6 Kioti Tractor Transmission Problems [Easy Fix]

Kioti tractors are known for their reliability. It can withstand severe weather conditions very well, you don’t need to worry about a hard start in cold weather conditions. 

After a few years of usage, many buyers face transmission problems with their Kioti. Before discussing the problem with the Kioti transmission system, let’s understand the different parts of the Kioti transmission system and how it works.

Different Parts Of The Kioti Transmission System

If you want to solve some most common problems of your Kioti transmission system then you must have to understand its different parts, because if any one of them failed, create a transmission problem to your tractor.

1. Clutch

The Clutch is a part of the transmission system of a tractor. It helps to engage or disengage the two torque transmission devices.  

2. Transmission

A transmission is a device that transmits power at varying speeds and torque. 

3. Power Take Off (PTO)

This is a stub shaft of the tractor. It transmits the power of the engine to the other moving parts attached to the rear part of the tractor. 

4. Differential

This is a special arrangement of the gears that allow rotation of one of the rear wheels at a different speed than the other wheel. 

5. Break

Breaks are part of the axle housing of your Kioti tractor, which helps to stop the rotation of the wheels of your tractor. 

6. Axle

There are two axles in every tractor. One is the front axle through which the front wheels are connected with some distance, and the second one is the rear axle, which transmits the torque generated in the differential to the rear wheels. 

Any malfunction in the above-mentioned parts creates a transmission problem in your Kioti tractor, and without proper knowledge about these parts, you are unable to identify the cause of the main problem.

6 Common Transmission Problems Of Kioti Tractor And Their Possible Solutions

Let’s identify some common transmission problems of your Kioti tractor and try to fix them without the help of a service technician. Most transmission-related problems can be solved easily but some major issues required expert technical help.  

1. Kioti Pto Not Engaging

Kioti PTO issue is very common and you will face this issue when you are trying to cut the tall bushes and it stuck into the flail mower. In this situation, the belt of your mover got damaged. 


To solve this issue, you can change the belt and try to engage the manual mover again. If it doesn’t work then try to switch the box blade to the back blade of the mover. This will engage the PTO lever again in most cases. 

If the problem remains the same then inspect some parts of your transmission system such as:

  • Check whether the Kioti Engine is working properly or not.
  • Is the transmission system ok or not?
  • FEL and 3pt in working condition or not?

Also, check the condition of the 5 A fuse. Check the oil level of your Kioti hydraulic system, if it is low fill it to the required level. 

Other Solutions Of Kioti PTO Won’t Engaging Problem:

  1. Check the clutch cable for any wear or tear. If they are torn or broken replace them. If they are fine then try to adjust them a little bit to solve this problem.
  2.  Make sure your Kioti tractor is not in neutral gear. 
  3. Also check the PTO cables, if they are in good condition or not. If needed replace them or try to make some adjustments. 

2. Kioti Tractor Clutch Problem

There are some very common clutch issues you will face with your Kioti tractor:

  • Failed clutch
  • Hard Clutch
  • Clutch Shifting Issue
  • Hard Gear Shifting Issue

Low maintenance and rough use of the tractor are the main cause of Kioti clutch problems.

To ensure the clutch works well, follow these steps:

  • You have to maintain your tractor well.
  • Change the clutch fluid and transmission on time.
  • Don’t put much stress on the clutch plate. 
  • Don’t keep your leg continuously on the clutch while driving your tractor, It makes the clutch plate weak when your Kioti runs on the gear. 

The hard clutch issue can be solved by maintaining the level of fluid in the clutch. Also, check the clutch wires for any wear or tear and replace them if needed.

Sometimes your Kioti gearshift becomes hard and it becomes really tough to operate the tractor. The problem occur when the clutch plate of your tractor failed. In this case, you need to contact your dealer to fix this issue.

3. Kioti Tractor Electrical Issue

Your Kioti moves wrongly if it has an electrical issue. It means when you try to move it forward, it will move backward, and the same thing happened when you try to move it in the backward direction, it will move forward. 

This is very dangerous because it can cause severe injury to the surrounding people and can damage the surrounding structures. 

Solution: This is a problem related to a computer program, and you can’t fix this issue on your own. You have to visit your dealer store to upgrade the computer software to solve this issue. 

4. Kioti Jerking Issue

If your Kioti jerk while shifting its gears or while running then it has a jerky transmission problem. 

Troubleshooting Kioti Jerky Transmission Problem:

  1. First Check the oil level in your transmission system, if it is low then fill it up to the required level. 
  2. If the oil level is correct and still your Kioti jerk then contact your dealer or the Kioti customer support to repair the transmission system.

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5. Gear Shifting Issue (Gear Sync Issue)

The problem is when you try to move the shuttle shift from neutral to forward or backward, it comes again into its neutral stage.

Troubleshooting gear shifting Or gear sync issues:

  1. First, check the hydraulic filter and change it if it wears out.
  2. Check the level of hydraulic fluid, and fill it up to the required level. 
  3. Make sure your tractor is stopped and the throttle is in ideal condition when you are trying to shift the shuttle. 
  4. Check the clutch for wear and tear, if it got damaged, then it will not engage in a proper way, and create a gear-shifting problem. 
  5.  Check the shuttle shift assembly, if there is enough friction for gear spinning or not. If not, contact your dealer to fix the friction in the shuttle shift assembly.   

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6. Leaking Problem In The Kioti Transmission System

After several months of use, the transmission system seal breaks and causes leakage. This type of problem is very common in those tractors in which low-quality transmission oil is issued. 

Another reason for this problem is if your tractor collides with a rough element and its box gets damaged. Ignoring this issue will damage the cranck of your Kioti transmission system so must contact your dealer to fix this issue as soon as possible.

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Kioti tractor transmission system consists of 6 main elements. I’ve mentioned a brief detail about all of them in this article because you have to inspect them first if you face a transmission issue with your Kioti tractor. 

I’ve mentioned all the possible reasons for the transmission problem in your Kioti tractor and mentioned their working solutions in this article.

Some fixes are easy and can be done without any expert help, but other problems required expert attention, for this, you have to visit your nearest dealer shop or contact Kioti customer support. 


Q.1 Are KIOTI Tractors Reliable?

Ans: Yes, Kioti tractors are reliable, and can bear severe weather conditions without any problem. Regular maintenance and proper handling don’t bother you in a long run.

Q.2 Are KIOTI Tractors As Good As Kubota? 

Ans: Both brands manufacture reliable and trusted tractors but both have some differences such as Koboto tractors are reliable and Kioti tractors are fuel efficient with a powerful engine. Both tractors come with the same warranty period. 

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