Hallman Vs Ilve:[Which One Is Worth Buying]

A good quality range is important to have in any kitchen. It is often used to make food, but it can also be used for cooking, baking, and heating as well. Usually ranges come in two different parts which combine to work together. Its stovetop can be used for boiling, frying, and grilling, and the oven can be used to bake, cook, dry, and warm things. 

Many people are confused between the two Italian brands namely Hallman vs Ilve.

Hallman and Ilve are two popular Italian brands. Both are made from the highest quality materials and have been created to last for years. Both are designed to be used in high-end kitchens. However, there are some differences between the two that you should know before you make your choice.

Let’s have a look at what information you will get about these two Italian brands in this article and why this article is worth reading.  

  1. What are the differences and similarities between Ilve and Hallman?
  2. What are the product ranges?
  3. Delivery and Installation procedure.
  4. Warranty.
  5. Their price.
  6. Which one is best for your kitchen?

So without further ado 

Let’s begin the comparison…

ILVE Vs. Hallman Ranges: Differences And Similarities

Before we proceed further let’s understand a few key points about Ilve and Hallman so that we can understand them better…

Hallman vs ILVE

But wait,

Before we proceed further, this brief comparison table will help you understand what are the differences and similarities between Ilve and Hallman in a nutshell.

Comparison Table Of Hallman Vs. ilve

1. Hallman is the most popular Italian brand started in 2005.1. Ilve was established long before the Hallman. I can say that Ilve is an older brand than Hallman.   
2. Hallman offers some other products other than the Ranges such as dishwashers, clearance, etc.2. Ilve is specially dedicated to manufacturing Ranges and their accessories. 
3. The categorization of ranges is very limited here. 3. Here, you will get three different categories in the range section.
4. The choices of ranges are limited in Hallman.4. You will get numerous choices of different Ranges in Ilve. 
5. Hallman doesn’t provide a fully electric range model. 5. Ilve provides full electric models with the induction top in its Majestic series. 
6. Hallman has only shipped its products to the USA and Canada. 6. Ilve ships its products to 48 different states and in Canada.
7. Hallman offers one year of warranty on its products. 7. Ilve provides two years of warranty on its products. 

What Is ILVE? (A Brief History)

Mr. Berno and Mr. Illotti wanted to manufacture some of the best and most innovative kitchen appliances for local restaurants in Campodarsego, near Venice and thus the foundation of the brand ILVE was laid in 1952. 

The Italian brand is not only famous for its kitchen ranges but also manufactures hoods, refrigerators, microwaves, and other kitchen appliances. 

What Is Special In ILVE?

iLVE’s main product lineup is Ranges, this is why you will get some best features and a special categorized section for Ranges and other accessories. 

  • Ilve offers country-style ovens and ranges.
  • They developed the Teppanyaki plate; “fry top” in 1999 which is the most energy efficient.
  • ILVE ovens range achieved an “A” class rating in 2003 in Europe.

A Brief History Of Hallman?

Hallman is also an Italian brand that is very famous in the field of kitchen appliances. It was June 2005 when a 23 years old Ben Hallman moved to Austin, Texas where he attended an Auction to sell appliances online. 

Later on, he continued his work and by December of the same year, he had to own one more car garage for the warehouse. July 2006 had come with a big opportunity where Ben won a contract with Lows. 

Till 2008 the company becomes a dealer of more than 70 top brands. In 2015 the company did a partnership with Homedepot. This was the year 2017 when they started offering 6000+ stoves in a huge variety of colors and designs. 

What Is Special In Hallman?

  • Hallman ranges are available in two varieties Gas and duel fuel. 
  • Available in 8 different colors. 
  • Available in 3 trip options which are Brass, Bronze, and Chrome.
  • So many different options to choose from.

Product Lineup Of Hallman And Ilve

Every brand has a unique collection of different products. Let’s have a look at what these two famous brands offer to their customers.

Hallman Product Lineup:

Hallman has 5 categories in its product lineup which are:

RangesVentilation HoodsDishwashersClearanceAccessories

Hallman Ranges

Hallman ranges are available in so many colors and designs. You can choose 8 different colors that can match best with your kitchen interior. You can either choose a gas-powered range or a dual-fuel range for your kitchen. 

