Jeld-Wen Vs Reliabilt : Which One Is Worth Buying

If you want to install doors & windows in your house, then there are lots of options available in the market such as Masoline, Jeld-wen, Reliabilt, and others.

If you are confused between Jeld-wen and Reliabilt then this article is the right place to know about every single detail about these two most popular brands.

We are going to compare them to these parameters such as…

  • Brand Reputation
  • Different patterns, designs, and colors options
  • Quality of Material
  • Different doors & windows
  • Pros & Cons
  • Warranty

So without further ado,

let’s break it down…

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If you are in hurry and don’t want to go through the whole article then this brief comparison table between Jeld-Wen and Reliabilt will definitely help to choose the right brand for doors and windows.

Jeld-Wen Vs Reliabilt Windows & Doors Comparison Table

Jeld-Wen Reliabilt
1. Jeld-Wen has a wide range of products in their doors and windows segment.Reliabilt has less variety in its windows and door segments.
2. Jeld-Wen doors & windows come in better packaging having all four sides protected with cardboard.Reliabilt Doors and windows come in good packaging but Jeld-wen offers better protection for shipping.
3. The craftsmanship of Jeld-Wen doors and windows is questionable. It is average.The craftsmanship of Reliabilt is far better than the Jeld-Wen.
4. Most of the time their doors and windows come with loose hinges and some are too tight that causing crake in the jamb.The Reliabilt offers a smooth surface with properly flush hinges and skews in their doors and windows.
5. Most of the time in their doors and windows assembly, you will notice the poor alignment of the two edges.Not such an issue is in Reliabilt.
6. Due to poor hand craftsmanship in Jeld-Wen Doors and windows, it takes 15 to 20 minutes extra than Reliabilt to fix its hinges and flushes its screws and jamb. Reliabilt doors and windows are much easier and take less time to complete installation.
7. Jeld-Wen doors and windows are expensive.Reliabilt offers more economical options in their doors and windows segment to their customers.
8. They use premium quality material.Reliabilt is much cheaper than Jeld-Wen. They use cheap components but they provide perfectly tight hinges with the proper flush. Their finishing is way better than what Jeld-wen offers.
9. Jeld-wen comes with an energy star rating.Reliabilt also comes with an energy star rating.
10. You can buy Jeld-wen doors and windows online and from their local retailers and dealers.Reliabilt doors and windows are also available online and offline.

Reliabilt Vs Jeld-Wen: Detailed Comparison

Now let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons based on some parameters so that you can understand these two brands very well.

Brand Reputation

This is always true that the reputed brands sell better but some new brands with decent product quality and competitive price range also grabbed the attention of the buyers.

Is Reliabilt A Good Brand?

Reliabilt is a brand that helps to get aesthetically pleasing and reliable home improvement equipment on a budget. Reliabilt manufactures all types of doors and windows whether it is a garage door, patio door, interior, or exterior door.

Are you looking for a french door, must have a look at Reliabilt. They offer a top-notch finish to their wide range of products without breaking the bank.

Reliabilt doors are made independently and are sold under the brand name Lowe’s. Their doors and windows are available in several colors and finishes. Their fiberglass and steel refinish doors are very popular.

Is Jeld-Wen A Good Brand?

Jeld-Wen has a wide variety of doors, windows, and other residential services, and is a world company in this field. It is started in 1960, and now it has more than 117 manufecturing units in 17 countries. Currenctly its business is mainly focused in North America, Europe, and Australia.

You can find its headquarter in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jeld-Wen doors and windows are made in their established several manufacturing plants across the USA. Recently Jeld-wen decided to expand the production in Randolph County, Alabama.

Reliabilt Doors Vs Jeld-Wen Doors: Which One Is Value For Money?

If you are eagerly searching for a door for your garage, the entranceway, your bedroom, your bathroom, and anywhere in your home then you will definitely come across these two most popular brands namely Reliabilt and Jeld-Wen.

Let’s dig deeper into how many different types of doors these two brands offer to you.

