Country Clipper Mower Problems & Quick Fix

A lawn mower is a lifesaver machine for a lawn owner if he has 3 acres, 5 acres, or much larger farms. A good lawnmower makes the whole mowing experience just relaxing without pushing, priming, or walking around.

But with the passing of time, every machine creates some problems and the condition becomes worse with lack of maintenance. here, in this article, we are going to short out the country clipper problems and how to fix them without bothering much.

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What Are Some Common Country Clipper Mower Problems?

This is a frequently asked question, whether you are an owner of a country clipper or want to buy this machine for your lawn.

New buyers also eagerly search for some most common problems that they will face after buying this machine.

Problem 1: Country Clipper won’t Start?

country clipper mower engine wont start
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Solution: If you ever face the situation when your country clipper mower won’t start by rotating the key then check out these few things to tackle the problem for a fix.

  • Check the battery. Is it charged or not? If not, charged it properly. Must check all the attached cables from the battery terminals. whether they are loose or tight. Tight them properly if you find they loose.
  • Check the fuse of your country clipper mower.
  • Check all the wires and their connections. Sometimes loose wiring may cause this issue. Loose wires and missing connections are not allowing proper voltage supply and your country clipper mower engine won’t start.
  • If the country clipper engine turns over but won’t start then check the spark plug and clean it properly.

If the problem persists then must check the blades of your country clipper mower. The motor won’t start if the blades are engaged.

Problem 2: Country Clipper Mower Joystick Problems

country clipper mower joystick create noise

Solution: With the passing of time the joystick of your country clipper mower creates problems such as creating noise during moving the joystick either left or right.

  • Check the joystick if it wore out. It happens because a joystick is the main part of your lawnmower that makes your country clipper functional. Lots of play lead to wearing out its small parts like the suction cup, throttle, etc.
  • If the joystick of your country clipper creates annoying noise then check out the internal assembly of the joystick. Maybe dust and debris make it dry and require lubrication. Try to clear the inside dust and pour some oil for lubrication to fix this issue.

If the problem persists must concern with an expert.

Problem 3: Country Clipper Mower Hydro Problem

Solution: Most zero-turn lawnmowers face issues with their hydraulic system. A faulty hydraulic system interrupts the adequate power supply so your lawn mower won’t move.

Let’s troubleshoot this issue.

Fix the cavitation problem

Cavitation problem arises due to improper ratio of oil and air in the hydraulic system. If the percentage of air in the country’s clipper hydraulic system is high then it will lead to creating improper pressure.

You can solve this issue by purging the transmission of your country clipper mower before use. This will also fix the problem of a slow or sluggish mower.

  • Sometimes the air entered the hydraulic pump cavity and creates a knocking sound every time the pump is running. Must check the connections, and fix all the loose connections and leakage issues to fix this issue.
  • Sometimes temperature dissimilarities also create lots of problems in your country clipper hydraulic system. If your country clipper mower runs too cold or too hot, this will impact the viscosity of the oil and will lead to inadequate lubrication.

The quality and level of oil

Lack of oil in your Country Clipper Hydraulic System will lead to severe wear or tear in the internal parts. Always ensure that the proper oil level is maintained in the hydraulic system.

Always use the recommended oil instead of cheap quality oil in the hydraulic system of your Country Clipper Mower.

How To Prevent Hydraulic System Failure In Your Country Clipper Mower?

Some easy steps to prevent any kind of failure in your country clipper mower hydraulic system.

  • First, check the oil level and also ensure to use the pure and recommended oil in your lawnmower.
  • Must check all the connections and the condition of the hose at regular intervals to prevent any kind of malfunction in the hydraulic system.
  • Monitor the temperature changes by using an infrared thermometer device and if you find too many dissimilarities in the temperature must change the oil.

Problem 4: Country Clipper Blades Won’t Engage

Solution: There are many reasons for not engaging the blades of your country clipper lawnmower. here is a quick fix for this problem.

