How To Stop Someone Knocking On Your Door [Do’s & Don’t]

It is quite surprising if someone knocks on your door. Sometimes it feels so special when your friends and relatives suddenly knock on your door without any prior notice.

But, how will you feel if someone knocks on your door, that is neither your friend nor your relative?

The same terrifying incident happened with my friend’s mom 2 years ago, when she was home alone. My friend and his brother studied out of the city and their dad is a government servant. 

The family lives in a government apartment far from the main city. Neighbour’s houses are also at some distance.

One night my friend’s mom was home alone and she noticed some illegal activities near the main door, then suddenly someone knocked on the door. She got scared and immediately called her husband and tell him about the incident.

Her husband then called the police, and the police and his husband came to the home and started investigating the matter. 

They found that strange people had tried to break the lock of the main door. This incident may happen to anyone, and you have to be aware of what to do when someone knocks on your door.  

This is why this article comes into existence. In this article, I’ve mentioned some strong reasons why someone knocks on your door and what precautions you have to take for your family’s safety.

So without further ado.

Let’s get started…

Why Do Strange People Knock Your Door?

There are many reasons behind a strange knock on your door, some are frightening and some are don’t. Here, I’m sharing some possible reasons behind this happening on your door:

  • Might be someone next to your door is a robber, culprit, or fugitive. You have to alert such persons. 
  • Might be he is a delivery boy, who wants to deliver your order.
  • Might be they are charity people, who are collecting donations for some welfare. 
  • Might be someone stuck due to bad weather and need help from you. 

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What To Do If You’re Home Alone And Someone Knocks On The Door

You can do 10 things to avoid happening any serious incident if you are home alone and someone knocks on your door:

1. Don’t Take Immediate Action

Don’t rush to open the door to see who is there, when you hear the first knock on your door. This could be dangerous for you and your family. Always avoid the first knock on your door. 

2. Act Like More Than One Person At Home

Continue your normal work and act like more than one family member are at home. Talk loudly, and make false conservation which forces someone to think like you are not alone at home, in case you are.  

3. Don’t Try To Inspect The Outside Situation Through The Main Door

When you notice someone knocking on your main door, then avoid inspecting the outside situation through the main door. You can use other room windows to monitor the outside situation. 

4. Install Some Smart Servilence Gadgets

You have to ensure your home safety by installing these smart security gadgets in your home:

Use A Smart Security Camera

If you live in a place where there is no home nearby and you don’t feel secure, you have to install a smart hidden security camera outside so that you can monitor what is going on outside of your home’s main door. 

Make sure that it is not easily accessible, otherwise tricky persons can break it easily. 

Door Bell Camera 

A doorbell camera has a built-in speaker and a microphone, which helps to communicate with outside persons without opening the door. 

5. Crack Open The Door If Necessary

If you are sure that there is no danger of someone outside your door, still avoid opening the door completely. You have to crack open your door to ensure safety if something wrong will be happening. 

Note: Make sure your door has a chain lock that helps to crack open your door and ensure someone can not open the door forcefully. 

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4 Ways To Stop Someone From Knocking Your Door At Night

Here, I’m going to mention 4 effective ways that stop someone to knock on your door in the middle of the night:

  1. Always install smart surveillance systems in your home such as smart security cameras, alarm systems, etc. If someone sees that this house has security systems installed then he thinks twice before knocking on your door. 
  2. Do keep a dog in your house. He will bark when he feels anything strange outside of your main door. Allow him to bark if he sees someone outside of your main door. This will prevent someone to knock on the door.
  3. If you want that someone avoids entering your home then keep a large-size dog bowl outside the main door of your home. This can be a strong sign that knocking on this home door can be dangerous. 
  4. Get a boundary around your home, in which there is a breaded wire at the top. 

The above-mentioned ideas are helpful to prevent someone from knocking on your door if you are facing so many criminal activities in your area. 

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How To Communicate With Someone Knocking Your Door To Ensure The Safety Of Your Family

1. When someone knocks on your main door, you have to ensure that the main door is locked properly before starting any communication with that person. 

2. Try to see who is there by looking out the other room’s window, door knob camera, security camera, etc. Avoid using the main door window to inspect the suspect outside of your home. 

3. Check the trustworthiness of that person by asking him/her to see their ID card, if they claim that they are from a courier service, etc. 

 4. Many tricky people act like they need immediate help, and tell you that this is an emergency. Still don’t open your door and tell them that you are calling 911 for them. 

5. Some thieves act as if they are from a plumbing service and your husband called them to service the bad piping system of your house. You have to clarify this first with your husband, by calling him if he is in his office. 

If he is unable to attend your call then, tell them that you are busy at this time and will arrange the appointment some other day. 

6. Some buglers act like they are unable to listen to you clearly through a closed door. In this case, you can communicate with them using your doorbell inbuild camera, microphone, and external speaker system and you don’t need to open your door. 

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What To Do If Someone Keeps Knocking On My Door And Running Away

This is really frustrating if someone knocks on your door and when you come to investigate who is there, he is running away, and then again knock on your door. 

Here I’m going to mention some effective ways to get rid of those people:

  • You have to communicate with him what is his intention. 
  • If he keeps knocking on your door and running away, then you have to immediately call the police. 
  • You have to allow your dog to bark so that he scared and runs away. 
  • Warn him/her that you can imprison him for such behavior. 


It doesn’t matter whether you live with your family or alone, the safety of you and your family is the first priority. If you are frustrated with someone knocking on your door many times without any valid reasons, then you can apply the above-mentioned safety tips for the safety of you and your family.

I’ve also mentioned how to communicate with a strange person knocking on your door in a safe manner.

I hope this article will help you to deal with the annoying door-knocking problems so that you and your family remain safe. 


Q.1 Do You Have To Answer The Door If Someone Knocks?

Ans: Do not answer immediately, when someone knocks on your door. Wait for the second knock and act like you are too busy with your stuff and make him realize that other family members are also there if they are not. Don’t act like you are home alone if you are.

Q.2 What To Do If Someone Keeps Knocking On My Door Every day?

Ans: If you know that person then you can warm him, and you can take serious action against him if he will do it again. 
If he is an unknown person then you can track his activities by installing security cameras. You can keep a large dog bowl outside so that he thinks twice before knocking on your door next time. You can also call the police and can take serious action against him. 

Q.3 Can I Call The Cops If Someone Keeps Knocking On Your Door In The Middle Of The Night?

Ans: Yes, you can definitely call the cops and do an FIR against him, who is knocking on your door at the midnight. 

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