Note: The good thing is you have 180 color choices in its range section.

Usually, for homeowners the size available to install a range in the kitchen is different. In terms of space and the size of the family, you can choose the exterior width from 24 to 60.

The burner size, its material, and its number matter most if you choose a range for your kitchen. You can choose 4 burners to 8 burners to range for your kitchen or for your restaurant. 

Trims are available in 3 materials:


Hallman Ventilation Hoods

Hallman also produces ventilation hoods for your kitchen. A ventilation hood is a necessary tool for kitchens that helps to keep your kitchen free from fumes and cooking exhaust. Hallman offers 4 different styles of ventilation hoods for your kitchen which are:

Cabinet InsertUnder CabinetWall CanopyWall-T-Shape

Hallman ventilation hood comes with three types of mounting facilities:

  1. Insert
  2. Wall mount
  3. Under Cabinet

Hallman ventilations are also available in 24 to 60 exterior widths. 

Hallman Dishwasher

Hallman is willing to add dishwashers to its product lineup very soon.

Hallman Accessories Section

You can choose these different accessories for your kitchen’s different needs:

  • Chopping board
  • Griddle cover
  • BBQ grill top
  • Clay pizza stone
  • Self-clean oven panel
  • Toe kick
  • Steam basin
  • Work ring

Ilve Product Lineup

Ilve is specifically targeted to Manufacturing ranges and other accessories. You can easily see the difference, in terms of designs, colors, and number of choices.

Ilve has categorized its products in the following manners:

RangesRange HoodAccessories

Ilve Ranges

The ilve range section is categorized into the following three categories which are:

Majestic IINostalgieProfessional Plus

Majestic II: The majestic II series is known for its cutting-edge technology. The choices are huge here, you have more than 1000 choices in this category. The majestic series comes in two fuel types one is dual fuel and the other is electric. 

Unlike Hallman, here you have a choice to either go with a viewing window model or a model without it. You can choose either a griddle model or a model without it. 

Hallman ranges exterior width starting from 24 and going to 60, unfortunately, the Ilve Majestic series doesn’t come with 24 exterior widths. It started at 30 and goes till 60. 

You have 10 different and most elegant color options to choose from some are Antique white, Burgundy, Matte graphics, Custom RAL color, etc.

Trims are available in 4 varieties and you will get one more choice here than the Hallman. 


Here you will get 4 options in the trim section, whereas you have only three choices in the Hallman Range. 

Nostalgie Series:

The Nostalgie range series is for ambitious users. This offers an aesthetically timeless design and features to its ambitious homeowners. 

Have a look at what you get here…

The Nostalgie series comes in two fuel-type models:

  • Dual Fuel 
  • Gas

You can choose a window viewing version also. If you want to buy a range with 24 exterior widths then here you will get it. In the Majestic II series, it is missing. 

Here trim choices are only three which are Brass, Bronze, and Chrome. All the other features are the same as you have seen in the Majestic II series. 

Professional Plus:

The last range series of Ilve is Professional Plus. The series is known for its high performance, modern looks, and so many features. 

Here you will get more than 100 different models for your kitchen. These series come in two fuel types, with a viewing window option, and the choice to choose a griddle model or a model without it. 

This series also provides 24 exterior width models but here you will get only 5 different color options and only one trim which is chrome. 

In terms of different choices, features, and designs of ranges, Ilve is much better than Hallman. 

Ilve Range Hood

Ilve range hood only comes in one category which is Majestic whereas Hallman ventilation hood comes in 4 different varieties. Here, you have more than 50 choices to choose from. The Exterior width range is started from 30 and goes to 60 inches. 

Hallman Ventilation hood offers a 24″ exterior width which is a plus point for this brand. Ilve range hoods are available in 10 different colors.

I found the Range hood section is weak in Ilve and doesn’t provide many choices, on the other hand, Hallman ventilation hoods come with more categories, options, and some extra features for installation.

Ilve Other Accessories

Ilve offers 9 different accessories for your kitchen. The choices are different from the Hallman accessories section. 

