Can You Use A Bathroom Faucet In The Kitchen:[Things To Know]

A kitchen faucet is a most ideal choice to provide a water supply to wash kitchen utensils, vegetables, etc. A bathroom faucet is useful for handwashing and other things. 

Although they are the same in terms of functionality, they are totally different in their look and usability. 

Why do people want to use a bathroom faucet in their kitchen?

This is a simple doubt that occurs in the mind of many of you. The reason behind this is very simple. Most homeowners don’t want to waste their money on buying such things which are already available in their store room as a spare parts and are not in use at present. 

Might be a homeowner has an additional piece of bathroom faucet, that he wants to use in his kitchen.

In this article, we will understand…

What is the difference between a bathroom faucet and the kitchen faucet?

Can we use them interchangeably or not?

We are also trying to figure out…

Is it convenient to use a bathroom faucet in the kitchen?

So without further ado…

let’s get started…

Bathroom Faucet In The Kitchen: Useful Or Not?

Before installing a bathroom faucet in your kitchen, you have to understand some basic differences between a kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet. A faucet is a device that is used very often and several times a day.

A housewife uses a kitchen faucet every day and it could be very inconvenient to use a bathroom faucet in place of a kitchen faucet. 

1. Size

There is a clear size difference between a bathroom faucet and a kitchen faucet. 

A kitchen faucet comes with a large height than a bathroom faucet. A bathroom faucet is small in comparison to a kitchen faucet. 

2. Different Center sets

The height of their center sets also differ. The kitchen faucet has larger center sets than a bathroom faucet which helps to cover a large area of a kitchen sink to clean different size pans and pots. 

Types of FaucetsSize of center set
Kitchen Faucet8″
Bathroom Faucet4″

3. Accessories Choices

Kitchen faucets come with several different useful accessories such as a hand sprayer, soap dispenser, etc that are missing in a bathroom faucet. 

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4. Arc Shape

A largely designed arc of a kitchen faucet allows you to wash a large-size kitchen utensil very conveniently. On the other hand, a bathroom faucet doesn’t have such a large arc design, which makes it inconvenient to wash large kitchen utensils. 

5. Variety 

Kitchen faucets are available in so many varieties and choices. This is important to match the kitchen interior and many companies prioritize it. You will get some most elegant kitchen faucets to come in different styles, shapes, curves, and textures. 

You will not get such varieties in a bathroom faucet lineup. They are limited in choices. A bathroom faucet is somewhat, which people don’t want to move during using it. Bathroom faucets are stable, and durable and provide a long-lasting performance than a kitchen faucet.

6. Which is more functional in your kitchen between a kitchen faucet or a bathroom faucet?

There is also a big difference between a kitchen faucet and a bathroom faucet in terms of their functionalities such as

  • You can rotate a kitchen faucet spout at 360°, which makes it more convenient to reach the different parts of a wash basin. You can also pull down a kitchen faucet spout if needed.
  • Most modern kitchen faucets come with a feature that allows you to control the water pressure, which allows you to wash dishes spillage free. 
  • You can also move a kitchen faucet left and right direction during washing kitchen utensils of different sizes which is not possible with a bathroom faucet. 
  • Usually, kitchen faucets come with an aerator, which prevents water from splashing in the basin. It provides a smooth and consistent stream for use. This is missing in most of the bathroom faucets.
  • Washing vegetables and other food grains is much easier and more convenient under a kitchen faucet than a bathroom faucet.

7. Installation 

A kitchen faucet comes with a fast-mount system, which is very easy to install. You just need to push its fast mount to the shank and twist using your finger or a wretch to tighten it perfectly. 

On the other hand, a bathroom faucet has three different water lines which required three holes in your kitchen basin. If your kitchen basin has only one hole then you can’t install a bathroom faucet over it. 

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You can definitely install a bathroom faucet in your kitchen basin if your kitchen basin has proper space and adequate holes to install it perfectly. 

Although you will face many issues while using it as a normal kitchen faucet such as fast water stream, a small height of spout, your can not rotate it at 360°, and many more. 

Install a bathroom faucet in your kitchen only if you don’t have other options and you don’t want to spend extra on buying a new kitchen faucet.


Q.1 Are Kitchen And Bathroom faucets Interchangeable?

Ans: Yes, you can interchange them but keep in mind that the assembly of a bathroom faucet may be different from a kitchen faucet assembly which creates problems during installation. 

Q.2 What Is The Difference Between A Bathroom Faucet And A Kitchen Faucet?

Ans: A kitchen faucet is large in size than a bathroom faucet. The kitchen faucet comes with an aerator that prevents water splashing and provides a consistent water supply with air bubbles. You can rotate a kitchen faucet spout at 360° whereas you don’t rotate a bathroom faucet. A kitchen faucet can swing left and right to wash corners dishes while a bathroom faucet doesn’t provide such functionality. 

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