Can You Use Toilet Bowl Cleaner On Fiberglass [Solved]

This is not necessary to buy a cleaner to clean different things in your home or outdoor gear. A toilet bowl cleaner in your bathroom does most of the job. Trust me this is such a super easy and economic solution to clean most of the things that you find a hurdle to clean before.

Yes, you can use a toilet bowl cleaner on fiberglass especially to clean your fiberglass boat, boat hull, etc. This is a quick and easy process to remove those yellow, brownish stains from the fiberglass surface of your boat or boat hull.

In this article, we have also covered how to use a toilet bowl cleaner to clean fiberglass boats, boat hulls, etc in the right way to clean the brown or yellowish stains in an easy manner. 

Let’s first understand the chemical components of a toilet bowl cleaner that are effective in fiberglass cleaning.

Chemical Components Of A Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

  1. Hydrochloric Acid
  2. Chlorine Bleach
  3. Fragrances
  4. Fatty acid
  5. Detergent
  6. Abrasive Agent
  7. Potassium Iodide

Hydrochloric acid is one of the main chemical components to remove stubborn stains from fiberglass fast and effectively. This is a strong acid that is really effective to remove grease and oil stains from your fiberglass boat and hull in an effective manner.

As mentioned above this is a strong acid so you must have to wear hand gloves, and safety goggles while using a toilet cleaner. 

Chlorine beach is another common component in most toilet cleaners. It is effective in removing stains and also killed harmful bacteria. You have to wear proper safety gear while using it and also avoid mixing it with other cleaning chemicals because it produces a toxic odor. 

How To Use A Toilet Bowl Cleaner To Clean Fiberglass: [A Step-By-Step Guide]

Steps to clean fiberglass boat or boat hull using a toilet bowl cleaner:

Step 1: First wear your hand gloves and safety glasses before using a toilet bowl cleaner for cleaning stuff.

Step 2: You need to directly apply a very small quantity over the surface of your fiberglass boat or hull which required cleaning.

Step 3: Simply pour a very small quantity of toilet bowl cleaner on your hand gloves and gently rub over the dirty surface of your fiberglass boat or hull. 

Step 4: Rub gently by rotating your hand in a circle.

Step 5: Apply toilet bowl cleaner over all the surfaces which you think become dull due to stains.

Step 6: Leave the surface for 1 or 2 minutes.

Step 7: Now rinse your boat or hull fiberglass surface by sprinkling water using your garden hose pipe. 

That’s it. You will sock by seeing the results. Every single stain has gone from your fiberglass boat. 

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Toilet Bowl Cleaner And Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Algae From A Fiberglass Boat

If you want to remove algae from your fiberglass boat then you can use a mixture of toilet bowl cleaner and hydrogen peroxide to remove them completely and also prevent them from growing again.

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: First wear your hand gloves and safety glasses first.

Step 2: Take a plastic spray bottle and pour half of your toilet bowl cleaner and half of the hydrogen peroxide.

Step 3: Now put the bottle sprayer cap on and close it tightly.

Step 4: Give a shake to mix them well before applying.

Step 5: Now just spray the mixture over the surface which is affected by algae and stain.

Step 6: Leave the surface for a few minutes after spraying.

Step 7: Now wash the surface by sprinkling water using a garden hose pipe.

Note: Don’t prewash or scrub the surface of your fiberglass boat before spraying the mixture of toilet bowl cleaner and hydrogen peroxide. 

This process is very simple and effective and doesn’t require scrubbing. 

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A toilet bowl cleaner is very effective in cleaning fiberglass boats and boat hulls. This takes very less time in cleaning and it cleaning is very effective. 

I personally use my bathroom’s normal toilet bowl cleaner to clean my fiberglass boat once a month. 


Q.1 Can I Use Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner To Clean Fiberglass?

Ans: Yes, Lysol is a cheap and effective toilet cleaner and works great in cleaning fiberglass stains. You can use it to clean yellow or brownish stains from a fiberglass boat or boat hull.

Q.2 What Is The Best Thing To Use To Clean A Fiberglass Boat?

Ans: Simply use a toilet cleaner to clean your fiberglass boat. You can either use a Lysol toilet cleaner or a homemade toilet cleaner for this purpose. This is a cheap and effective way that required a few minutes in complete cleaning. 

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