S90v Vs S110v: Similarities & Differences

Crucible “S” series steel blades are very popular but also confused buyers that which one offers better edge retention, toughness, wear, and corrosion resistance.

Earlier we compared S110v with Maxamet, and S30v. Check out them also.

Today I’m going to compare S90v with S110v. If you are confused between them then look no further as here, I’m going to discuss every single detail with similarities and differences so that you can choose the right steel brand for your knife blade.

Let’s have a look at what I’m going to discuss in this article…

  • What are they?
  • Their chemical composition and differences.
  • Specifications
  • Similarities
  • Differences
  • Which Steel type is best in which condition?
  • Which one is best suited for you?

So further ado…

Let me walk you through this in-depth analysis.

S90v Vs S110: Which Steel Is Best?

Does S90v Stainless Steel Good For Knife?

S90v or CPM S90v was initially known as CPM-440 and was released in 1995. S90v is made using the Particle Metallurgy process. Initially, it was designed as tool steel and named CPM-440 and was patented in 1996.

S90v is an expensive version of steel that is used to design some high-end knives. 14% Chromium listed S90v in the category of stainless steel. This is a kind of steel that keeps its edges sharp for a longer period of time and doesn’t require frequent sharpening.

The S90v varient of steel is popular for making bearing, slitters, cutlery, outdoor hiking, etc.

CPM S90v or S90v Chemical Composition

S90v has some huge changes in its chemical composition if we compare it with S110v. S90v has 2.3% Carbon which is approx 21.5% lower than the S110v which has  2.8% of Carbon.

Carbon makes steel hard and also enhances the ability to bear any wear/tear. 14% Chromium is ideal in both the steel type. There is a huge effect of Chromium in steel processing as it enhances the tensile strength, toughness, hardness, and edge retention property.

The Main Chemical Components Of S90v


Vanadium also plays a very important role to make steel tough, wear resistance, and improve its strength. The percentage of Vanadium is 9% in S90v which is the same as we’ve seen in the S110v.

1% Molybdenum and 0.03% sulfur enhances the machinability, and strength of the steel. Other substances which are added to improve the toughness, strength, and hardness of the S90v steel are 0.5% Silicon and Manganese, 0.40% Tungsten, and 0.03% of Phosphorus.

Advantages Of Using S90v Steel on Manufacturing A Knife

  • S90v is a tough steel blade.
  • The knife made with S90v remains sharp for a longer period of time.
  • This is very hard and durable steel because of the 9% of Vanadium.

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Does S110v Steel Is Good For Knife?

S110v is also developed by Crucible Industry and is a powder metallurgy tool steel. S110v was developed for plastic injection applications that require high wear and corrosion resistance steel.

The S110v steel was patented in 2006 by its inventors Alojz, Andrzej, and Maria Sawford. This is a premium tier tool steel and today widely used in making industrial knives, food tools, slitters, screws, etc.

S110v has two versions. One is patent and the other is final.

S110v (Patent Version) Chemical Composition


S110v patent version has 2.8% of carbon which is 0.5 high when compared to S90v. Carbon made steel hard and also enhances the wear/corrosion resistivity of a steel blade but it can reduce the strength of the steel when added to a large quality.

The percentage of Chromium and Vanadium is almost the same in both the steel type which is 14% and 9% subsequently. Vanadium and Chromium are responsible to get high wear and corrosion resistance in the steel but, balancing their used quantity is challenging to achieve desired wear and corrosion resistance property.

One of the major changes you will see in S110v is the addition of Niobium which is missing on S90v.

Have a look at the Chemical Composition Of The Final Version Of S110v


The final version of S110v was launched in 2010 with some changes in the chemical composition of its earlier version. S110v is an upgraded version of steel in terms of corrosion and wear resistance. The new version was introduced to fix the issue with gas atomization, forging, and annealing of the steel.

The structure of the carbide is finer in S110v than in the S90v which is impressive and provides the toughness of the steel. Cobalt is a very useful substance that helps to austenite the steel at a high temperature which is missing in S90v.

Advantages Of Using S110v In Knife Making

  • Better Edge Retention.
  • Better wear and corrosion resistance.

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S110v Vs. S90v: Specifications

Hardness Comparison

To measure the hardness of both the steel types we consider the test results of the Rockwell Scale. According to the Rockwell test, the hardness of S90v is between 57 and 59 HRC, and it goes max up to 63.5 HRC for the S110v varient.

Although both the steel come with a high level of hardness.

Toughness Comparison

Many heat treatment tests stated that the S90v has greater toughness than the S110v due to the lower carbide content in S90v than the S110v.

Wear & Corrosion Resistance Comparison

Due to the modification of Molybdenum and Niobium, there is a significant upgrade in the wear and corrosion resistance of S110v over the S90v.

Edge Retention And Sharpening Comparison

The S110v comes with decent Edge retention but surprisingly underperforms when compared to the S90v. This totally surprised me and I think this is due to the smaller size of carbide in S110v than the S90v.

Both the steel blades are easier to sharpen and take almost the same time in sharpening.

Chemical Composition Comparison


Does S90v And S110v Steel Rust?

Every stainless steel will rust if it is not taken care of properly. S110v and S90v both have 14% of chromium which provides great corrosion resistivity to them.

Note: If you want to use your knife for a longer time without rusting then after using it just wipe with a dry cloth will extend its life and prevent any rusting.

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Conclusion: Which One Is Best Between S90v And S110v?

S110v steel comes with some improvements. If you want the answer to the question…

Which Steel Is Best Between S90v And S110v?

The answer is definitely S110v. But I loved both S90v and S110v for high edge retention and corrosion resistance. Both the steel are tough and are good as kitchen tools, hiking, and survival knife.

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