How To Open Garage Door Without Remote [Self-Applied Methods]

Many times it happens when our garage door remote doesn’t work due to dead batteries, or malfunction of our garage door remote. 

There is a second reason because of we are unable to open our garage door with the remote when power outrage due to a storm or on a heavy rainy day.

Many times it’s not possible to arrange new batteries or repair a faulty garage door remotely if someone lives in a rural area where you could not get these facilities immediately. 

In such a scenario, what you can do to open your garage door, is mentioned in this article. 

In this article, I’ve mentioned 5 self-tested ways to open a garage door without a remote. 

So without further ado…

Let’s get started…

In Which Cases Do You Need To Open Your Garage Door Without Remote?

There are many cases when you have to open your garage door without a remote such as

  • Power failure.
  • If you lost your remote.
  • Dead Remote Batteries.
  • Faulty remote.

Let’s discuss these cases one by one and figure out some working solutions for them.

How To Open Your Garage Door Without Remote When Power Is Out

Power failure is quite rear in urban areas, but it is pretty common in rural areas. However, people sometimes have to face power failure even in urban areas (Most probably in bad weather conditions). Without power, you cannot open your garage door through the remote. 

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I use a manual approach to open my garage door when the power is out. To do so follow these steps:

Note: If your garage door opening system is modern then you don’t need to panic because your garage door must have an emergency release kit.

Which helps to open the door from both sides. It means if you are stuck inside your garage or If you are outside of it, it allows you to open the door in both situations. 

1. Open Your Garage Door Manually From The Inside

Somehow if you are inside your garage and suddenly the power is gone, follow these steps to open the door from the inside:

Unlock The Door:

Your garage door has a safety lock feature and its location may differ and depend on the technician who installed it. Locate it around your garage door and ensure that they are opened. 

If your garage door is locked then you can not open it manually.

Unplug The Door Opener To The Power Switch

To ensure excess safety unplug the power cord of your garage door. 

Pull The Emergency Release Rope

The emergency release rope is connected to the door trolley and opener carriage. The trolley is connected to the door and moves along with the door every time when you open or close the door.

In the majority of cases, it is red in color. The opener carriage has a motor and an automated mechanism that move the door on the track. 

Simply pull the emergency release rope. This will disengage the door from the opener carriage so that the door can move freely along with the track. 

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What To Do If There Is No Emergency Rope Or It gets Jammed?

If your garage door is old and it doesn’t have an emergency release rope or if its emergency release rope got jammed then you need to disconnect the opener arm from the door. 

To do so open the bolts of your garage door opener arm to disconnect it from the door. 

Open The Door Through Its Handle

Now your door is disengaged with the door opener and you can open it by pulling it up by its handle. 

Close The Door And Reengage It With The Door Opener

After opening the door manually, and coming outside the garage, it’s time to close it. Simply pull the door down and close it. 

How To Reengage The Garage Door With The Door Opener?

Earlier we have to disengage the emergency release rope with the opener carriage. 

You must reengage it with the opener trolley once the power returns. 

Follow these steps:

Step 1: First, make sure that the garage door is closed completely. 

Step 2: Now pull the emergency release rope up with force then you can hear a loud click sound, and your garage door will reengage again with the door opener system. 

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2. Open The Garage Door Manually From The Outside Without A Remote

After discussing a working solution for opening the garage door from the inside, let’s talk about how to open it when you came back from the work and want to park your car inside the garage.

open garage door from the outside without remote in a bad weather conditions

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Take a 1 or 1.5-meter hook cable.

Step 2: Now stand in the middle of the door. 

Step 3: Put the hook cable on your hand and slide it between the top of the door and its frame. 

Step 4: Try to push the cable so far that you can catch the emergency release rope by its hook. 

Step 5: After some attempts, you can hook the emergency release rope. If you are facing difficulty to catch the rope try to move left or right a few steps and try to catch the rope. 

Step 6: Once you get to trap the emergency release rope through the hook cable, pull the cable to disengage the garage door from the opener. 

Step 7: Now the door is free and you can open it by pulling its handle up without the help of a remote. 

Step 8: Take care of your safety by ensuring that the door should be open till you park your car inside your garage.

Step 9: After entering in the garage door you can close the door by pulling its handle down. 

Things That You Must Have To Take Care To Open Your Garage Door Manually

1. The first step is to unplug the garage door opener cord from the power source before opening the door manually. This is because the opener will try to open the door when the power comes back and as your door is disengaged from the trolley, it makes it hard to reengage with the opener again. 

2. Don’t try to disengage the door from the trolley when the door is open. It could be dangerous because a disengage door can fall down forcefully and could harm the people standing below it. 

3. If you find the door is jammed and disengaged with the opener then it can not move from its position. Maybe there is some problem with the springs. In such a case, you have to contact expert technicians. 

Faulty Remote, Dead Batteries, Or Lost Remote Of Your Garage Door

If you have lost your garage door remote, or it has some fault, you must buy a new one that matches your current garage door mechanism. 

You have to change the batteries in case the batteries make your remote die. 


You can open your garage door manually when you can not use your remote to open it. There are many reasons why you can not use your remote to open your garage door such as when your remote batteries become dead when you lose your remote, and when your garage power is gone and you don’t have any battery backup to open it.

In this article, I’ve listed some self-applied working methods to open the garage door manually. By following these methods you can open your garage door from the inside and from the outside.

I hope this article will help you to troubleshoot your garage door problem. 


Q.1 How do you open a garage if you lost the remote?

Ans: You can open your garage door when you lose your remote manually by disengaging the emergency garage door rope from the opener trolley.  You have to take care of a few very crucial things before doing anything that is mentioned in this article. 

Q.2 Can you open an automatic garage door manually from the outside?

Ans: Yes, you can open your automatic garage door from the outside using a hook cable. 


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