9 different accessories are listed below:

  • Back Guards
  • Oven Handles
  • Toe kicks
  • Trim kits
  • Self-clean panels
  • Oven racks
  • Recirculation kits
  • Pizza stones
  • Other range accessories

Hallman Range 48″ Vs. Ilve Majestic II 48″: Which One Is Better?

Many homeowners confuse Hallman and Ilve for choosing a 48″ range for their kitchen. The reason for the confusion is both of them look the same, but here are some differences.

Hallman’s 48″ range is available in very limited models whereas Ilve offers a vast variety in its 48″ Majestic II section. 

Hallman’s 48″ range comes with 7 burners, and three trim options which are Brass, Chrome, and Bronze. On the other hand, the Ilve Majestic II series comes in so many attractive colors and designs. 

The Majestic series offers 4 different trim options to its customers. I found the Ilve ranges come with better build quality than the Hallman. As per some customer experience, you will face more problems with Hallman Range than with the Ilve Range. 

My House Doesn’t Have A Gas Connection, Does Hallman offer all-electric ranges?

Unfortunately, I don’t find any range in the Hallman brand having an electric top, but Ilve offers its electric top range in its majestic II series. 

Ordering Procedure

Hallman ranges and other products can be ordered online through their website and through these online stores:

  • Lowes
  • The Home Depot
  • Overstock

 Ilve ranges and other accessories can be ordered through different authorized brick-and-mortar dealers and some online stores such as 

  • Houzz
  • Lowes
  • Appliances connection
  • Home outlet direct
  • Newegg global
  • Wayfair (USA & Canada)

and many more. The product availability and various purchase options you will get in Ilve rather than in Hallman. 

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Shipping Servies

The shipping network of Hallman is very limited than Ilve. Hallman only ships within two states namely the USA and Canada. They change the shipping cost as per your location. 

On the other hand, the Ilve shipping network is broader than the Hallman. Ilve ships its products in the 48 states and Canada. 

How Is The Delivery And Installation Services?

Hallman Delivery And Installation

Once your order is finalized, Hallman pack your order and will call you for the delivery arrangement. If you are not ready for the delivery at any time, tell them about it and they will hold your order at their warehouse. 

This is important because the one-year warranty is started just after your order is delivered not after its installation. 

After the delivery, make sure the installation is done by professionals, don’t try to install it on your own because when you will call them for any fault and repair they ask the proof that your range or other product is installed by a professional. 

This is the procedure by which Hallman validates the warranty of its products. 

Ilve Delivery And Installation

Ilve has a youtube channel where they upload videos of how to unpack and install different Ilve products. It means they allow self-installation of their product.

On the other hand, Hallman recommends that their product must be installed by expert technicians to ensure the warranty of the product can not be void. 


The price of the Hallman ranges and Ilve ranges is the same in most cases. The Hallman ranges will start from $3000 and go up to $9000 based on the features and the material they used. 

The price of every product is clearly stated on the Hallman website. Ilve on the other hand doesn’t mention the price of their products on their website.


Hallman provides one year of warranty for its products and it is applicable from the date of shipment and picked up. 

Ilve offers two years of warranty from the date of the delivery. 

Hallman Vs Ilve: Which One To Choose?

It is really difficult to choose between Hallman and Ilve. Both offer excellent quality products at similar prices. Hallman offers some great products but Ilve is a better option if you want to buy a good product with a good warranty.

I personally like the Range collection of Ilve very much. The core interest of the brand is Ranges, that’s the reason you will get some best quality ranges with decent after-sale services. 

Ilve products are available in most of the popular online stores as well as in several local dealers across 48 states and Canada.


Q.1 Where Are Hallman Ranges Made?

Ans: Hallman is an Italian brand and all of its Range is made in Italy. 

Q.2 Is Hallman A Good Brand?

Ans: Yes, Hallman is a good brand, and it has a nice collection of different ranges and accessories. Hallman is also trying to add some more products to its product lineup. 

Q.3 How Can I Compare Hallman Vs Ilve?

Ans: Hallman and Ilve both brands come with their unique and authentic craftsmanship, but the collection of ranges is much better in Ilve than the Hallman. ILVE also offers two years of long warranty than Hallman which offers only one year of warranty on its products. 

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