding Ideas For Garage (FAQ)

1. What Can I Use For Cheap Siding On My Garage?

Ans: For cheap siding, you have several options and among them, I found Vinyl siding is one of the most cost-effective siding materials on the market and this estimate is calculated to consider the cost of the material and installation together.
The average cost of the installation of vinyl siding in your garage is between $3 to $12 per square foot.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Put New Siding On A Garage?

Ans: It will cost you between $1000 to $30,000 + based on the size of your garage and what material you are willing to install in your garage siding. In my research Vinyl is one of the cheapest siding materials in the market for your garage siding.

3. What Is The Easiest Type Of Siding To Install?

Ans: Vinyl is the easiest type of siding material that can be installed yourself in very less time. Vinyl can be cut down to desire sizes easily and can be put over the garage surface quickly.

4. Is Stucco Cheaper Than Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is a cheaper siding material for garage exterior wall installation. It can be cut easily and can easily take its space over the surface of the garage.
You don’t need to hire an expert for installation. You with the help of your friend can do the whole installation without any technical expertise.

Conclusion: What Are The Cheapest Ways To Side A Garage?

A garage is an important part of your home. It is not just a place for your car, because this is a place of innovation for your kids and the best place for fun for elders.

Even some leading companies started with a garage. So keeping it neat and clean and looking better is important.

Here, in this article, I’ve shared some inexpensive, cheap siding ideas for your garage that will save your hard earn money without compromising the look of your garage.

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