Jeld-Wen Vs Reliabilt Interior Doors

Interior doors are not only a way to enter or exit the rooms but they also make your overall home aesthetically appealing so choosing the right interior doors that can match the texture and looks and are consistent with the overall theme of your home is a tricky task.

Let’s find out which brand offers quality, variety, appealing textures, and designs without compromising durability and sustainability.

Jeld Wen Interior Doors

Jeld-Wen offers 4 different types of interior doors which are

All PanelGlass PanelBifoldLouver

You can choose their wide variety of doors from these 4 categories. Some of the most famous interior doors are listed below…

1. Flush Wood Composite Doors2. IWP Wood Doors
3. Tria Composite Doors (Huge Variety)4. MODA Collection
5. Molded Wood Doors6. Wood View Collection
7. Authentic Wood Collection8. Studio Collection Doors

Jeld-Wen flush wood doors are made of a solid core that is sturdy as well as reduces sound transmission, whereas wood doors offer some elegant styles and look from different wood species.

You will see more design options in their Tria composite door product lines than in any other door category. hard core material makes these doors best for soundproofing.

If you want environment-friendly and affordable interior doors for your home that can reduce sound transmission in a better way then you can go with their Molded wood doors.

Wood view collection doors are very elegant due to the double-tone color layer and are beautifully handcrafted. Authentic wood doors are made of dense core and shielded veneer wood that can bear environmental changes in a better way.

Apart from all the above categories, the choices are limitless. You have some great choices from their interior doors line up such as French Interior doors, Flat Panel Interior doors, and you have the choice to turn any normal door into a barn door with their DesingGlide Barn Door hardware.

Reliabilt Interior Doors

Reliabilt offers 6 different interior doors categories which are

Prehung Interior doorsSlab doorsBarn doorsCloset doorsFrench doorsAccordion doors

You will get a wide range of variety on their Prehung interior doors and their french doors are very limited. You can choose a number of panels starting from 1 to 6 with different shapes and colors. You will get a huge variety of their 3 panels square shapes.

There are 4 types of glass options to choose from in which frosted glass has tons of variety and you will get a few options in their Etched and Patterned glass doors.

If you want to soundproof your room then you can choose solid core doors that are available in a huge variety but hollow core doors are also available to choose from.

Reliabilt has 5 different kinds of wood species that make it possible to manufacture some elegant and cost-effective interior doors for you which are:

PineLauanOakHardwoodFirKnotty Alder

To ensure their doors will be solid and durable they used aluminum, steel, hardboard, wood, veneer, and other popular materials. You will see most of their interior doors are made of MDF.

Reliabilt offers 6 different door styles in which their contemporary doors are very popular and other popular door styles are mid-century, modern, rustic, craftsman, etc. Most of their doors come prefinished but you can also choose other options such as primed, unfinished, and stained.

Reliabilt Vs Jeld-Wen Interior doors: Which one is better?

Definitely, Jeld-wen and Reliabilt both have numerous designs, patterns, and styles to offer their consumers but Jeld-wen uses premium quality materials than Reliabilt.

The hand craftsmanship of Reliabilt is way better than what Jeld-wen offers. You will get perfectly flush and properly tightened hinges on Reliabilt than Jeld-wen.

Jeld-Wen Vs Reliabilt Exterior Doors: Differences And Similarities

Every homeowner wants that their exterior doors look better and unique than their neighbors have. This is also very important that the door must have energy-efficient and can handle harsh weather conditions without losing its shine.

Let’s have a look at which brand offers better Exterior doors…

Jeld-Wen Exterior Doors

Jeld-Wen has 7 different product lines in their exterior door segment to offer, which are…

Smooth Pro Fiber GlassArchitectural Fiber GlassAurora Fiber Glass
Design Pro Fiber GlassIWP Wood DoorsSteel Doors
Authentic Wood Doors

If you want smooth and lightly painted brush stroke texture in your exterior door that gives you the freedom to paint with any color then you can choose their Smooth pro lineup. Their Architecture collections are the best example of the best hand-craftsmanship that produces fiberglass doors almost identical to real wood.

