10 Kubota M6060 Problems[Quick Troubleshoot]

The Kubota M6060 is a well-known lawn tractor. It is widely used for its versatility, ease of operation, low operating costs, and high productivity. The Kubota M6060 is a good choice for homeowners and commercial users who want to enjoy a safe and efficient way of mowing their lawns.

This is a good machine for people who want to spend less time working on their lawns and more time enjoying the process.

But like all tractors, it can be complicated to repair, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. This guide will help you diagnose problems and fix them yourself so you can keep your Kubota M6060 working at peak performance for years to come. 

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Kubota M6060 Problems: Causes & Quick Fix Guide

Kubota M6060 problems and quick fix guide

1. Kubota M6060 Loosing Power

This is a problem that many Kubota owners face when their tractor becomes old or if it is used very often. If you face a power loss problem with your Kubota checks these components to fix this issue.

Possible Reasons: Check the transmission fluid and relief valve for possible damage. Sometimes the speed control linkage also creates power loss issues in the Kubota tractors. 

Solutions: Lack of transmission fluid creates so many problems, and power loss is one of them. Maintain the level of the transmission fluid. If the relief valve is damaged, replace it. 

Check if the speed control linkage is in good condition, adjust its settings, or replace it if needed to fix the power loss problem of the Kubota M6060.

2. Kubota M6060 PTO Issue

The power take-off (PTO) system is used to transfer power from a tractor to a secondary machine, such as a generator, Pallet forks, Disc Cultivator Garden Bedder, etc.

PTO issue in Kubota M6060
PTO issue in Kubota M6060

The PTO system can be attached to tractors ranging from light to heavy-duty, with capacities of 3 hp to 250 hp. It is available as a standalone unit or integrated into the tractor’s transmission.

The Kubota M6060 tractor has a PTO system that allows you to use the tractor’s engine to run other equipment, such as a generator or alternator. The Kubota M6060 PTO system consists of a clutch, a belt, and a transmission that is located under the tractor seat.

How To Test The PTO?

The easiest way to test the Kubota M6060 PTO is to attach a 2-speed electric motor to the tractor’s engine. When you turn the ignition key, the electric motor will start and you can drive the tractor with the electric motor attached to it.

How To Fix PTO Engagement Problem?

Many Kubota owners face this problem with the M6060 model that is the PTO shaft won’t turn even after engaging its clutch

The problem persists even when the PTO light is on. 

The PTO engagement problem seems difficult to troubleshoot but these simple steps can solve the Kubota M6060 PTO engagement problem with ease.

1. Examine the condition of the linkage in the hand lever of the clutch, if it is bent or not. A bend linkage prevents the clutch from engaging. If the linkage is disconnected or bent, fix it to sort out this issue. 

2. Always try to turn the PTO shaft with your hand. This makes the overall mechanism free and then it will turn easily. Now move it in another direction so that it can engage properly.

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3. kubota M6060 DPF Problems

The DPF also known as “Diesel Particulate Filter” is responsible to ensure that your tractor runs smoke-free. It filters the black soot from the exhaust gas and makes sure that you work with full power without leaving any pollution in the atmosphere.

DPF enhances the power of your Kubota, makes it less noisy, and also enhances its efficiency.

If you forget about cleaning the DPF on time then without proper maintenance you will face some issues such as the filter might be damaged due to the excessive ash build-up, and it also reduces the life of your tractor. 

To solve the DPF problem you should have to clean it on per regular basis. Carelessness will end up in a permanently clogged DPF, which is really hard to clean and it also makes it more difficult to remove the soot.

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4. Kubota M6060 Regeneration Problems

The term “regeneration” refers to the situation where Kubota DPF has to burn out all the particulates after 16 to 20 hours of Kubota operations. 

Such kind of 3000 working hours and 1000 regeneration cycles make the Diesel Particulate Filter clogged and is required thorough cleaning. 

If a Kubota owner failed to clean or maintain the DPF on time then it will hinder the regeneration cycle and creates problems such as low fuel efficiency, the tractor being unable to run at full power, etc.

To solve the Kubota M6060 regeneration problem you have to do the off-machine type cleaning of DPF and other related components.

