Larson Vs Andersen Storm Door[Don’t Make Mistake]

Bad weather always creates a headache for homeowners. Whether it is a midsummer or a chilled winter the best storm door is one of the neediest things for a homeowner and for a family.

South suffers badly from hurricanes, and tornados, and a good storm door can protect you from such types of disasters. It can be easily installed just outside of your existing door to ensure full protection from inclement weather conditions.

There are two renowned players in the market to choose from…

The first is Andersen and the second one is Larson.

Choosing the best one among them is a tricky task. so the question is…

Which is Better Larson Vs Andersen Storm Doors?

Here I’m going to do a quick comparison between Larson and Andersen Storm Doors that helps a lot to understand better which one is the best suited to you. This comparison table is also helpful if you are in hurry.

Andersen And Larson Storm Doors: Quick Comparision

Larson Storm DoorAndersen Storm Door
1. Larson serves a vast variety of doors to choose from such as retractable screen storm doors, seasonal ventilation doors, self-storing doors, etc. Andersen offers better customization options, which means you can choose every single aspect of the storm door according to your own choice.
2. If you like traditional style with the ultimate combination of various colors then go with Larson. Andersen doesn’t have such kind of variation but their customization option gives you the freedom to design what you want.
3. Only their Aluminium storm doors come with a lifetime warranty and others don’t. All their doors come with a lifetime warranty.

Now have a look at both of them separately in detail so that you can understand them better and this will help to choose the best one according to what features you want in your storm door.

Larson Storm Door Features (Detailed Analysis)

If you are a first-time buyer of a storm door then you will definitely come across the most renowned brand which is Larson.

They put both variety and quality in the same frame very skillfully that’s the reason many people find them most trustable and durable among the others.

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Some unique features of Larson Storm Doors:

1. More Variety More Choices For Your Dream Home:

The Larson offers a huge variety of prebuilt storm doors with a variety of colors. You will never be disappointed with their traditional design and feel.

Their retractable doors are very famous that allowing fresh air at home when you want and also securing your home from bugs and insects by pressing a lock and sliding the glass screen.

2. Build Quality

You will never be disappointed with their build quality. In fact, both the brands (Larson & Andersen) are known for their promising build quality.

Larson provides different storm doors made of different materials, such as Aluminium (highly durable & lightweight), vinyl-clad, wood, etc.

Some doors come with Duratech technology that makes the storm door weather-resistant. This keeps your door looking like new for years and protects your home from inclement weather conditions.

3. Some Advance Features

  • Larson introduces a very helpful feature namely Hold Open Closer. The one major problem with a door that closes automatically is every time when you are trying to enter or exit, especially when your hands are not free (maybe you hold a grocery bag) is quite annoying.

It has a button at the bottom that keeps your door open for a while by tabbing it with your foot.

  • 5 Hinge System provides high durability and holds your door tightly with the frame. Whether your family has energetic kids or aggressive pets it can bear every single person effectively.
  • If you have to replace the screen of your door more often then WearTuff Screen Door could be the solution for it. It is three times stronger than an ordinary screen door and can stand up in any situation.
  • A little gap between the door and frame makes your day stressful whether it is a chilled winter or hot summer. This is why an overlapping edge door is introduced.

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Andersen Storm Door Features (Detailed Analysis)

1. Super Easy Installation Without Any Skill

The company takes care of your valuable time and money, this is why Andersen Storm Doors don’t need an expert for installation.

The door comes with almost 90% assembled and you need to use some very basic tools to install it on your doorstep. The user manual that comes with the package is very easy to understand. I haven’t seen that kind of easy Installation procedure in any other brand.

No need to worry about if your door could be fitted on either the left or the right side. Its Universal handling feature allows you to do the whole process within a few steps.

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2. Weather Resistance Panel

Different weather conditions make your storm door dull, fade and minimize its life, but this is not the case for Andersen Storm Doors.

Thanks to the Core Defence Panel system that makes your door easy to clean and its Aluminum outer layer covered with a moisture-resistant coating that enhances its durability and provides complete weather protection.

3. Push Button Closer

This is the same feature that you will get in Larson Storm Door but with a different name which is Hold Open Closer. This allows you to keep the door open when both hands are not empty and full of different things.

4. Extra Safety

The Andersen Storm Doors come with a deadbolt lock system with a built-in key. The lock added extra security to your home and also looks very elegant due to its high-quality handles.

5. Energy-Efficient Glass

The Low-e-Glass feature is for those who want to cut their expenses on energy consumption. The low-e-glass technology is 29% more energy-efficient than ordinary glass.

6. Convenient For Your Pets

You can choose this feature for your door that gives your pets the freedom to go in and out of the house when they want. This feature is also available in Larson.

Now you have a piece of deep knowledge about Larson and Andersen Storm Doors. I hope the above-mentioned detail would help to choose the right storm door for your home.

If you are from those who have still some doubt and are confused about which one to grab or which one to leave then let me clear it up in brief here.

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Which One Is Right For My Home Between Larson And Andersen Storm Doors?

Many first-time buyers find it hard to choose between Larson and Andersen Storm Doors. Both brands are best in their skill and manufacture highly durable and amazing storm doors.

But there are some points to consider that can clear the picture and helps in choosing the right storm door…

If you love variations, and traditional design, and want to choose from numerous colors, and elegant styles then definitely go with Larson. You will never ever find such type of variations in Andersen.

If you are not very choosy and want a storm door that can be set up quickly without any installation headache then Andersen Storm doors are for you.

You will find some features are good in Larson while some are in Andersen. Make a list of all the features, you want on your storm door, and mark some very important features that are available in these two brands.

If the number of needed features a brand offer to you, blindly go with that brand.

The last tip for sure confirms your decision.

Warranty (Andersen Vs Larson)

Here definitely Andersen is a clear winner because almost all of their doors come with a lifetime warranty while Larson offers a lifetime warranty only in their selected doors (often in Aluminum doors).

Some Very Common Doubts Regarding Larson And Andersen Storm Door

  1. Can Larson Storm Doors Be Painted?

    Larson offers better weather protection with their doors and the factory finish color coating is hard to achieve if you paint it yourself at your home.
    I have never seen people paint their storm doors. There is no need to paint them for years until they are in bad condition.

  2. Can Andersen Storm Door Be Painted?

    Andersen doesn’t prohibit painting your storm door but they don’t warrant the performance of the paint as you hardly find a factory-like finish in your own painted door.

  3. Which Storm Door Brand Is Cost-Effective Between Andersen & Larson?

    Both brands offer their storm doors in almost the same price range and their quality and durability are also decent.

  4. How Much Time Do Larson Storm Doors Take For Installation?

    The installation procedure and the time required for it may vary for different models of doors. Although the company claims that its storm doors can be installed within an hour.

  5. How Much Time Does A Andersen Storm Door Take For Installation?

    Andersen Storm Doors are much easier to install. The company commits that their storm doors can be installed within 45 minutes with very basic tools.

Wrap-Up On Larson Vs Andersen Storm Doors

I’ve tried to cover all the helpful information regarding Larson vs Andersen storm doors. Here, in this article, you will get each and every detail about both brands, and also a quick comparison table will definitely make you more clear about your decision.

Both brands are best in terms of quality and durability. Some features you will get much better in Larson and some in Andersen. It is totally a subject of personal preference.

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