If you want fully crafted doors with a luxurious woodgrain finish that can withstand any weather conditions then Aurora fiberglass doors would be the one option for you. Their Design Pro Fiberglass doors come with more depth and width with high definition panel that is wrapped, dent, and rust-free.

You can also choose from their wood, steel, and authentic wood doors that are built from different wood species steel doors offer proper safety and security having some useful properties such as metered corner (prevent water absorption), epoxy primed back panel (corrosion-free), energy-efficient and fire rated so that you can sleep peacefully.

Reliabilt Exterior Doors

Reliabilt exterior doors are available in the same door styles as you have seen in their interior door segment. Reliabilt has the following product categories in its exterior door segments…

Front doorStorm doorSecurity door
Patio doorsCrawl Space DoorFront door glass insert

Different door types that you can pick in Reliabilt are


Reliabilt prehung exterior doors are very popular and come in a vast variety whereas their hinged, slab, and centered hinged exterior doors come in a very limited variety.

In Reliabilt you will see their fiberglass exterior doors are available in several different designs, colors, and patterns such as decorative, frosted, clear, texture, fullite, and many more. You can also choose steel, aluminum, vinyl, and wood material for your exterior doors.

Reliabilt Vs Jeld-Wen Exterior Doors: Which One Is Best?

Jeld Wen exterior doors are made of high-quality wood species with some best quality hardware accessories, on the other hand, Reliabilt offers reliable and aesthetic exterior door options that are made of good quality wood species.

Jeld-wen exterior doors are expensive but their craftsmanship is very poor. You will frequently encounter some childish mistakes around the hinges and jamb areas, and the alignment of the two adjacent wood blocks is also not symmetrical.

Although Reliabilt uses cheap quality material on their doors their hand craftmanship and finish are way better than what Jeld-Wen offers at a high price range.

Jeld-Wen Vs Reliabilt Patio Doors: Differences And Similarities

Patio doors are the best example of the combination of durability and style that can distinguish your personality from others. You will get some of the best entryway patio doors in both brands.

Let’s have a look at which brand offers a balanced combination of style and price to their customers.

Jeld Wen Patio Doors Features

Jeld wen offers some of the most aesthetic options in its patio doors. Check out their patio door product lines

Vinyl Patio DoorsClad Wood Patio Doors
Flat Casing Vinyl Patio DoorsCustom Wood Patio Doors
Brickmould Vinyl Patio DoorsAurora Fiberglass Patio Doors

If you want modern and affordable patio door options that help to illuminate your home with natural light then must check out their Premium Vinyl product lineup. If you love the wood texture on the door with a fiberglass combination that looks elegant and helps to illuminate fresh light inside then have a look at their Aurora fiberglass option.

The other variety of patio doors comes with some unique features that can match the home theme perfectly.

Reliabilt Patio Doors Features

Reliabilt has very limited options in its patio door segment. You can choose from their three-door types which are


all of the patio doors come in three glass variants blind between the glass, Simulated divided light, and the last one is Clear glass. All of these patio doors are made of two different materials Steel and Vinyl.

The company uses 4 different types of glass insulation to make them durable and weather resistant.

Reliabilt Vs Jeld-Wen Patio Doors: Which One Is Better?

Reliabilt has very limited options in its patio doors segments, on the other hand, Jeld-Wen has such a wide range of different designs, textures, and plenty of different material options to choose from.

The quality of Jeld-wen patio doors is decent while Reliabilt is the first choice for those customers, who don’t want to invest much but want an elegant door for their house.

Jeld-Wen Vs Reliabilt Sliding Doors: Differences And Similarities

Jeld Wen has more than 1000 sliding doors variety for your house, whether you want a sliding door for windows, interior doors, exterior doors, and patio doors.

