What To Do With Space Between Shed And Fence [4 Best Ideas]

Sheds play a very important role to organize your gardening gear. You can store here some most frequently used outdoor tools. Many homeowners know how to utilize the space of their shed but they didn’t know how to utilize the space between their shed and fence. 

If you are looking for the best ways to utilize this empty space then this post is the right place for you. Here I’ve mentioned the top five ideas that will tell you about how to utilize the space between the shed and the fence to your advantage. 

No matter whether the space between the shed and fence is big or small, here, you can use it in a number of ways such as a succulent garden, grow some decorative plants and trees, make some water pots for thirsty birds, etc. 

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5 Best Ideas To Utilize The Gap Between Fence And Shed Of Your Property

what to do with space between shed and fence

1. Designing The Shed And Fence Gap By Growing Some Decorative Plants

You can choose some most elegant plants to grow between the shade and fence border and you can decorate this empty space. 

To do so, you must first examine the type of soil in that area that could be hot, dry, or cold and moist. After identifying the soil type, the next step is to choose the right plants, and then keep them in the right place. 

One more thing you have to examine is the area between the shade and fence gets how much sunlight in a day. Is it too shady or gets sunlight the whole day? 

After analyzing the soil and shade environment, let’s choose some best plants to decorate the gap between the shade and fence. 

1. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas is known for its blue and pink bloom and look very attractive in the garden and shady areas. It is very easy to grow and comes in numerous varieties. 

Hydrangeas plants

2. Caladium 

Caladium is known for its large arrow-shaped leaves that have different colors such as green, white, pink, etc. Caladium is easy to grow and looks unusually good in shady areas. 

Caladium plant

3. Hosta

This is a shade-tolerant foliage plant that comes in numerous varieties and you can grow it to the border of your shade and fence. You can choose the color combination of light green, blue, gold, cream, white, etc that best suit your taste. 

Hosta plant

4. Coral Bells

Coral bells grow very well in full shady areas, and you can choose it if the space between the shade and fence gets very low sunlight all day. 

5 Hellebore

Hellebore is an evergreen perennial flowering plant, that can thrive in shady places. It is known for its 5 petal-like sepals around a ring of small nectaries.

These are some most beautiful plant choices to decorate and fill the gap in sheds and fences you can also choose from ferns, columbine, and more.


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2. Decorative Stones

Decorative stones are the best option to decorate and fill the gap between shade and fence. This is also a great option to get rid of weeds, maintain the length of grass in that area, grow plants, etc. 

There are a huge variety of such stones and pebbles. You can use a mixture of different stones, but I personally like to use polished black pebbles in that area. These stones are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and different textures. 

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3. Put A Compost Bin And Make Organic Fertilizer For Your Garden

Those who love gardening and grow fresh vegetables, fruits, and different plants in their backyard garden, can put a compost bin between the shade and fence. 

This way you can utilize your kitchen waste, plant leaves that have fallen, and other organic waste from your home to make organic fertilizer that helps in your gardening and save some money that was going to be spent on buying fertilizers. 

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4. Makeover This Place To Wildlife 

This idea is most suit for those people who love the wildlife feel around their space. You could make a small pond for beautiful fishes, frogs, etc. You can put up a small wooden house for hedgehogs, and small creatures. 

You can explore this place to put some more interesting wildlife lives such as you can develop this place as a butterfly zone, could place a bird box and more. How you can utilize this place as a wildlife lover its totally depends on your imagination and your love for wildlife. 


The gap between your shed and fence looks awkward and you can fill this gap by following our easy guide. One of the best ways to fill this gap is growing flowering plants or plants that grow well in shady areas. 

I’ve listed some recommendations for such flowering and decorative plants that look good and enhance the appearance of your shed surrounding. 

You can also utilize this space for other stuff such as you can put a compost bin here, make a small pond, and you can develop this space into a mini wildlife zone. It all depends on your interest and your creative mind.


Q.1 What can I put around my shed?

Ans: You can grow some decorative flowering plants at this place, some decor stones such as polished black pebbles, Mexican beach pebbles, etc. You can also use this place for other purposes such as building a small pond, placing a compost bin, as a wildlife place, and more. 

Q.2 What kind of plants I can grow between the gap of the shed and the fence?

Ans: You can grow Hydrangeas, Caladium, Hosta, and many other decorative flowering and decor plants to fill the gap between the shed and fence. 


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