Sealing Gap Between Garage Floor And Wall [Solved]

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How To Fix The Sealing Gap Between Garage Floor And Wall?

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have a garage with a gap between the floor and the wall. That gap can be a major problem because it allows moisture and water to seep into the wall and cause damage.

Not to be worried about it as there are some simple, inexpensive methods that you can use to prevent this from happening. In this post, we’ll discuss the most common types of garage floor and wall gaps, and the best ways to fix them.

So let’s get started!

There are many ways to seal a garage floor and wall gap but some of them are really tiresome, expensive, and cumbersome. 

5 Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Fix The Sealing Gap Between The Garage Floor And Wall

Here, I’ve listed some quick and inexpensive methods to fix the gap which are:

1. Use Caulk To Seal The Garage Floor And Wall Gaps

This process is very effective to seal the gap between the garage floor and the wall. This is a long-lasting solution that keeps the water out from the joints.

caulking for sealing gap between the garage floor and wall
Caulking to seal the gap between the garage floor and wall

Cracks and gaps in your garage not only look bad but also allow water in it. If the water goes inside the gap, it will freeze and make the gap bigger. You can fix this problem using a Urethane-based caulk.

Inspect these possible gaps across your home once a year. If you find them filled them with a urethane or polyurethane-based caulk to prevent leakage and further damage to the foundation. 

You can easily find this caulk in any hardware store. If the gap is wider than 1/4 inch then you have to use a backer rod to support the caulk. 

backer rod is also easily available in your local hardware store. One useful tip is that buy the backer rod one size larger than the gap, this will stick with the gap tightly. 

Always use hand gloves before using a urethane caulk because this material sticks very quickly. Try to keep away from your bare hand and clothes. 

For installation you will have these tools:

  • Caulk gun
  • A flat small wood piece or a spoon.
  • Hand gloves


  • Urethane-based caulk.
  • Mineral spirit
  • Backer rod

Steps to fix garage floor and wall gap using urethane caulk:

  1. Take the foam rod and press it with your hand as much that it goes up to 1/4 inches down into the gap.
  2. Cut the tip of the caulk gun as wide as the gap is. Take the caulking gun at a 30-degree angle, and apply the caulk with smooth and even motion.
  3. Now use a flat wood piece or a spoon to smooth the surface where you have applied the caulk. 
  4. When the smoothing is completed you can clean the spoon using the spirit mineral or a reg.
  5. Leave the caulk for 24 hours so that it can dry and create a tight seal across the gap.

Remember, narrow gaps can be fixed without using a beaker rod. A gap of 1/4 inch wide or less can be fixed by only applying the caulk. 

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2. Use Vinyl based molding

Vinyl-based molding is another option to seal the gap between the garage floor and the wall. This looks great and adds contrast to the look of your garage. 

Vinyl to seal the gap between the garage floor and wall
Vinyl to seal the gap between the garage floor and wall

The installation is also very easy. Follow these steps to install it:

1. Measure the dimension of your wall so that you can cut it into a perfect size. 

2. Unfold this vinyl wall base and cut it as per the measurement of your garage wall.

3. Use some good quality adhesive such as Loctite, or any other so that it will stick well.

4. To ensure waterproofing you can do caulking at its base where the gap is. 

And that’s it. It looks great and is also an effective way to seal the gap in your garage wall and floor. 

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3. Backer Rod + Silicone Caulk Fix

Steps to fix the gap between the garage floor and the wall using backer rod and silicone fixture:

Backer rod for garage floor and wall gap sealing
Backer rod for garage floor and wall gap sealing

1. At first you need to clean the structure using a hand brush. Simply clean the surface of the structure so that all the dust and debris will clean up and make the surface ready for the further process.

2. Use masking tape and apply it to the wall surface and the floor surface to ensure you will get a clean look after sealing the gap between the garage floor and the wall.

3. Now take a good quality primer and apply it over and around the gap to ensure optimal adhesion by using a small brush.

4. Now it’s time to install the backer rod across the gap. 

5. Now take a sealant gun and apply the sealant all over that gap with steady pressure. Make sure that the sealant is applied perfectly over the gap.

6. Now take a small flat wood piece and press it over the surface where you’ve applied the sealant. Smooth the sealant and press it into the joints to ensure you will get good adhesion. 

7. The last step is removing the masking tape from the structure to get a clean and perfect sealant surface between the garage floor and the wall.

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4. Use Vulkem 116

Vulkem is a gun-grade sealant, it helps in moisture curing. You can also use it in water-soaked places.

Vulkem 116
Vulkem 116

You can apply it using any conventional caulking equipment. Make sure that the beaker rod is friction fitted properly and that you have applied any primer. Fill the joint completely and ensure that no gap is left behind and then smooth the surface so that it looks great after the installation.

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5. Spray Foam To Fill The Large Gap Between The Garage Floor And Wall

Spray foam is a great way to fill large gaps between drywall, plaster, and other surfaces. It’s a great alternative to traditional caulking and mud. expansion foam helps to fill the gap between the garage floor and the wall effectively.

Spray foam
Spray foam

Steps to use the spray to fill the gap and fix the sealant:

1. The first step is to prepare the surface where you want to apply foam spray to fix the sealing. Wear your safety glasses, clean the surface by using a wire brush and clean the dust or debris from the surface. 

2. Apply foam: Now it’s time to apply the foam in the gap. Wear gloves and safety glasses, then shake the can well, attach the tube applicator, and insert the tip of the tube applicator into the gap between the garage floor and the wall. 

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Now press the trigger of the can so that the foam can disperse in the gap. Do this process until the gap is filled partially because the foam will expand later on.  

4. Now take a spoon or a knife and spread the foam all over the gap evenly. 

5. Wait: Once you’ve applied the foam, it’s time to wait. You have to wait until the foam has set and dried. If you’re working in a garage, you might want to put up a tarp or cover the area with plastic to stop the foam from getting on other items in the garage.

6. When the foam becomes dry, use a knife to cut the excessive portion of the foam then use sandpaper until the foam is flush with the surface of the wall. 

Now you have all done. 

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Conclusion About The Sealing Gap Between The Garage Floor And Wall

Sealing the gap in your garage is not a difficult task. You can do this yourself without the need for professional help. Here, in this article, I’ve mentioned five simple and easy ways to fix the sealing between the garage floor and wall without investing too much time and money in it. 

If you have any questions feel free to leave your doubt in the comment section below, I’ll definitely read them and answer them as soon as possible.


Q.1 How do you fill a gap in the garage floor?

Ans: I’ve mentioned 5 proven ways to fill the gap between the garage floor and wall such as caulking, spray foam, Vulkan 116, etc. You can use any one of them without spending much time and effort. These methods are inexpensive also.

Q.2 How to fill the large gap in the garage?

Ans: Large gaps require additional components to fix the sealing so that water won’t penetrate inside.
You have to use a backer rod to ensure tight sealing across the gap.

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