10 Fiberglass Door Problems:[A Quick Fix Guide]

Fiberglass doors are known for their elegant looks and durability and are the first choice for many homeowners. Fiberglass is a great material for building exterior doors. However, there are a few problems that can occur with these doors that you should know about.

We’ve all had to deal with a door that won’t open, that sticks, that squeaks, that rattles, that warps, or that doesn’t fit the frame perfectly.

The good news is that you can fix most of these problems yourself. You just need to know what to look for and how to fix them. We will show you how to check for problems, how to repair them, and how to prevent them from recurring.
So without further ado, let’s get started…

10 Fiberglass Door Problems And Their Quick Solutions

some most fiberglass door problems

1. Cracks:

Cracks are one of the most common problems with fiberglass doors. Dents are rare on fiberglass doors. 

What causes cracks in fiberglass doors?

Cracks in a door occur when there is an uneven surface or the door is not properly installed. Another reason for cracking a fiberglass door is, that it gets hit by some heavy objects like a football, or an errant golf ball. 

It can even crack when someone forcefully hit it. Improper packaging and poor delivery service can also cause cracks in a fiberglass door.

The fiberglass door frame is made of wood stiles and rails which must be painted otherwise it gets water and rod easily and cracks sometimes.  

You can fix normal cracks by using Bondo. You can use this substance to fill the gap. You can use a sharp pencil to hide the filling with the door grains. 

2. Draft Issue

Fiberglass doors are usually constructed using a sandwich-like arrangement of wood or composite frames and glass panes.

Most of the time the glass panes are fixed inside the door frame using a type of adhesive called glazing. This creates a seal and prevents air from leaking around the edges of the glass panes.

It will ensure that there will be no gaps between the glass panes and the framing materials.

The glue that fixes the glass panes is made from a synthetic resin called urethane. Urethane is known for its amazing resistance against extreme temperatures and humidity.

Although, urethane glue has been known to gradually lose its strength over time due to long-term exposure to high temperatures or extreme humidity.

When this happens, the glass panes start to move inwards. This is referred to as the ‘draft’ phenomenon.

It is easy to recognize the draft phenomenon in fiberglass doors. The door panels tend to bow and eventually collapse. If this happens, you need to replace the fiberglass door with a new one.

3. Causes Of Wear & Tear On Fiberglass Door

You will face normal wear and tear on your fiberglass door over time. If this is your front door then wind, rain, and bright sun make its surface dull and faded out. 

wear & tear problem on fiberglass doors
wear & tear on a fiberglass door

Some brands offer a minimum of 5 years of warranty on their fiberglass doors. If you rarely use your door then this also causes it loses its finish and looks outdated. 

You can avoid normal wear and tear on your fiberglass door by following these steps:

1. Keep your door in a clean environment. Clean your door regularly with a soft brush and water.

2. Don’t use any hard objects to polish your door. Use only soft items like cloth or sponge.

3. You should keep your door in a well-ventilated place to prevent moisture from entering inside.

4. Do not use bleach or any other chemicals to clean your door.

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4. Latching Issue

What is the latching issue of a fiberglass door?

The latching issue of a fiberglass door refers to the door’s ability to stay closed. There are many different things that can cause the latching issue of a fiberglass door. The most common cause of this problem is the use of a cheap latch.

A cheap latch is unable to pull the door and close it tightly, and if you push hard to activate the latch then your door might be damaged. 

You can fix the latching issue of your fiberglass door by checking if the door fits perfectly with the jamb. You have to use some screws to fit your door with its jamb if it is not fit perfectly. 

Now simply align the latch area with the door by preinstalling it.  

5. Refinishing

Fiberglass door refinishing is a little bit difficult. You have to take care of many things before you refinish your fiberglass door. This is a complex and time taking process. 

Why staining a fiberglass front door is difficult?

Stain brand’s safety rules and regulations are strict to follow such as the right temperature to apply the stain, and the number of cleaning chemicals to avoid removing the existing finish. 

To achieve a perfect finish you need to work in a place where sunlight is little and direct and the wind is also blowing slowly.

