4 Easy Ways To Prevent Toilet Water From Splashing Up

Almost every person on this earth faces this most unpleasant and unhygienic thing when he goes to the toilet and sits on the toilet seat for defecating and suddenly water splashes come all the way up and touch his butt.

According to a report published on azcentral A toilet bowl contains lots of bacteria and you can easily avoid any possible disease caused by them by proper hand washing. 

It means you don’t have a severe risk if toilet water splashes on you, but this is nasty and nobody wants this to happen to them.

In this article, we will see some effective ways to prevent toilet water from splashing on your back when you poop, and how to sanitize yourself to prevent any infection. 

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The Easy Way To Stop Toilet Water From Splashing Up On You

Why Does Toilet Water Splashing Up When You Poop?

Here is a scientific reason for this happening is mentioned below…

Anything that falls on the surface of the water, bounces the water droplets upward and this phenomenon is known as water splash. The same thing happened when you poop in the toilet bowl.

The poop has different shapes, sizes, and densities, and when it drops into the toilet bowl water, it creates an air cavity into the toilet bowl water, which changes the pressure on the surface, and water droplets are splashing to maintain the pressure.

Thankfully, We’ve some working methods to stop toilet water from splashing up which are mentioned below:

1. Use Toilet Paper Or Any Normal Paper 

The surface of the water has a tension film of interconnected water molecules. When your poop drops on its surface, it lowers the tension film and creates a void around it. This void space needs to be filled immediately to maintain the water surface tension, which causes water splashback and kick to your back. 

Toilet paper helps us to alter the surface tension in the water surface and effectively reduce the water splash from your toilet bowl. 

Just place toilet paper into the toilet bowl and it will minimize the force of water splashing, which won’t touch your bear butt and doesn’t make it wet. 

Suppose you run a lack of toilet paper in your toilet because every time throwing a lot of toilet paper into the bowl for defecation is not a cheap idea for many people. In this case, you can use any regular paper in your toilet bowl. You can store used papers that are used in different home activities such as cleaning kitchen utensils, furniture, etc.

2. Change The Way Of Sitting On Your Toilet Seat

If you find it difficult to use toilet paper to prevent water splash on you then I’m going to share another effective method to get rid of toilet water splashing out on you. 

Just adjust your sitting position a little bit during pooping. Poop has different shapes, sizes, and densities. If you find that the length of releasing poop is a bit long then try to lower your butt a little bit so that the height of your poop from the water surface is minimized and it almost starts touching the surface of the water. 

In this case, released poop won’t cause toilet water to splash up on your behind. Although this trick seems most inconvenient for most people, you can try this.  

If you feel that the next poop cycle has lots of small and medium size pieces then you can move your butt a little bit higher so that the splashing water can not touch yours behind.  

3. Choose The Right Spot Of Your Toilet Bowl For Releasing Poop

The third method to avoid toilet water splashing during defecating is to release your poop somewhere else than directly in the bowl water. It means don’t release your poop directly into the center of toilet water, try to release it in such a manner that some portion remains inside of the toilet water and the other half is outside. 

This way the chances of toilet water splashing will be minimized and also there is very less chance of getting any dirty marks into the toilet bowl due to the presence of water.

4. Use A Raised Toilet Seat To Stop Water From Splashing In Your Toilet

If you want a permanent solution to the water splashing problem while using your home toilet then you don’t need to buy tons of toilet paper and throw them into the toilet bowl each time you are going to use your toilet. 

Also, you don’t need to go through the annoying procedure of adjusting your sitting position by changing your body posture.

You can buy a raised toilet seat instead. This can increase the height between you and your toilet bowl by five inches which is a sufficient height to eliminate toilet water splashing up on you. 

It has foam-padded arms which make it safer for sitting and standing. 

Note: This is a permanent solution to toilet water splashing in your home toilet. You don’t need to use any toilet paper and don’t have to adjust your sitting position anymore. 

But this will not work in the public toilet, because you can’t take it anywhere with you. Using some toilet paper in a public toilet is the best solution to avoid water splashing out of the toilet bowl and touching your bare body. 

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How To Maintain Proper Hygiene After The Toilet Water Splash On You

Steps to sanitize yourself after using your toilet and clean the contaminated area of your body after toilet splashing on you:

  1. Always use good quality, soft toilet paper, and clean yours behind after using your toilet.
  2. You can also use some good quality mild toilet soap to maintain proper hygiene of the contaminated area of your body.
  3. Allow your skin to dry after proper cleaning.
  4. Avoid those underwears that cause irritation around your anal area.
  5. Undyed cotton undergarments are the best choices to prevent irritation to your private parts.

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When you flush your toilet, the water that comes out of it is not hygienic and this is really a disgusting experience when toilet water splashes and touches your behind. 

The good thing is you can stop the water splashing problem by using some tips, and tricks mentioned in this article. 

I personally use a raised toilet seat in my home toilet, which increases the height between your butt and the toilet seat up to 5 inches and prevents water splashing effectively. 

But I prefer using toilet paper when I’m outside of my home and have to use a public toilet. 


Q.1 Is There Any Health Issue With Toilet Water Splashing?

Ans: It doesn’t cause any health concerns, Urinary tract infection causes in women most commonly due to touching genital areas with dirty hands, or toilet water splashing during using a public toilet, but it has not been reported that toilet water splashing in your home toilet caused any issue. 

Q.2 What To Do If My Toilet Water Splashes Up While Flushing?

Ans: If your toilet water splashes up on you when you flush it then maybe the rim pores become clogged and require thorough cleaning. 
Always close the toilet lid first before flushing your toilet bowl to avoid water splashing on you. 

Q.3 Can You Get STD From Toilet Water Splashing?

Ans:  STD means Sexually Transmitted Disease, and toilet water splashing doesn’t cause such type of problem. Any illegal physical relationship with a partner is the main cause of this problem. There is not any single report has been noted that stated that toilet water splashing causes STDs. 

Q.4 How Do You Stop Poop Water From Splashing?

Ans: There are 4 different ways to stop poop water from splashing:
1. Throw some toilet paper into the toilet bowl water.
2. Change your sitting posture in the toilet seat.
3. Choose the right spot for pooping in the toilet bowl.
4. Use a Raised toilet seat.
You can get a detailed guide about each above-mentioned method to prevent toilet water splashing in our article.

Q.5 Toilet Water Splashing In My Mouth And On My Lip What To Do?

Ans: If toilet water splashes during flushing or defecation in your mouth or on your lip then you don’t need to worry about it. I have also faced this issue when the toilet water touches my lips during my deposit to fall into the toilet bowl. 
The water supply in the toilet bowl is the same as your home sink and shower. And this is safe until your toilet bowl is clean. If you find that your toilet bowl is not cleaned then you can disinfect the contaminated area using toilet soap, or something else. 

Q.6 Toilet Water Splashing Into My Eye What Should I Do?

Ans: You don’t need to panic, this is normal. You will not face any issues when the toilet water splashed in the eye. Simply rinse it using clean water and that’s it. If you face some issue in your eye then take the doctor’s advice immediately. 

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