How To Prevent Someone From Parking In Your Spot [5 Effective Ways]

This is very annoying if you pay for something but other people use it free of cost. You live in an apartment where you have to pay for a parking slot every month.

One day you notice that an unknown car is parked in your parking spot.

In this situation, you can follow five simple ways listed below to tackle the parking slot stealing problem that help you handle the situation efficiently.

I assure you that this article will help you to answer these most common questions…

  1. How Do I Stop People From Taking My Parking Spot?
  2. What Do You Do When Someone Keeps Parking In Your Spot?
  3. Can You Stop Someone Parking Across Your Driveway?

So without further ado, let’s get started…

5 Effective Ways how to get back at someone parking in your spot

Sometimes people face the problem of their parking slot being stolen repeatedly, most probably once a week. You can apply these simple tips to tackle this problem…

1. Complain To The Parking In-Charge

The entire parking area is under the supervision of the parking in-charge, so informing them about this incident could be the fastest and most hassle-free method to deal with this problem.

However, it might be quite annoying for a victim if they are facing the same issue several times a week.

2. Try To Consult With The Person Directly (Easier One)

If the person using your parking slot is your neighbor, try to communicate with them politely. In most cases, issues are resolved through a polite and humble conversation.

However, some people are stubborn and repeat the same mistake (perhaps they want to annoy you). If you encounter the same car parked in your slot again, put a warning note on their car windscreen like this,

“This parking slot is not public property. Please refrain from parking your car in my space, or I will be compelled to have your car towed.”

Parking Slot Owner

3. Use A Safety Cone As A Warning Sign

use the safety cone on your parking slot

Most people refrain from doing wrong if they are warned, either by a person or by a signboard. However, a person cannot always remain present to warn everyone, so a signboard serves as an effective option to deter wrongdoing.

You can place either a signboard or a safety cone in your parking spot to help preserve it from being occupied by others.

Using A Safety Cone On Your Parking Spot To Prevent Others From Parking Their Car

A safety cone, similar to those seen on the street, can be placed in your parking spot to indicate that it is a reserved space and not available for others to use.

However, there is a risk of the safety cone being stolen or removed by anyone.

Install A Signboard On Your parking Spot To Prevent Unauthorised Parking

A warning signboard with clear text can have a significant impact. You can install a warning signboard in your parking spot, especially if you are residing on private or non-residential property.

How To Choose An Effective Signboard For A Parking Spot

An ordinary signboard might not be effective. Here are some tips to create an impactful signboard similar to those used by government bodies and other organizations:

  • Visible and Readable
  • Choice Of The Right Font And Color
  • Background Color
  • Choice of Effective Images And Graphics
  • Short And Clear Quote

The size of the signboard should be large enough to catch the attention of passersby but not excessively large, as oversized signboards may lose their effectiveness. While there are no strict rules for the size of a signboard, it should ideally be as tall as an average person.

Font plays a very important role in conveying the right message to a large number of people. The font style, size, and color, everything, has its own importance in creating an effective and powerful signboard.

There is a misconception that all capital letters have better visibility and are much easier to read, but the visual text of a signboard is a mixture of capital and small letters. This combination is known for its better readability from a distance.

Keep in mind not to use all capital letters on your parking signboard because viewers have to take a few seconds to move their eyes around and grasp the message on your signboard.

The background color should be such that it makes the text visible and readable. A black background with any light-colored text works fine. Similarly, a white background with any dark-colored text is a better combination.

Infographic details on a signboard perform well with a text message. Try to add borders and colorful images to enhance visibility and readability, making it easy to understand in a very short time. Lastly, the quote must be short and clear.

4. Paint The No Parking Sign on The Floor Of The Parking Spot

A signboard might not always work, as there are chances that someone might remove or throw it away. In such cases, you can try painting a warning sign on the floor of your parking spot.

While not a permanent solution, it may deter others from parking their cars in your spot. However, the downside of this method is that people can easily ignore it, as a sign on the floor might not be as effective as a signboard since it can get washed out or become dirty over time.

5. Contact The Towed Company To Tow The Parked Car

You can contact a towing company to remove the illegally parked car from your parking spot.

But is contacting the towing company legal?

You can contact a towing company to remove an illegally parked car in the following situations:

  1. The parked car can be towed if it is parked in your spot without your permission.
  2. If no parking signboard is installed in your spot, then the illegally parked car can be towed immediately.
  3. If there is no warning signboard in your parking slot, then you can also contact the towing company, and action can be taken within 24 hours.

This is one effective method among others to deal with a stubborn person who has parked their car in your spot to annoy you.


I hope this article helps you solve your problem. Stealing a parking spot is not acceptable, as you do not have the right to use a space for which others pay.

It is illegal, and you have the right to take strict action against it.


Q.1 Can I legally contact a towing company to remove a car parked in my spot without my permission?

Ans: Yes, you can contact a towing company to remove an illegally parked car from your spot under certain conditions. If the car is parked without your permission, or if there is no parking signboard installed in your spot, you have the right to request its removal.

Q.2 What should I do if someone repeatedly parks in my designated spot?

Ans: If someone continuously parks in your spot despite warnings, you can explore various options such as contacting the parking in-charge, having a polite conversation with the individual, or considering legal actions like contacting a towing company.

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