  • The first thing to do is just pull the PTO that is engaging the blades.

What Is PTO In A Lawnmower?

PTO is also known as power take-off. This is a small switch that engages the blades.

Examine carefully the underside of the PTO and find the engaging wires going inside of the PTO and trace them and find the location where they disappeared. Keep in mind that wires don’t lose the connection.

  • The second troubleshoot is to check the fuse of your PTO, whether it is blown or not.
  • The third solution to this problem is to check the Pivot that tenses the blades. If it is stuck in its position then spray with a good lubricant 2 to 3 times so that all the dust debris will be washed up. If this is not work then lose the top nut and spray again.

If the problem persists then you have to do some extra work. Just remove the deck and clean and wash the Pivot by disassembling the whole assembly, after that assemble it.

Problem 5: Country Clipper Deck Belt Come Off Often

Solution: Check the belt if it is loose or stretched. A loose or stretched belt will slip off frequently and prevent the blades’ engagement. This happens when you continuously processed too much grass or leaves and cause the dack of your lawnmower packed by them and push off the belt of your country clipper.

Problem 6: Country Clipper Lawnmower Sputters And Dies

Solution: The engine of a country clipper mower or any other lawnmower works with the right combination of air and fuel, and also spark. The misbalance of these elements will lead to the lawnmower engine sputtering or dying.

How To Solve The Country Clipper Sputters And Dies Problem?

Check if there is moister in the engine

Water in the engine is not good for the health of the engine and its components. Water prevents the proper ignition of fuel and causes several problems.

Common reasons for water entering into the engine

  • Due to condensation.
  • Due to losing the gas cap.
  • If it is already present in the gasoline container.

You can short out this problem by emptying the tank and pouring a new and fresh batch of fuel into it.

Issue In The Spark Plug

A poor spark plug will cause these three problems to your country clipper mower…

  1. Your country clipper starts late.
  2. Poor performance of your lawnmower.
  3. The engine might be dying.

Inspect the condition of the spark plug and check if it become carbonized or not. Clean it tips with a wire brush and place it again and then try to start your country clipper.

If the problem persists then change the spark plug.

Issue In The Carburator

A carburetor is responsible to mix the air and fuel in the right ratio and helps to ignite the fuel in a better way. Any problem in the carburetor will lead to generating dark smoke, and the poor performance of your lawnmower or might be the engine of your lawnmower dies.

the solution to this problem is to clean all the parts of the carburetor like the spring, needle valve, jets, and float, and replace the carburetor assembly in case of severe wear and tear of its parts.

Problem:7 Dishonest Dealership & Poor After-Sale Service

There is no solution to this problem other than a brand consideration. The country clipper mower brand faces low-quality dealerships and bad after-sale services. These are the major reasons for the frustration of their customers.

Note: If your lawnmower is on warranty period then don’t try to fix any issue by yourself, otherwise the warranty will be voided.

I would advise you to research the right dealer because there are lots of fake dealers available in the market without the authority of the brand and are unable to provide a warranty for what you will purchase from them.

Wrap-Up On Common Problems Of Country Clipper Mower

If your Country clipper mower is under warranty period then don’t try to fix the issue yourself under this period because if you purchased it from an authorized dealer then the company takes care of all the issues, you will face with your country clipper.

If your country clipper warranty period is expired then you can fix its some common issue by following the quick guide mentioned above.

FAQ Regarding How To Fix Some Common Problems Of Country Clipper Mower?

Q.1 Where are country clipper mowers made?

Answer: The manufacturing unit is located in Corydon, Iowa since 1968.

Q.2 What is the cost of a Country Clipper Mower?

It will cost you between $5000 to $7000.

Q.3 How much is the weight of the Country Clipper Mower?

The weight of a country clipper mower is between 688 lbs to 722 lbs.

Q.4 Are Country Clipper Zero-turn mowers good?

What makes a Country Clipper Mower Special is its Joystick handling, powerful engine, and top-notch build quality.

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