Toilet Overflowed With Poop [A Complete Guide]

There is nothing worse than facing an overflowed toilet full of poop in the morning. This is a common problem from which every household has to suffer at once. 

If your toilet is overflowing with poop, don’t panic because here are some easy methods to unclog a toilet with poop without any messy cleanup. 

You don’t even need to waste your money on expensive plumbing services. Some methods give you fast results and you are able to fix your overflowed toilet in less than 10 minutes. 

So without further ado.

Let’s get started…

How To Solve Toilet Overflowed With Poop Problem With Ease [5 Effective Ways]

Here, I’ve mentioned 5 different ways to get rid of messy and overflowing toilet problems by using the things available in your home. 

Steps to fix toilet overflowing with poop problems without a hassle:

1. Stop The Water Supply First

Many people miss this very important step and end up in a big mess. I usually stop the water supply first by lifting the floating ball to prevent the water tank to fill up. 

This step is helpful when the water level remains the same and is not going down. If the tank seems ok, you have to close the pipe knob located behind the toilet. 

Check one more place to shut the water supply completely, which is another knob located near your water heater. Close it. 

This step is helpful to unclog your toilet when the cause of overflow is sewage lines full of poop and water. 

2. Use Plunger To Unclogged Massive Poop And Prevent Overflow

A plunger is a small tool that is made of a rubber cup that is fixed on a long handle. The handle is made of plastic or wood. 

Just push the plunger under your toilet bowl hole in such a manner that creates a vacuum. Now push it down to prevent splashing. Now push it up and down several times until the clogged material moves upward and then drain with the filled water in the toilet. 

Flush again to check whether the water drains correctly or not. 

3. Use A Metal Cloth Hanger

You can use a metal hanger which is used to hang your clothes in the closet. If you are wondering about how to use it to unclog the toilet then this is a very simple process.

Use a plier to open it on one side so that you can grab it comfortably from its one end. Now wrap its hook with something that prevents it to damage your toilet.  

Now wear gloves and insert this hanger into the bowl of your toilet and rotate it. If you feel something stuck inside the curve area of your toilet, try to push it with this hanger. 

This will help to unclog the toilet and prevent overflow. 

4. Use A Toilet Auger To Break The Clog

Sometimes a plunger is unable to clear the stuck foreign particles from your toilet bowl. In this situation, many professionals use a special kind of tool called a toilet auger. 

One end of the toilet auger is attached to the spring used in the piano, and the other end has a rotating handle. 

The process is very simple just place this auger inside the toiler hole and rotate its handle gently. It removes the stuck particles from the toilet and helps to unclog it. 

5. Vacuum Valve To Unclog A Massy Toilet Bowl

A vacuum valve is a different tool from a regular vacuum. You can take it on rent if you don’t have one. 

Before using it make sure the water in your toilet bowl is empty. Now put the hose inside the hole of your toilet bowl and create a seal around the hose using some clothes or a rug. 

Now start the vacuum. It will suck the stuck foreign particles from the toilet bowl and make it unclog.

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Some Effective Chemicals That Dissolve Human Feces In Toilet

Chemicals to dissolve poop in the toilet

Here is a list of some very effective and reactive chemical agents to dissolve poop in a toilet and unclocked a toilet.

How To Dissolve A Toilet With Poop In It Fast?

There are some other effective and quick ways to unclog your toilet using some strong chemicals. 

These chemicals dissolve the poop into the water and make it very easy to unclog a clogged toilet. The whole process can unclog your clogged toilet in less than 10 minutes. 

But these chemicals are expensive.

Don’t worry I’ve mentioned only those chemicals which are easily available in your home and you can use easily.   

1. Baking Soda And Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar react vigorously together and help to unclog the toilet very fast. But you have to take some precautions to prevent any problem with your toilet. 

Tools for this stuff:

  •  A Cup
  • Vinegar
  • Soda
  • Hot Water

First, you will have to check the water level in the toilet bowl. The water level in your toilet bowl should not be more than half. If it is full to the rim, then wear your hand gloves and remove the excess water using a jar and pour it into a plastic bucket. 

Now you have taken the water level down to the mid of the bowl. Take one cup of baking powder and pour it into the toilet bowl. Now pour the same quantity of vinegar into the toilet bowl. 

You will see the crazy fizzy reaction of these two chemicals after adding them one by one. This reaction helps to break the clog and then rinse it with water. 

Wait for a few minutes until the reaction becomes calm down. Now pour some hot water into the toilet bowl, if all goes well, you will hear a sucking sound from the toilet, and the excess water will drain. 

Note: If your toilet bowl is full of water and poops, then only add 1/4 cup of vinegar and soda. This is because we don’t want that the contaminated water spread all over the floor and carpet of your bathroom. 

