John Deere 5055e Problems And Their Quick Fix

John Deere 5055e is one of the most popular tractor models. The tractor is known for its classic manual equipment and it doesn’t have too many fancy electric features.

With time, many customers face some common or serious issues with their tractors, it doesn’t matter which brand you bought.

Here in this article, we’ve listed some very common issues that you can fix on your own, but some serious issues need an expert technician’s help.

So without further ados let’s get started…

5 Basic John Deere 5055e Problems And Their Solutions

1. Diesel Doesn’t Crank Problem

Diesel engines are very popular among people due to their reliability and are much better than Gasoline engine tractors. But sometimes people face diesel doesn’t crank problems in their tractors.

Let’s first understand the working process of a Diesel engine, which helps to understand the real cause of the problem of your John Deere tractor engine.

Working Process Of A Diesel Engine

A diesel engine is different from a gasoline engine and it doesn’t have a carburetor and spark plug to ignite the fuel inside the engine.

  1. At first, when the engine starts, air enters the cylinder, and when the fuel burns, heat is generated.
  2. Now, Inside the cylinder, the air is compressed, and when we compress something it is heated up.
  3. Now we have compressed and hot air which is ready to burn the fuel. For this fuel, injector rods spray the fuel inside the cylinder and when the fuel and heated air come together they produce a large amount of heat that moves the pistons of the diesel engine.
  4. The last part is to throw away the fumes created by the above process otherwise there is a chance of the engine being damaged.

Solution: If your tractor diesel engine doesn’t crank then first check its fuel filter. Sometimes fuel filter is jammed due to dust particles which prevent fuel from entering the engine from the fuel tank.

Here, you need to check the fuel filter and clean it properly, if it gets damaged replace it immediately. Here your problem can be solved if there is an issue with the fuel filter.

But if the fuel filter is okay, there may be other reasons for this problem let’s inspect them.

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Check The Fuel Type

  • Sometimes fuel injector rods are unable to spray enough fuel inside the cylinder. One reason for this problem is that the injector rods may have been damaged due to high pressure.

Solution: Check the injector rods thoroughly and repair them if they are damaged.

  • Another reason could be the fuel pump is unable to deliver enough amount of fuel into the combustion chamber.

Solution: Check the fuel pump timing and if it is unable to flow enough fuel then I would suggest you take the help of an expert to correct this issue.

2. Steering Wheel Turns Without Resistance Problem

Although the John Deere tractor is made for rough and tough use, Sometimes due to rough and dumpsite, some parts get damaged, causing your 5055e model steering wheel to turn without resistance.

There may be three reasons for this problem:

  • Might be the steering cylinder of the John Deere 5055e got damaged.
  • Inadequate oil level inside the tank.
  • There is air in its hydraulic system.

Solution: If there is a problem with the steering cylinder must get the help of an expert to fix this issue. Inadequate oil level is a problem that can be fixed on your own if you have some technical knowledge of the machines.

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3. Hydraulic Malfunction In John Deere 5055e Model

John Deere 5055e is a rough and tough model among its other popular models and it is designed to work continuously, even with proper care, the moving parts of its hydraulic system get damaged with time.

Keeping the Tractor ideal for a long period would be the one reason for such an issue. The hydraulic problem creates some major issues for your tractor such as the fuel tank of your John Deere 5055e can be melted.

How To Figure Out The Problem In The Hydraulic System Of John Deere 5055e?

To get the optimum performance from your tractor, you need to troubleshoot its hydraulic system properly repair the damaged parts, and keep proper maintenance to avoid any interruption of your activity.

  • Check The System Pump: Often people forget to check the oil level of the different parts of their tractor such as an engine or Hydraulic system which causes the system pump to generate annoying sounds. Check the oil level of different parts of your John Deere 5055e properly and try to maintain its level to ensure proper lubrication to its parts.

The viscosity of oil also affects the performance of your tractor’s hydraulic system, if it is not up to mark change the oil or oil filter accordingly.

  • Low Oil Flow In The System Pump: If the system pump has low oil flow that means there is a fitting issue or air leakage issue in the pump inlet line.

Solution: Replace the damaged parts of the oil flow assembly and this problem will be fixed.

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4. Diesel Motor Will Not Start In John Deere 5055e

There are several reasons behind this problem, but the most common reason for this problem is a faulty starter.

Another reason for this problem is the low outside temperature (maybe it’s winter), Fuel supply gets stuck due to fuel filters or fuel lines being choked by dust particles.

In the second case, you need to either clean the fuel filter or fuel line and if they get damaged, you need to replace them and it will not cost you much.

But if the starter has some issues then you’ll face problems during starting the engine, it cranks but is not started. You are trying to push the ignition switch over and over but nothing works to start the engine of your tractor.

Solution: If there is a problem with the starter then you have to purchase a complete kit of starter and solenoid that will cost you a lot after the expiry of the warranty period.

If you’ve faced such an issue with your John Deere 5055e that the diesel motor takes a long time to start regularly then there may be a possibility that the fuel vent and exhaust pipe become clogged, and need cleaning. Sometimes the clogged fuel filter also creates such a problem and can easily be fixed by cleaning it.

5. John Deere PTO Problems And Solutions

The maximum PTO power of a John Deere 5055e tractor is 41 PTO horsepower with 2100 RPM. Its power gets affected due to malfunction in this section.

There is no possible reason behind this problem, but some assume that it could be due to the high temperature. One more possible reason for this problem could be, that its economic Handle might not be engaged properly.

Solution: Its solution is very easy, the company provides a complete step-by-step solution to solve this issue in their user manual. Just reset its engaged handle and your problem will be solved.

John Deere 5055e Problems (FAQ)

1 . How Much Horse Power Is A JD 5055e?

The rated power of John Deere 5055e At 2100 rpm: is 43.9 kW
59 hp and Maximum PTO Power At 2100 rpm: 30.5 kW
41 PTO hp.

2. How Long Is A John Deere 5055e With A Loader?

Its length is around 137.8 inches and 350 cm.

3. How much does a John Deere 5055E weigh with a loader?

Its weight is around 5070 to 5505 pounds.


John Deere 5055e is one of the best tractors and it will give its good service for years if you keep its proper maintenance.

With time, every machine faces some issues that can be solved easily with proper knowledge of your machine structure. Here in this article, I’ve tried to cover some basic problems and the solutions that your John Deere 5055e tractor faces.

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