6 Easy Ways To Remove Shower Drain Cover That Is Grouted In

This is a very common problem that almost everyone faces several times during using their shower. A clogged shower drain creates lots of problems such as your bathroom having a mess of shampoo and soap water, and your hair and other waste particles floating here and there. 

It’s really disgusting and needs immediate fixation. If you are wondering about how to remove the shower drain cover that is grouted in then, there are different ways to do so. However, if you are looking for a quick and easy approach to solve such type of clog then this article is the right place for you. 

So without further ado.

Let’s fix the clog by removing the shower drain cover that is grouted in.

How To Remove Shower Drain Cover That Is Grouted In [6 Easy Steps] 

There could be many reasons why people want to remove their shower drain cover, one of the most common reasons might be your shower drain clogged due to hair, soap wraps, etc.

Shower Drain Cover Removal Tools: 

  1. Measurement tap
  2. Hammer
  3. Towel
  4. Knife
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Allen Key

6 easy steps to remove a grouted shower drain cover (screwless also): 

Step 1: Take a screwdriver and try to open the screws of your shower drain cover. Your shower drain cover is grouted in place if won’t get off easily. 

Step 2: Now take a hammer and lightly tap it on the shower drain cover. You can use a steel hammer, dead blow hammer, or a rubber mallet for this work. 

Note: A steel hammer needs to be covered with some layers of the towel before tapping on the shower drain cover. 

Step 3: Don’t apply too much force here, because it may split and lift excess grout with a drain cover which makes your job hard.

A few times tapping can break the bond between the shower drain cover and grout. 

Step 4: If the drain cover is still very difficult to get off, you can try the heating and cooling methods to fracture the bond between the drain cover and grout. 

For this use a blow torch and heat the surface of the drain cover a little bit. Make sure don’t heat too much as it will melt the pipes and other assemblies.  

During this, keep tapping the corners with the hammer gently and then pour cold water on the drain cover to cool down its temperature.  

Step 5: When you are tapping with a hammer on the drain cover, at the same time use a screwdriver and put it into the drain cover hole and apply upward force to get it out. 

You can also use some Allen keys to get the drain cover out effectively. 

Step 6: Now you have successfully removed a grouted shower drain cover. Now remove the additional sticky grout from the drain cover using a knife, clean all the clogged items such as hair, and other waste items from the drain pipe, and put it again and apply the grout to its corner to seal it perfectly. 

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How To Remove A Plastic Shower Drain Cover Having No Screw

The overall procedure of removing a plastic shower drain cover is a bit different especially if it has no screw.

Required tools:

  1. Plier
  2. Flat Head Screwdriver
  3. Wd-40

Follow these simple steps to remove a plastic shower drain cover having no screws:

Step 1: First spray the WD-40 around the plastic shower drain cover and leave it for 15 minutes to dry out the moisture from it.  

Step 2:  Take a flathead screwdriver having a thin tip, and gently put it into a small notch located on any side of the plastic shower drain cover.  

Note: Don’t apply too much force on the screwdriver otherwise it will break the drain cover. 

Step 3: Now take a plier and put it into the hole of the drain cover and hold its grid tightly. Now hold the plier and try to pull it up, at the same time pry the edge with the screwdriver, where you have inserted it. 

Now you have successfully popped out the plastic shower drain cover by using these simple steps. 

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A damaged Or Broken Shower Drain Cover Needs To Change

If you found your shower drain cover is damaged or broken then you have to replace it with the new one. For this take the measurement of your existing drain cover using a measurement tap or take the damaged drain cover along with you to the hardware shop to get the exactly matched size drain cover for your bathroom. 

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I’ve covered very easy and simple 6 steps to remove the tiled shower drain cover that is grouted in. Trust me these simple steps are very easy to apply and required some household DIY tools. 

You don’t need to hire a plumbing company and spend your hard earn money to make the job done. I hope this article will short out your problem in a very easy way in very less time. 


Q.1 How To Remove Grout From Drain Cover?

Ans: You can use some household tools such as a knife to remove the excess grout from the drain cover. Some stubborn grouts can be removed using some tilers grout dissolves which are easily available in your local hardware store. 

Q.2 How To Remove Stuck Shower Drain Cover?

Ans: You can remove a stuck shower drain cover using a hammer, a screwdriver, and a blow torch. Gently tap using a hammer to the corner of the stuck drain cover, and heat its surface using a blow torch. Now pour some cold water to cool it down. Use your screwdriver and put it into the drain cover hole and pull it upward. This way you can remove a stick shower drain cover easily.

Q.3  How To Remove Square Shower Drain Cover?

Ans: You can easily remove a square shower drain cover using a plier, screwdriver, and WD-40. The whole process is the same as I’ve mentioned in removing a plastic shower drain cover. Wd-40 spray makes your job easier if its screws are rusted.  

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