Reliabilt 3201 Vs 3500: Differences & Similarities

Drafty and old-fashioned windows make you feel something wrong and outdated in your home, and this is the right time to invest in good window brands to revive the beauty of your home.

Most people confuse Reliabilt 3201 and 3500.

Which one is best and what are the differences and similarities between them?

Let’s find out…

If you Hurry Then Check Out This

But wait if you are in hurry and don’t have much time for in-depth analysis then this brief comparison table of Reliabilt 3201 and 3500 will definitely help you to understand these two windows series at a glance.

Reliabilt 3201 Vs 3500 Comparison Table

Reliabilt 3201Reliabilt 3500
1. Economic and budget-friendly window options for a buyer.The 3500 series is high-end and expensive as compared to its 3201 lineups.
2. Reliabilr 3201 series is a low-end window lineup that only focuses on their budget buyers.This is an upgraded version and is much better than its 3201 series.
3. Here, You will not get better-built quality and the quality of the material is also not that much great as you will get in its 3500 series.Here, you don’t have to bother about the window’s build quality and the quality of the material.
4. Only 4 grip options are available to choose from in the 3201 window series.Here, you have 5 different grip types and patterns to choose from.
5. Only two color choices for buyers.Here, you have one additional choice in color which is Bronze.
6. The 3201 series come with a limited lifetime warranty but is on a prorated schedule. Here, you will get much better warranty services but also on a prorated schedule.

Reliabilt 3500 Vs 3201: In-Depth Analysis

Both are part of the Reliabilt Replacement window series and offer some such features that you will get to pay almost double in top brands.

Reliabilt 3201 And 3500 Some Common Window Features:

The 3201 & 3500 series are available in three styles which are:

1. Double-hung window
2. Slider window
3. Picture window

Let’s have a look at some of its features:

Weather Protection Features:

  • The window comes with reinforced multi-cavity construction to ensure structural integrity and additional thermal protection.
  • Interlocking sash design that protects it from weather infiltration. On rainy days you will not want that the water come through your window inside your room. The slope sill feature makes it possible.
  • Air infiltration is a big problem that cost you much higher in energy, but this is not the case with this window. Dual fin weather stripping and rubber bulb seal prevent air filtration.

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How Easy To Operate?

  • Sash movement should be smooth in any window which makes its opening and closing process very convenient, Integrated rift rail makes it possible. 3201 and 3500 windows come with a constant force coil balance system which ensures easy slash movement.
  • Reliabilt 3201 & 3500 sliding windows slide smoothly and silently because of the tandem roller.


  • Reliabilt cares about your security and 2 locking system offer additional security to your home.

How Ventilation Is Going On?

  • Night vents position sashes allow proper ventilation and can be operated by a push button.

Colors & Patterns

Reliabilt offers 2 Vinyl colors to choose from White and Almond. You have also the choice to paint the 3201 windows with your favorite colors which are listed below…

Brick RedBronze
ClayDark Chocolate
Hunter GreenGrey

On the other hand, Reliabilt 3500 has only one laminated color option which is Bronze Exterior.

Reliabilt 3201 offers 4 Grid types and 5 distinct grid patterns, and Reliabilt 3500 lineup comes with 5 Grid types and 5 distinct grid options. Choose one that best matches your room’s interior.

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Reliabilt 3201 & 3500 Grid Types

1. 5/8-Inch Flat Grid2. 3/4-Inch Flat Grid
3. 5/8-Inch Contoured Grid4. 1-Inch Contoured Grid
5. 1-1/8-Inch Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) Grid (Available only in 3500)

Reliabilt 3201 & 3500 Grid Patterns

1. Colonial2. Diamond
3. Prairie4. Perimeter Prairie
5. Valance

Reliabilt 3201 And 3500 Window Glass Options

You can choose either a Low E Glass or this glass with argon gas for additional efficiency. The ultra version with argon gas of this glass is also available. You can also choose their obscure, tempered, or double-stress glass.

You will not get the Low E Glass with argon gas version in Reliabilt 3500 Window Series.

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Reliabilt 3201 Vs. 3500: Which One Is Best?

Above, I’ve discussed all the common and similar features of Reliabilt 3201 and 3500 windows. Let’s have a look what’s the difference between them and which one offers the best features and is a value-for-money window for your home.

Reliabilt 3201 is a budget-oriented low profile double-hung vinyl window and I would not recommend buying this until you don’t have any problem regarding your budget.

On the other hand, Reliabilt 3500 is a high-end double-hung vinyl window. The 3500 series come with an aluminum sash reinforcement that improves the window performance, a better warranty and you have one extra color choice which is Bronze.

Which One Is Cost Effective Between Reliabilt 3201 And 3500?

Reliabilt 3201 Window prices

Reliabilt 3201 windows are popular among those homeowners, who don’t want to spend much on a window. The price range of the 3201 series is from $100 to $250. A homeowner can expect to pay $15 to $20 per square foot for this window.

Reliabilt 3500 Window Prices

Reliabilt 3500 series is high end and here you can feel a big difference in terms of the quality of the material, hardware accessories, and texture of the window.

Here, I’ve provided a general idea of the total cost of the 3500 series window…

Types Of WindowPrice(Estimate)
1. Single Hung Window$92 – $127
2. Double Hung Window$139 – $285
3. Slider Window$92 – $129

Also, a homeowner would expect to pay $20 to $30 per square foot for the Reliabilt 3500 windows series.

Windows Rating (Reliabilt 3201 Vs 3500)

Reliabilt 3201 double-hung window comes with pretty decent ratings which are listed below. These ratings are for its double-panel double-hung windows lineup.

Reliabilt 3201 window rating

Solar Heat Gaint Coefficient(SHGC Rating)0.19
Design Pressure Rating35

Reliabilt 3501 double hung window comes with a much higher rating than 3201, and the window is energy star rated in all 4 zones.

Reliabilt 3500 window rating

Solar Heat Gaint Coefficient(SHGC Rating)0.21
Design Pressure Rating35

The 3500 series is coastal zone compliant because its DP rating is up to 50 which is pretty impressive. The window comes with the Energy star rating in all four zones.

Which One Offer A Much Longer Warranty Period Between Reliabilt 3201 And 3500?

Reliabilt 3201 Warranty Period

Reliabilt 3201 offers a limited lifetime warranty on its 3 window parts which are…

Vinyl FrameSashInsulated Glass

A homeowner gets a warranty on their insulated glass windows as long as it doesn’t break. If the original buyer wants to transfer its warranty then he can do this only once, that too from the 10 years of the purchase date.

Note: A homeowner has to pay 25% of the replacement cost from years 16 to 25 post-purchase, and after 25 years he has to pay 50% of the replacement cost.

Reliabilt 3500 Warranty Period

Reliabilt 3500 window series also comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the following window parts:

Vinyl MainframeSash

Reliabilt offers 25 years of glass breakage protection to its windows. The warranty transfer procedure from the original homebuyer to the new homebuyer is almost the same as we have seen in Reliabilt 3201 window series.

Wrap up On Reliabilt 3201 Vs. 3500

Choosing the right window for your home is not so easy because it is not only costly but also it will stick in its place when installed and this is the thing that can not be replaced very often.

I hope this in-depth breakdown will help you to choose the right window between Reliabilt 3500 and 3201. If you are on a tight budget then you can go with the 3201 series but if not then must go with the Reliabilt 3500 windows series for its much better build quality, durability, different texture, patterns, and better warranty time period.

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