S110v vs S30v: Differences & Similarities

Looking for the right steel blade for your tool must observe the type of steel. There are plenty of steel types are introduced from the beginning, and it becomes really a difficult task to observe the differences and similarities of them.

Earlier we also compared S110v with Maxamet and S30v and S90v. Check out these in-depth comparisons, if you are interested.

Today I’m going to discuss what are the differences and similarities between S110v and S30v Steel variants and which one is the right steel variant for you?

For your kind information let me introduce you to how we are comparing S110v with S90v…

  • What are they?
  • Their chemical composition and differences.
  • Specifications
  • Similarities
  • Differences
  • Which Steel type is best in which condition?
  • Which one is best suited for you?

S110v Vs. S30v: In-Depth Analysis

What is S110v Steel?

S110v is a high alloy martensitic stainless steel that is made by the process called CPM. The word CPM stands for the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process. This is also known as CPM S110v.

Does S110v Steel Good For Knife?

S110v is also developed by Crucible Industry and is a powder metallurgy tool steel. S110v was developed for plastic injection applications that require high wear and corrosion resistance steel.

The S110v steel was patented in 2006 by its inventors Alojz, Andrzej, and Maria Sawford. This is a premium tier tool steel and today widely used in making industrial knives, food tools, slitters, screws, etc.

For Quick Understanding Have A Look At Their Performance Chart

s30v and s110v performance chart

S110v has two versions. One is patent and the other is final.

S110v (Patent Version) Chemical Composition


S110v patent version has 2.8% of carbon which is 1.35% high when compared to S30v. Carbon made steel hard and also enhances the wear/corrosion resistivity of a steel blade but it can reduce the strength of the steel when added to a large quality.

The percentage of Chromium is almost the same in both the steel type which is 14% and the percentage of Vanadium is  5% more in S110v than the S30v. Vanadium and Chromium are responsible to get high wear and corrosion resistance in the steel but, balancing their used quantity is challenging to achieve desired wear and corrosion resistance property.

One of the major changes you will see in S110v is the addition of Niobium which is missing on S90v.

Have a look at the Chemical Composition Of The Final Version Of S110v


The final version of S110v was launched in 2010 with some changes in the chemical composition of its earlier version. S110v is an upgraded version of steel in terms of corrosion and wear resistance. The new version was introduced to fix the issue with gas atomization, forging, and annealing of the steel.

The structure of the carbide is finer in S110v than in the S90v which is impressive and provides the toughness of the steel. Cobalt is a very useful substance that helps to austenite the steel at a high temperature which is missing in S90v.

Advantages Of Using S110v In Knife Making

  • Better Edge Retention.
  • Better wear and corrosion resistance.

Applications Of S110v

  • S110v is very popular to produce compounding machine components such as barrels, barrel lines, screws, etc.
  • For manufacturing commercial knives, slitters, and circular cutters.
  • In Food and chemical industries for food packing and rolling components.

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What Is S30v Steel?

S30v steel also known as CPM S30v is high-end steel. This is a powder-made martensitic (harden) steel developed with the collaboration of the two most famous knife makers Dick Barber and Chris Reeve in 2001.

Does S30v Steel Good For Knife?

S30v is made of Martensitic steel which is highly worn and corrosion-resistant. It has a high percentage of carbon, and a defined ratio of Molybdenum, and Vanadium. Steel is used to manufacture pocket knives and is also a very popular material to manufacture kitchen cutlery.

This is a very popular and reputed steel type for making the blade of steel knives even though it covers most of the steel-based tools market in America.

CPM S30v Or S30v Chemical Composition

S30v is made of a combination of different components, one of them is Corbon. Carbon is known to improve the hardness of steel and it also makes steel wear and corrosion resistance. But it will reduce the strength of the steel if added in excess quantity. The carbon percentage in CPM S30v steel is 1.45%.

Nobody wants that the knife he is using loses its edge retention again and again and needs frequent sharpening. A chemical substance namely Chromium improves the strength and edge retention property of the steel and is also known for improving the wear and tear resistivity of the knife. The Chromium percentage in S30v is 14%.

The Main Chemical Components In S30v


Other chemical substances which are used to improve the strength of the steel and are used in S30v: Nitrogen 0.2%, Silicon 0.5%, and Phosphorus 0.3%.

To improve the machinability of the steel some other chemicals are used. Here I’ve mentioned the percentage of these chemical components in S30v which are Molybdenum 2%, and Sulfer 0.3%.

To improve the hardness and bitterness Manganese 0.5%, Vanadium 4%, and Tungsten 0.4% are mixed in the S30v.

Advantages Of Using S30v Steel In Knife Making

  • Highly corrosion and wear resistance.
  • The knives made with S30v are equal to or sometimes tougher than the 440C and D2.
  • Doesn’t need frequent sharpening.
  • The S30v knives come with excellent edge retention property.

Applications Of S30v

  • S30v is premium-grade knife steel.
  • Steel is widely used in the plastic industry for plastic injection.
  • For making extrusion feed screw and dies.

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S110v and S30v: Properties

Hardness Test

According to the Rockwell test results, the hardness of S110v goes max of 63.5 HRC, The score is a little bit higher than the S30v, which hardness is between 58 and 61 HRC.

The Rockwell hardness score stated that the S110v is slightly better in hardness than the S30v.

Toughness Test

S30v is tough steel and perform better than the S110v in some hard situations such as hiking, survival test, camping, etc.

Wear & Corrosion Resistance Test

No doubt S110v is a clear winner in the wear and corrosion resistance capability that the S30v steel. This is because S110v has a high carbide which is non-chromium and the addition of Niobium (Wear resistance Carbide) is also a plus point for S110v which is missing in S30v.

Edge Retention and Ease Of Sharpening Test

S110v is tough steel and can hold its edge for a longer period of time and doesn’t need frequent sharpening, but it is hard to sharpen S110v and takes lots of time for this.

Whereas S30v is soft carbide steel and is much easier to sharpen. This is good steel if you like to sharpen the steel yourself, but its edge retention capability is less as compared to S110v.

Chemical Composition Comparison


Does S30v And S110v Steel Rust?

Every stainless steel will rust if it is not taken care of properly. S30v and S110 both have at least 14% of chromium which provides great corrosion resistivity to them.

S110v is more stainless steel than the S30v due to the presence of 1.25% more chromium substance.

Note: If you want to use your knife for a longer time without rusting then after using it just wipe with a dry cloth will extend its life and prevent any rusting.

Differences Between S30v And S110v

  • S110v has some improvement over the S30v steel.
  • S110v has Niobium and Cobalt which make it better in wear and corrosion resistance than the S30v.
  • The toughness of the S30v is better than the S110v.
  • S30v is good for outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, etc.
  • S110v is good for kitchen uses because it is hard to sharpen.

Conclusion: Which Steel Blade Is Right For You Between S30v And S110v?

Both the steel are better in different circumstances such as S30v is much easier to sharpen. If you have to sharpen the knife on your own then must go with S30v. S30v is much easier to sharpen than the S110v.

On the other hand, S110v has better edge retention than the S30v and doesn’t require frequent sharpening. The toughness of the S30v is better than the S110v.

The S110v steel is more wear and corrosion resistance than the S30v.

So the conclusion is both the steels are best. Choose according to your preferences.

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