Sunlight and wind can dry the stain too quickly which causes uneven and dull stains on the surface of the fiberglass door. 

Proper finish requires many days, and you are unable to install your door during that period of time, which is pretty long. 

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6. Loose Screw

The fiberglass door was made to last. But, the constant use of the door over time has caused it to lose its integrity. The door has lost its shape and become warped. The door hinges have become loose and have begun to work their way out of the door.

The door has been used by the family daily. It’s been slammed, kicked, and banged. The kids have played with it, and the dog has run through it. You can use a drill to fix any loose screws or bolts. You’ll also need to use a wrench to tighten any loose screws or bolts. 

7. Cracks

Cracking problems on a fiberglass door are often caused by a change in the humidity levels in the area. This can cause the surface of the fiberglass to become dry and brittle. This can lead to the cracking of the fiberglass. Cracks can be caused by temperature changes. Cracks can also be caused by the expansion and contraction of the glass fiber material.

Cracks cause the temperature misbalance in your home because this normal gap allows cold winds inside and it will increase your overall bill for energy. 

8. Sticking

If your fiberglass is most often used then there are chances that its hinges become loose or worn, and the door gets stuck during opening and closing. 

You can also face the door sticking problem if your fiberglass door is not installed or aligned properly. Check if the hinges are loose or clogged with dust or debris. Clean them properly and if the problem remains the same then replace them. 

9. Graining

You can choose some artificial patterns such as wood grain, or vinyl on your fiberglass door. You will get a realistic wooden texture on your fiberglass door which will cost you a little bit higher. 

On the other hand, some low-cost, inexpensive fiberglass doors also come with woody textures and patterns, but they look fake and unrealistic. 

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10. Price

The cost of fiberglass doors is affected by several factors, including the material, the design, the finishing, the manufacturing process, the labor, and the shipping.

A basic fiberglass door with a simple design and basic looks will cost you around $500, but if you want a premium finish, with some elegant texture and patterns on your fiberglass door then it will cost you several thousands of dollars. 


In conclusion, fiberglass doors are a great choice for homeowners looking for a durable, low-maintenance door. However, It gets some issues with the passing of time, like loose hinges, cracks, color fading out, etc. 

With proper maintenance and careful usage keep your door looks good and works fine, without much maintenance. If you face some issues with your fiberglass door then you can check out this post where I’ve mentioned all the most common problems in detail and how to fix them.


Q.1 What Are The Best Ways To Clean A Fiberglass Door?

Ans: The cleaning process of the fiberglass door is very simple. You can use a soft brush or a soft damp cloth to clean it.

Q.2 Why Is My Fiberglass Door Warping?

Ans: You can expect to see a little warping of the fiberglass if you have a new or older door. There are many reasons for your door wrapping such as temperature, moisture, etc.

It can also be caused by improper installation, especially if the installer did not use a proper wood mounting kit, or if the door has been in storage for a long time. 

To avoid warping keep your door clean, and keep it away from excessive heat and a moist environment.

Q.3 How Long Do Fiberglass Doors Last?

Ans: The life of fiberglass doors is determined by a number of factors, such as the quality of installation and the maintenance performed on the door. The average lifespan of a fiberglass door varies from 10 to 15 years. Fiberglass doors are made up of glass fiber matting. They are extremely durable and lighter than the other materials.

Q.4 What Are Some Advantages Of Fiberglass Doors?

Ans: Fiberglass doors have several benefits, some are:
1. Strong and durable.
2. Fiberglass doors can be painted and stained, making them look just like any other type of door.
3. They are also resistant to rot, mold, and mildew.
4. Fiberglass doors can be made to look exactly like wood doors.
5. Easy to install and easy to maintain. 
6. They are a great option for people who want to install a new door without having to worry about the cost of replacing an old one.

Q.5 What Are Some Drawback Of Fiberglass Doors?

Ans: Some downsides of fiberglass doors are:
1. They are not as durable as wood or vinyl-based doors. 
2. Although you will get some woody or vinyl texture that looks great initially it does not feel like the real wood or vinyl over time.
3. Fiberglass is not biodegradable. 

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