Garage Door Won’t Close With Remote But Will Open [Solved]

If you are facing a problem with your garage door that is open with the remote but won’t close through it then the problem could be with damaged sensors, dirty LED sensor lights, loose or broken wiring, misaligned sensors, the unclear path between the sensors and faulty garage door opener circuit. 

Any one of the faults mentioned above could cause your garage door won’t close but open with the remote. It is very simple to inspect the above-mentioned different parts of your garage door. 

You don’t need to hire a professional technician as I’m going to share a detailed step-by-step guide to fix this issue in this article.

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Why Does My Garage Door Open With The Remote But When I Drive Out It Will Not Close [Causes & Solutions]

In this section, let’s figure out all the possible causes of this problem in detail and solve them. These solutions are effective for some most popular garage door opener brands such as Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Genie, Craftsman, etc.

1. Misaligned Sensors

If any one of the sensors of your garage door is not aligned correctly with the other side of the sensor then your garage door will not close with the remote. In this case, you will see that the sensor light on any side of your garage door turns off and doesn’t allow you to close the door.

Misaligned sensors will also create a Garage Door Is Closing, Goes Down A Little Bit, And Bounce Right Back Up problem.


Its solution is straightforward, just move the misaligned sensor up and down until its light comes back on and your garage door now closes with your remote.

This solution will also fix your Garage Door Closing, Goes Down A Little Bit, And Bounce Right Back Up problem. 

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2. Dirty Or Opaque Sensor Eyes

With time the sensor lights become dirty due to the accommodation of dust and dirt over them. A dirty and opaque sensor light also prevents you from closing the garage door with a remote.


Take a cloth and rub it over the garage door sensors light to clean them. Once cleaned properly, the sender sensor light can send the signal to the other side of the sensor, and the door will be closed when you press the close button of your remote. 

3. Damaged Or Loose Wiring

Check the wiring of your garage door sensors, if they are loose or detached from the connector or not. Sometimes your pet chews the wiring and damages them. 


Replace a damaged wire. You can get the garage door sensor wires from Home Depot or from your local electronic store. Just replace and patch the new wire with your garage door sensor connector. 

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4. Check The Wiring Of Your Garage Door Opener

Your garage door opener wiring could also cause the problem. Make sure the wires go in the right connector of your garage door opener. 


If you played with the wiring of your garage door opener then the chances are high that the problem is there. 

If you see the back panel of your garage door opener then you will see the 4 terminals to connect the wires here. 

Two terminals are for closing and opening the garage door through the wall mount controller that is located inside your garage and the other two terminals are for the sensors. 

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Whichever brand garage door opener you have, it comes with a bunch of wires. Each one is split into two parts. One could be red, blue, black, or any other solid color and the other one is white. 

Just take one wire and put the white wire to the white terminal and the other wire that could be colored red, blue, black, etc to the matched color terminal.

Now go to the wall-mounted controller and check if it’s light on or not, if yes then you have successfully connected one pair of wires to your garage door opener, now connect the other wires to the respective terminals to solve the issue.

If the wall mount controller is not lit up then try to change the wires to the garage door opener terminals and check it again.  

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5. Unplug And Replug The Garage Door Opener Cable

Sometimes a simple solution can solve your big problem. You can try this with your garage door opener. Just unplug it and wait for 5 minutes and plug in its cable again and check if your garage is closing with the remote control or not. 

6. Clear The Memory Of Your Garage Door Opener

To clear your garage door opener memory from all previously learned codes, press the learn button for 6 to 10 seconds. This will erase the memory of your garage door opener. A flashed LED light indicates that the memory is successfully erased. 

Now you need to reprogram your garage door opener to make it open and close through the remote. 

7. Reprogram Your Garage Door Remote Control

To reprogram your garage door remote, locate the learn button on your garage door opener. It is located either on the back panel or the sides of your garage door opener. 

Make sure to take the remote in your hand when you are up on the ladder. Now press the learn button one time and don’t hold it down. You have 30 seconds to program your remote by pressing the button that you want to program. Now when you press the remote button the first time, you will hear the garage door opener makes one click sound and the second time hit make your garage door run. 

If you choose the wrong button by mistake and want to program the other remote button then repeat the whole process again. 

8. Replace The Garage Door Motor Control Circuit Board

This is the last and most expensive troubleshooting to fix the problem of your garage door opening but doesn’t close with the remote. 

It costs me $100 but the cost of this fix is far less than what a garage door technician will charge you. 

Just buy your garage door motor control circuit board. The panel of your circuit board might be different from the original one but don’t worry you only need to fetch the circuit board from the new control board and place it on the old one. 

Note: Before disassembling your old garage door motor control circuit board, take a picture of the connection of wires to make sure you can easily do the right connection of wires. 

Other Very Basic Fixes Of My Garage Door Open But Not Close With The Remote

1. Check The Battery Of Your Remote

Sometimes low powered or drained batteries of your remote also cause this issue. Check your remote batteries and replace them if they got drained. 

2. Damaged Or Faulty Garage Door Remote

If your garage door remote doesn’t respond after following all the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods, it means your remote has some fault and needs a replacement. 

If nothing works for you then you must have to contact a garage door technician to solve this problem. 


In this article, I’ve mentioned every possible solution to the problem of your garage door open but won’t close with the remote. 

first check your garage door sensors, and their alignment, and clean them properly if the problem is not solved then inspect the garage door opener, and its wiring. 

In most cases clearing the memory of your garage door opener and reprogramming the remote could solve the problem. 


Q.1 Garage Door Won’t Close All The Way And Goes Back Up?

Ans: If your garage door won’t close all the way and goes back up when pressing the remote button it means the sensors of your garage door are misaligned and you can solve this problem by aligning them properly.

Q.2 What To Do If My Garage Door Closes With Wall Switch But Not With The Remote?

Ans: If your garage door close with the wall switch but not with the remote then inspect for the path of the sensors, dirty sensors, wiring, misaligned sensors, and faulty garage door opener circuit board.

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