Can I Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner To Clean My Sink: [Avoid These Things]

Toilet bowl cleaner is a great alternative to clean many things in your home other than a toilet bowl but using it to clean your bathroom sink is right or not?

According to my personal experience, most kitchen and bathroom cleaners can be used in place of each other. 

A toilet bowl cleaner comes with these ingredients:

  • Sodium Hydrochloride
  • Fatty acid
  • Bleach
  • Detergent
  • Abrasive Agent
  • Fragrance
  • Potassium Iodide

Detergent in a toilet cleaner helps to remove grease stains from the surface. Bleach is a diluted solution of sodium hypochlorite and helps to kill bacteria from your toilet and sink. 

These ingredients make a toilet cleaner a safe choice to clean your bathroom sink, but you have to take care of a few important things before using it to clean your bathroom sink such as:

  1. Whatever toilet bowl cleaner you are going to use, make sure it is safe on using porcelain.
  2. Always wear your safety equipment such as hand gloves, goggles, etc before cleaning your bathroom sink with a toilet cleaner. 
  3. Make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated before starting the cleaning process.

Now I’m going to share some simple steps to clean your bathroom sink using a toilet cleaner.

Steps To Clean Sink Using A Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clean sink using toilet bowl cleaner
Clean sink using toilet bowl cleaner

A bathroom sink can be used every day by every family member for cleaning teeth, washing hands, etc. This makes your bathroom sink an easy shelter for harmful germs, bacteria, stains, and unpleasant smells.

This is why your bathroom sink required a quick wipe-down daily and a thorough cleaning once a week. 

Required tools:

  1. A good toilet cleaner
  2. A cloth
  3. Hand gloves and safety goggles

Step 1: Your bathroom sink gets stains of soap and dirt. First, you need to take hot water and splash it into the area where you will see a stain of soap and dirt. It will lose dirt particles and help to clean them well.

Step 2: Now take your toilet bowl cleaner and spray it over the sink and leave it for a few seconds.

Step 3: Most toilet cleaners don’t require scrubbing the surface. Simply rinse your bathroom sink with water.

Step 4: Now take a dry cloth and clean the remaining water stain from your sink surface. 

How To Remove Hard Water Stain From Your Bathroom Sink?

If you live in such a place where water pipes deliver hard water then your sink can get hard water stains easily. 

To clean hard water stains from the sink follow these steps:

Step 1: Take your bathroom toilet cleaner and spray it on the sink until it gets wet. Focus on the area which is affected by hard water more.

Step 2: Now leave the surface for 20 seconds so that the toilet cleaner sits well on your sink surface and the chemical of toilet bowl cleaner can trigger. 

Step 3: Rinse the sink and wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

Step 4: To clean stubborn hard water stains, repeat the process two to three times for better results. 

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How To Whitened Sink After Using Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

Although a sink becomes white after cleaning it using a toilet cleaner, you may encounter yellowish stains over the sink. 

To clean the stubborn yellow stain from your sink you can use bleaching powder. Bleach is a powerful cleaning agent that not only whitens your sink but also disinfects your sick.

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How To Sanitize Your Sink?

If you want to sanitize your sink then you can use your toilet cleaner. Splash the toilet cleaner inside and outside of your sink thoroughly and leave the surface for 30 seconds. Now rinse the sink with water and clean the surface using a dry cloth.

Now your sink becomes sanitized and fresh for your next use. 

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Your bathroom sink is a very important part of your bathroom which is used every day by your family members. Thorough cleaning is a must for your family’s better health. I’ve mentioned some effective ways to clean sinks in this article. 

You can definitely use a toilet bowl cleaner such as Lysol toilet bathroom cleaner to clean it. You can also use any other toilet bowl cleaner for the same.

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Q.1 Can You Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner On Stainless Steel Sink?

Ans: Toilet bowl cleaner works on porcelain sinks effectively but it is not much effective in cleaning a stainless steel sink. You can use a normal dishwasher with a scrub to clean a stainless steel sink.  

Q.2 What Should You Use To Clean A Bathroom Sink?

Ans: You can use a normal bathroom cleaner to clean your bathroom sink. You can also use your toilet bowl cleaner if your bathroom has a porcelain sink. 

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