How Long Does It Take For Granular Fertilizer To Dissolve

Granular fertilizer takes time to dissolve into the soil. Granular fertilizer works gradually- gradually to provide predefine nutrition value to the soil and to the plant.

The time to dissolve fertilizer into the soil also depends on the ratio of granular fertilizer and water. Sometimes some bigger particles of granular fertilizer dissolve much slower than the smaller particles.

I want to use granular fertilizer in my garden. I heard liquid fertilizer gives fast results than granular fertilizer. One question stuck in my mind that…

Can I Dissolve Granular Fertilizer In Water And Then Use It Normally?

Using the granular fertilizer after dissolving it in the water benefits a lot, such as water dissolving liquid granular fertilizer can dissolve in 24 hours in the soil. Sometimes it takes much longer time based on the size of the particles of your granular fertilizer.

I found this method very cost-effective and allows you to make your own liquid fertilizer by using the granular-based solid fertilizer. The granular fertilizer in its liquid form provides all the nutrients to the plant much faster.

Find How Much Granular Fertilizer To Dissolve According To Your Need?

First, you have to understand how many gallons of granular-based fertilizer you need for your lawn or garden. Mixing them in the right ratio is very crucial otherwise it will injure and burn the plant’s body and will lead to huge losses.

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How Long Does Granular Fertilizer Last?

Note: Normally a granular-based fertilizer has 8 to 9 months of lifespan. They dissolve much slower than a liquid-based fertilizer but using them by dissolving into the water may last much earlier than normal.

Quantity of Granular FertilizerQuantity of WaterTime To Dissolve in Water
1 cup1 gallon1 to 2 days
granular fertilizer dissolving time in the water

How Long Does Granular Fertilizer Last In Soil?

Unlike liquid fertilizer, a granular fertilizer comes with a coating that makes its ingredient like, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium dissolve slowly. When you sprinkle it on the soil then it breaks down into its component which takes time.

After that its nutrition gets dissolved in the soil and plants get their food from the soil. The whole process takes up to 8 to 9 months. So we can say that Granular fertilizer will take 9 months to last in soil when it gets completely dissolved in soil.

Golden Rule That Can Dissolve Any Type Of Granular Fertilizer Much Faster

Normally granular fertilizers are of two types:

  1. Blended
  2. Homogeneous

Blended fertilizers are made by combining various kinds of solid granules. The whole process is done mechanically.

On the other hand, In the Homogeneous method, all the solid materials with a predefined ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are combined into each granule.

Whether you are using a blended or a Homogeneous granular fertilizer, both varieties can dissolve easily, when you perform 2 irrigation cycles.

Note: Keep in mind that maintain a gap of 15 minutes between each irrigation cycle to allow the component of the fertilizer to break down completely so that all the nutritional value can be absorbed by the plant.

Some Granular Fertilizers, Seem Never dissolve (Too Slow Dissolving Process)

Some fertilizers never dissolve (can dissolve but too slowly) into the soil and remain with plant roots as a part of them such as Osmocote ( granular fertilizer that is often used as ornamental plant fertilizer).

Some FAQs Related To Granular Fertilizer

Does Granular Fertilizer Need To Be Watered In?

Granular fertilizer is different from liquid fertilizer. This is a mixer of solid components with nutrients mixed. You have to first spread the fertilizer well before watering otherwise it gets washed out from the surface of the soil.

Granular fertilizer act slowly. First, its components break down then its added nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus can be absorbed by the plant.

Watering helps to trigger the granular fertilizer to break down and it helps to dissolve it into the soil.

Is Liquid Fertilizer Better Then Granular Fertilizer?

Granular fertilizers are much cheaper than liquid fertilizers. Granular fertilizers are chemically formulated which makes them slow to dissolve and makes them last much longer than liquid fertilizers.

Each granule contains different-different nutrient values while in liquid fertilizer, each drop contains the same amount of nutrition.

On the other hand, liquid fertilizer is very easy to carry and spread. A granular fertilizer comes in a plastic bag and needs some costly spreader machine to throw in the lawn.

Liquid fertilizer is more costly than a granular fertilizer but very convenient to use and very quick to absorb by the plant.

Granular fertilizer contains a higher concentration of salt and using it in large quantities may burn the plant roots. This is not the case in liquid-based fertilizers.

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