2. Detergent/Shampoo/Dish Washer

Yes, you read correctly. You can use either detergent, shampoo, or dishwasher to remove the stubborn clogged elements from the toilet bowl. 

First, remove the already filled water from the bowl and then fill it with hot water.

Note: You can use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner or take a mug to remove the water from the bowl. 

Make sure the toilet bowl has enough water to start this process. Just pour some detergent, shampoo, or dishwasher into the toilet bowl, and wait for a few minutes.

Usually, wait for 20 minutes. 

Now again fill the bowl with hot water and wait for a few minutes. After a few minutes, you will notice that the water inside the bowl drain. Now flush the toilet to check if it flushes correctly or not. 

3. Bleaching Powder

You can also use bleaching power to clear the clog from your toilet bowl. The process of using bleaching powder is the same as mentioned in method 4. 

There are many benefits of using the beach here. It is a cheap and easily available chemical substance. It not only makes your toilet unclog but also clears mildew, roots, etc from your toilet bowl. Bleaching power is also a good cleanser. 

4. Soft Drink (Coco Cola)

It sounds strange but it works. Yes, you read right, you can use Coca-Cola to unclog your toilet and prevent overflow. 

Take two bottles of coco cola from the refrigerator, drink one bottle and pour the other into the toilet bowl and cover the toilet bowl with plastic wrap immediately. 

Leave it for 60 minutes, the carbon dioxide does its work, and pressurize the water along with the plastic foil. Coco-Cola dissolves the poop into the water and drains with water when you flush it again. 

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Find The Cause Of Overflow And Why Your Toilet Clogged

There are many reasons why a toilet gets clogged. if you don’t flush and clean your toilet once a month then build-up waste cause it to overflow.

there are many things that you can do to prevent this from happening. I’ll tell you five wrong things people do with their toilets that cause toilet overflow problems:

1. Flushing The Wrong Items:  

This is my experience with toilet clogging is that somebody in your home is flushing the wrong thing like flushable wipes, toys ( if you have small kids), and feminine hygiene products like pads into the toilet bowl. These wrong habits are the main cause of a clogged toilet.

2. Wrong Or Worn-Out Flapper:

Different toilet companies use different types of toilet flappers. A flapper is a small device under your toilet tank that maintains the water level in the flushing tank. 

A damaged flapper failed to supply enough water for flushing and cause your toilet bowl to clog. 

3. Problems With Old Piping:

If your home has a very old piping system then this also creates a toilet clog problem in your bathroom.

Old pipes may damage and be unable to drain severe water properly and causing some serious issues in your home. A damaged pipe also causes water to leak into your home foundation, which will cost you a lot to repair. 

4. Somethings Stuck In A Trap:

A trap is an area inside your toilet bowl, which is a long curve space. Sometimes poop and other waste materials are stuck here, and when you try to flush the water, instead of drainage, water comes back to the toilet bowl and your toilet overflow and poop gets outside of your toilet.

5. Toilet Needs To Be Replaced:

An old toilet has some problems with its ports, they become clogged due to the deposit of minerals and other things. This problem is very common in those areas where the water is hard. 

Also, an old toilet wore out with time and needs replacement. Toilets are made to last many years. But when they get old, they begin to malfunction. 

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Conclusion About Toilet Overflowing With Poop & How To Fix It

I hope, our detailed article about toilets overflowing with poop will help to unclog your toilet without even the help of a plumber. I have mentioned some very simple steps to unclog your messy toilet yourself in a few minutes. 

All the tools mentioned here, are easily available in every home, and you can use them to unclog your overflowed toilet full of poop. 

If you want a quick result then I’ve mentioned some chemicals which are easily available in every home. you can use them to unclog your toilet within a few minutes.

The good thing about this article is all the methods are easy and even you don’t have to spend too much money on the mentioned tools as they are easily available in your home. 


Q.1 How To Unclog The Toilet With Poop?

Ans: There are many simple ways to unclog a toilet with poop. You can use some tools like a plunger, Hanger, and vacuum valve, to unclog the overflowing toilets full of poop. You can also use some chemicals to see fast results. 

Q.2 Why Is My Toilet Overflowing With Poop?

Ans: There are many reasons behind this happening but some most common causes of your toilet overflowing with poop are flushing the wrong items, old piping, damaged flapper, etc. I’ve mentioned them in detail in our article. 

Q.3 How Do You Unclog A Toilet When Water Is High?

Ans: If your clogged toilet is full of water then remove the excess water using a small cup or jar into a plastic bucket until the water level goes down to the mid of the bowl, then pour 1 cup of baking powder and vinegar to unclog the toilet fast. 

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