Reliabilt Windows Vs Pella: Choose Wisely

Having a beautiful home is like a dream come true, and windows are so special for the home and add extra flavor to aesthetic looks from the outside. If you are looking for some brilliantly designed windows having powerful performance then there are several options available in the market.

People are often confused between the two most popular brands namely Reliabilt and Pella. Here, in this article, I’m going to share every single detail about these two brands so that you can choose the right window brand for your home.

I’m going to compare them side by side in the following parameters so that you can differentiate them in a better manner. I’ll assure you by going through this article you’ll not need to wander anywhere else.

  • Brand Reputation
  • Different patterns, designs, and colors options
  • Quality of Material
  • Pros & Cons
  • Warranty

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Let’s break it down…

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If you are in hurry and don’t have much time to go through the whole article then this brief comparison table will help you to understand these two world-famous windows and door manufacturing brands in the nutshell.

Reliabilt Windows Vs. Pella Comparison Table

Reliabilt WindowsPella Windows
1. Reliabilt has a very limited collection of different windows to offer its customers.Pella has a wide range of different windows to offer its customers.
2. Reliabilt single hung windows are very popular.Pella’s new construction windows come with a huge variety and are very popular.
3. The price of Reliabilt windows goes from $25 to $400. The price of Pella windows goes from $50 to $2000.
4. Reliabit offers a limited lifetime warranty on its windows.Pella also offers a limited lifetime warranty on its windows.
5. Reliabilt windows are economic and budget-friendly. Pella also offers a wide collection of different windows, in different price ranges.

Pella Windows Vs. Reliabilt Windows: Detailed Comparison

Here, in this section, I’ve mentioned some pros and cons of these two windows brands so that you can differentiate them better.

Brand Reputation

New brands and old reputed brands have always been competing. New brands try to offer better features in a very competitive price range on the other hand old and reputed brands are known for their best services.

Is Reliabilt A Trusted Brand?

Reliabilt doors & windows are listed as a brand in Lowes and they outsource these doors and windows from a very reputed brand named Atrium.

The history of the Atrium is almost 71 years old. It was established in 1948 and is a very reputable doors and windows manufacturer, in this field.

Lowes outsources their doors and windows and rebrands them with the name Reliabilt.

Is Pella A Trusted Brand?

Since the establishment of the brand Pella, It has patented more than 150 products and designs. I think this brief introduction is enough to understand how innovative and futuristic thinking of their staff who work together to make our life much easier.

Pella came into existence in 1925Pella is known for its innovation and research in the field of manufacturing new concepts and designs to manufacture doors and windows.

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Reliabilt Windows Vs. Pella: Different Variety, patterns & Design

Let’s have a look at which brand has a huge variety of different textures, patterns, and designs in their windows segment.

Reliabilt Windows

Reliabilt offers replacement and new construction options for choosing windows. It has these product lineups in its replacement window segment:

  1. Series 3900
  2. Series 3500
  3. Series 3201
  4. series 3100
  5. Series 3050

Bay & Bow windows, garden windows custom shaped windows, and more. For new construction, the choices change a little bit such as:

  1. Series 450
  2. Series 150
  3. Series 130
  4. Series 105

Custom shape windows and many more.

These windows are manufactured using these materials:


Vinyl is a budget-friendly and durable option for a budget buyer. Aluminum is a strong material that is highly durable and requires low maintenance than the other material types.

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Pella Windows

Pella has 10 different types of windows for every corner of your home. Let’s explore them…

CasementBay & Bow
SpecialtyStock inventory

All the types except custom are different from Marvin’s windows. Marvin has 2 more varieties in its window segment which are Custom and Storefront.

Pella windows are available in 3 different Materials with different architectural finishes such as…

Pella ReservePella Impervia (Most Popular)Pella 250 Series
Architect SeriesEncompass
Lifestyle seriesHurrycane Shield Series
Defender Series

Casement windows are best for hard-to-reach areas like over the kitchen sink, bathtub, etc. Casement windows can be opened using a single hand and are swung outside either left or right.

You can also choose their Awning windows lineup for your bathroom and living room for extra ventilation and natural light.

The Pella Impervia Windows line-up is very famous due to its strength and unmatched durability. Impervia windows come with a fiberglass finish which doesn’t require further painting or refinishing. Fiberglass is known for its rod and corrosion-free property that is naturally resistant to water and bugs.