5. Kubota M6060 Hard To Start Problem

Sometimes Kubota engine takes time to start or it won’t start. 

Reason for this problem:  There is some problem with the fuel filter. Another possible cause of this problem is the presence of air in the fuel system. If there is leakage in the fuel system, then the Kubota engine won’t start. 

How To Fix M6060 Engine Hard To Start Problem?

Solution: Check if the fuel injection nozzle is clean or not. If it gets dirty or jammed with dust or debris then clean it properly. If it is broken, replace it. Do service of fuel nozzle once a month to avoid such problem. If the fuel injection pump is broken then replace it to avoid an engine that won’t start or hard to start problem.

6. How To Fix Kubota M6060 Engine Stall While Running Problem?

Kubota M6060 engine stall while running problem can be caused by several reasons.

Reasons for this problem: Some possible reasons for this problem might be the setting of the timing of the fuel injection pump is wrong. The fuel filter might be clogged, and the engine is not preheated. 

Solution:  Fix the timing setting of the fuel injection pump. If the fuel filter is clogged then clean it, and if cleaning is not possible then replace it. If the engine is not preheated then warm it up to the required temperature. 

7. Kubota M6060 Overheating Problem

Reason for this problem: There are many reasons why your Kubota engine overheats which are Clogged radiator fins, jammed radiator cap, lack of proper coolant, and fan belt might be loose or damaged and the oil level in the engine might be low. 

Solution: If your Kubota M6060 engine overheats, then clean the clogged radiator fins by removing them. Ensure proper cooling for the engine, and replace the fan belt if you found it damaged. maintain the proper oil level for the engine. 

8. Kubota M6060 Hydraulic System Is Too Hot

Reasons: The hydraulic fluid should be kept within a certain temperature range for efficient operation. The hydraulic system can get very hot when you use the wrong type of oil or dirty oil. Another possible reason for this problem is air in the hydraulic system. 

Solutions: Use the right hydraulic fluid, If the hydraulic oil is dirty replace it. Air leakage problems can be solved by changing the main relief valve. A damaged relief valve is the most common cause of air bleeding. 

9. Lack Of Hydraulic Pressure Issue

Sometimes the hydraulic fluid doesn’t create enough pressure, or sometimes there is a leak in the system. These can cause some pretty strange problems.

Reasons: The main reason for such a problem is the lack of hydraulic fluid, Hydraulic fluid filters might be clogged, leakage in the hydraulic piping, and damaged hydraulic pump and hydraulic cylinder.

Solutions: To solve the lack of hydraulic pressure problems, follow these steps:

First, check the level of hydraulic fluid level, if it is low then filled it. If you have an inadequate supply of oil in the system, the pump will not be able to provide enough pressure to push the fluid through the system.

Clean the hydraulic fluid filter if you find it clogged. Damaged hydraulic pipes and hydraulic cylinders can be corrected by replacing them with new ones. 

10. Kubota M6060 Engine Makes Abnormal Noise 

Many Kubota owners claimed that the engine creates a knocking noise after the start. This is really frustrating if you buy a new Kubota tractor for your farm. 

Reasons: Some very common reasons behind this problem are low oil level in the engine, lack of proper coolant, broken pistons, and wrong setting of the fuel injection pump. Connecting rods and defective or aligned wrongly. 

Solutions: To solve the knowing noise problem, make sure that the oil level inside the engine is maintained. Preheat the engine up to the desired temperature, and make sure the coolant system works correctly. 

correct the setting of the fuel injection pump. If the piston is worn or defective replace it. Align the connection rods or if the damage is severe replace them. 

Conclusion about the common problems of Kubota M6060 and their troubleshooting

In conclusion, I hope that this article will help you to understand the common problems of Kubota M6060 and their troubleshooting. If you still have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. We will reply to you as soon as possible.


Q.1 How Much Does Kubota M6060 Cost?

Ans: The price of Kubota M6060 is usually between $45000 to $50,000. The price depends on the location, transportation charge, etc.

Q.2 How Much Can A Kubota M6060 Lift?

Ans: The maximum weight of the Kubota M6060 is 2270kg (5005 lbs). The lifting capacity of M6060 is 3,307 lbs.

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