On the other hand, Reliabilt offers around 300 sliding doors in different categories. If you want color variations then Reliabit has a wide range of color options as compared to Jeld-wen which offers only 4 colors in their sliding doors.

Jeld-Wen Vs Reliabilt Sliding Patio Doors

Jeld-Wen has more than 50 sliding patio doors to offer their customers whereas Reliabilt has only 13 sliding doors and the company tries to expand this category very soon.

Jeld-wen has more variety of different materials some of them are Alder, Aura last, Cherry, Douglas, Oak, Pine, and Walnut, on the other hand, Reliabilt made their sliding patio doors only from Aluminium and Steel.

Aluminum and steel provide better durability and also they have better capability to tackle different weather conditions.

Reliabilt Sliding Patio Doors are cost-effective and their price is very economical. You can choose their sliding patio doors within the price range of $50 to $200.

Jeld-Wen Sliding Patio Doors are costlier than Reliabilt patio sliding doors. Due to their decent quality of material, better texture, patterns, and designs, you will get more variety and variations in Jeld-wen than Reliabilt.

Reliabilt offers a better finish and decent quality hand craftsmanship that you will not get in Jeld-wen and Jeld-wen needs to improve its hand craftsmanship procedure.

Jeld-Wen Vs Reliabilt Windows: Differences And Similarities

An elegant window will not only look great but also your home looks more stylish and brilliant with them. There are lots of varieties available in both brands so you can pick one that can fit your home theme.

Jeld-Wen Windows

Jeld-wen offers 8 different patterns and shapes in the window segment which are…

Double HungSingle HungAwningFixed
SlidingCasementBay Bow

Their Vinyl and Clad wood windows are very popular and are available in different varieties in which Siteline clad wood windows are available in lots of features are styles. AuraLast Pin made it water-resistant and protect from wood rot, and from termites.

If you are seeking the most affordable option on Jeld-Wen then their builder vinyl windows could be the one choice for you. It takes low maintenance and is one of the cost-effective options for home renovation or new construction.

Reliabilt Windows

Reliabilt offer 100+ windows in different design and styles. They are available in different shapes that can meet your requirements.

whether you are going to renovate your home or looking for windows for new construction Reliabilt has many options. They have 5 different categories in their windows segment such as…

Single Hung WindowsSliding Windows
Double Hung WindowsGlass Block Windows
Basement Hopper Windows

For every window, whether you are going to install it in your basement, your master room, kitchen, etc, you have three frames to choose which are…


These windows are available in three colors one is white, the second is black and the third one is Bronze. These windows are best for those homeowners who want stylish and economical window solutions for their homes.

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Reliabilt Vs Jeld-Wen Windows: Which One Is Better?

Reliabilt has very limited options in its window segment and you don’t have must choices to choose from. On the other hand, Jeld-Wen offers a huge variety of windows to their customers.

Reliabilt windows are cheaper than Jeld-wen Windows. If you are on the economic side then you can go with Reliabilt but if you have a budget and want to explore their wide range of windows categories Jeld-Wen could be the right option for you.

Jeld-Wen Vs Reliabilt Doors & Windows: (FAQ)

Is Reliabilt Made By Jeld-Wen?

Not both brands are independent and they have their own manufacturing units and distributors.
Jeld-wen is a multinational brand in the field of custom-made doors and windows, whereas Reliabilt is a brand that sells its product through a big home improvement & appliance store namely Lowes.

Where Are Jeld-Wen Doors Made?

Jeld-Wen doors and windows are made in their established several manufacturing plants across the USA. Recently Jeld-wen decided to expand the production in Randolph County, Alabama.

Why Are Reliabilt Doors & Windows Cheaper Than Jeld-Wen?

Reliabilt doors and windows are much cheaper than the Jeld-Wen doors and windows due to these reasons:
1. There is a big difference in the quality of the material.
2. Jeld-wen is a big brand and big brands invest huge sums on advertisements and other stuff that ends up with a high price.
3. Reliabilt uses cheap material but their hand craftsmanship is way better than what Jeld-wen offers.

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