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Pella Windows Vs. Reliabilt: Quality Of Material

What Material Does Pella Use On Its Windows?

Pella normally uses Vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. You must have to analyze the different weather conditions of your area and then decide on the right material that most suit your home interior and also cope with the weather condition of your area.

These materials also affect your budget.


Pella wood-based windows come with natural beauty in your home, Pella wood-based windows provide more freedom to customize their designs than fiberglass and vinyl.

Pella ensures that wood could retain its natural beauty by including Aluminum cladding which is available in different colors.

Pella wood comes with some kind of protective layer over its surface which keeps it safe from moisture, decay, and stains.

Pella Wood-Based Window Series Are:

  1. Pella Reserve Traditional.
  2. Pela Reserve Contemporary.
  3. Pella Architect Series- Traditional.
  4. Pella Lifestyle Series.


You can select fiberglass windows for their natural strength and durability. This is not only strong but also weather resistant and does require frequent maintenance.


Vinyl-based windows are highly budget friendly and are high quality. You don’t need to paint it and doesn’t require refinishing.

This is a low-maintenance material and Pella uses it in these product lineups:

  1. Pella 250 Series.
  2. Encompass by Pella.
  3. Pella Hurricane Shield Series.
  4. Pella Defender Series

What Material Does Reliabilt Use On Its Windows?

Reliabilt manufactures its windows frame in three materials such as…


I’ve already discussed the property of Vinyl. Reliabilt Vinyl-based windows are almost identical in terms of performance and durability, but you may encounter some differences in their design, pattern, and texture.

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Reliabilt Aluminum Frame Windows

Reliabilt Aluminum frame-based windows are weather-tight and come with warm-edge insulated glass which reduces condensation and improves thermal efficiency.

Reliabilt Frameless Windows

The frameless windows from Reliabilt are made of break resistance glass which provides some privacy as well as allows light inside the room. The frameless window is designed in such a manner that can be installed easily into masonry, brick, or wood openings.

The Reliabilt frameless windows are energy efficient and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Pella Windows Vs. Reliabilt Windows: Warranty

Reliabilt replacement windows series such as 3100, 3201, 3500, and 3900 come with a limited lifetime warranty which is transferrable also. The lifetime warranty is applicable on vinyl and other working parts, and you will get all the replacement parts with a special identification number during the warranty period.

Reliabilt new construction windows are also covered with a limited lifetime warranty in case of any factory defect. You will get 25 years of warranty on their insulated glass models.

Pella some product lineups come with a limited lifetime warranty such as Wood windows and patio doors, Fiberglass windows and patio doors, and Vinyl windows, and patio doors.

Some other product lines up such as Entry doors made of wood, fiberglass, or steel, and storm doors come with an avg 20 years of limited warranty.

Conclusion: Which Brand Is Worth Buying Between Pella And Reliabilt Windows?

Reliabilt has very limited options in its window segment and you don’t have must choices to choose from. On the other hand, if you want to remain on the safe side of your budget and want to explore the finest woody doors and windows then must check out Pella Reverse Windows segments.

You will fall in love with Pella’s traditional and contemporary collection of doors and windows. In terms of the warranty period, both brands offer a limited lifetime warranty on their windows

Reliabilt Windows Vs Pell (FAQ)

Q.1 Who Are Reliabilt Windows Made By?

If you are looking for a replacement for your old windows or want a fresh installation for new construction, Reliablit windows are one of the best options right now.
All the Reliabilt windows are exclusively owned by Lowe’s. Lowe’s is one of the industries leading brands that offer a wide range of vinyl windows and patio doors.

Q.2 Where Are Reliabilt Windows Made?

All of the Reliabilt windows are manufactured in North Carolina

Q.3 Is Pella A Good Brand?

Since the establishment of the brand Pella, It has patented more than 150 products and designs. I think this brief introduction is enough to understand how innovative and futuristic thinking of their staff who work together to make our life much easier.

Q.4 Where Are Pella Windows Made?

Pella has many manufacturing units in different locations of the United State such as in Troy Ohio, where Pella occupied a 324000 square foot area for its manufacturing unit.
Reidsville, North Carolina, where 150,000 square foot area has been occupied for manufacturing and distribution of its Vinyl windows.

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