Window World 4000 Series Vs Pella 250: Choose Wisely

Window World and Pella are the most popular manufacturers of doors and windows based in the USA. Many homeowners are confused between their most popular series namely Window World 4000 and Pella 250

Pella offers its services for more than 90 years whereas window world is the most popular brand in the field of replacement doors and window manufacturing. 

I’ve already discussed the difference between Window world and Pella in our previous article. 

Today we are going to discuss the most common doubt of most homeowners who want to replace their doors and windows about the topic Window World 4000 Series Vs Pella 250. 

Let’s discuss all the features, pros, and cons of both series which can help you to decide which one to pick and which one to kick.

So without further ado…

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Window World 4000 Series Vs. Pella 250: Differences And Similarities

Window World 4000 Series Varieties

Window World 4000 series is an entry-level vinyl-based replacement window that is the most popular product of the company and comes in so many choices. The 4000 series is known for its amazing energy efficiency, and low cost and it improves the overall look of your interior. 

Window World manufactures different types of windows under the 4000 series which are listed below:

1. Bay With Single Hung

2. 3 Panel Bow

3. 4 Panel Bow

4. 5 Panel Bow

5. 3, 2 & 4 Panel Sliding Panel Doors

6. Garden With Casement And Awning

Pella 250 Varieties

Pella 250 series is an upgraded version of Thermastar which is also known as the Pella encompass series. Pocket sill design is very common in Pella 250 series.

Pella 250 series windows come in 5 different types which are listed below:

  1. Awning Windows
  2. Casement Windows
  3. Single Hung Windows
  4. Double Hung Windows
  5. Sliding Windows 
  6. Picture Windows

Pella also made its patio doors under the 250 series which are low maintenance and energy efficient. 

Its Vinyl based sliding patio doors are very popular. 

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Design And Style

Window World 4000 Series Different Designs And Styles

The Window World 4000 series windows are available in so many color choices of internal and external frames. 

The custom color of Window World windows and doors frame is white and tan, but you have 10 different color choices for its exterior frame which are:

  1. Brick
  2. Bronze
  3. Chocolate
  4. Espresso
  5. Cream
  6. Driftwood
  7. Pine
  8. Tan
  9. Black
  10. Silver

The hardware choices for doors and windows are vast. You have different hardware finish options some are satin nickel, dark bronze, brass, etc. 

Grid Patterns Options

A grid is a very important part of a window that is placed between the two glass panes. You have 6 different grid pattern options to choose from which are:

  1. Victorian
  2. Colonial
  3. Prairie
  4. Double Prairie
  5. Prairie Perimeter
  6. Double Prairie Perimeter

Picture windows of window worlds are designed which add ultimate versatility and style to your home. You can’t open them but they are a good source of natural light and an aesthetic look outdoors. 

They are also available in so many styles some are Hexagonal, Trapezoidal, Gabled, etc. 

You can choose Window World privacy glasses for their decorative look and decent privacy features. They are available in so many attractive patterns. Some are Etch Matte, Reed, Delta Frost, etc.

Pella 250 Series Different Designs And Styles

Pella 250 series has some windows and patio doors that come in innovative designs, have low maintenance cost and enhance your home security. 

Pella 250 Series Windows 

Pella 250 series windows are available in these different types:

  1. Single Hung
  2. Double Hung
  3. Awning
  4. Casement
  5. Picture 
  6. Sliding Windows

Like Window World picture windows, Pella 250 series picture windows are also sealed closed and can not be opened. You can enhance your bedroom’s beauty by installing them slightly above your bed.

Pella single and double-hung windows are the best choices for your home they are tempered resistance, don’t require painting, and come with exclusive weather repel system.

If you’re looking for windows that provide easy access to the fresh air of your garden you can choose Pella sliding windows. These windows are tested for amazing weather resistivity, durability, and better color retention property. 

Pella 250 series Awning windows come with multi-chambered frames that are stronger than ordinary Vinyl. 

Pella 250 Series Sliding Patio Doors

Pella sliding patio doors are designed using high-quality vinyl that can bear high temperatures, humidity, and sunlight without losing its shine. 

These doors come with an energy star rating and you can choose its triple pane glass for better insulation and soundproofing of your home.

Pella 250 series patio doors have a foot bolt that is flush with the frame and prevents forced entry.  

Special Features

Window World 4000 Series Special Features

Window World 4000 series patio doors have the following features:

  • Window World patio doors are available in 2, 3, and 4 panels. 
  • They don’t require painting and cleaning is hassle-free. 
  • You have numerous choices of color for interior and exterior frames. 

Window World 4000 Series Windows Special Features:

  • The Clear Vue screen provides a clear view due to the slender grip attached to the frame.
  • Ergonomically designed pull rails.
  • Tilt in glass frame makes cleaning hassle-free.

Pella 250 Series Doors And Windows Features

Pella 250 series patio doors have the following features:

  • Pella patio doors are available with blinds that prevent dust and debris from coming inside and also added privacy to your home.
  • Innovative foot bolt that provides a secondary locking system, and decent ventilation to your room. 
  • You have a choice to choose two or three glass panes for better insulation and soundproofing.
  • Pella 250 series patio doors are available in several eye-catching colors and 2, 3, or 4 panels.
  • These doors are made of low-maintenance high-quality vinyl.

Pella 250 Series Windows Special Features:

  • Come with multi-chambered frames. 
  • Metal reinforced slash.
  • Low maintenance and easy care frame. 
  • Available in different grill patterns. 
  • Available in several colors and eye-catching glass patterns. 

Price Difference

Pella 250 Series Price

Pella 250 series windows will cost you between $350 to $700 (approx) with the complete installation. The price of the doors and windows of any brand depends on many factors such as the size, type, quality of the frame, accessories, installation procedure, and many more. 

Window World 4000 Series Price 

The 4000 series of the Window World is a mid-range in cost and will cost you between $350 to $1000 (approx). 

The 4000 series double-hung vinyl replacement windows will cost you nearly $4050 with the installation. 


Pella 250 Series Warranty

Homeowners will get a limited lifetime warranty on Pella 250 series vinyl-based doors and windows. Pella offers a lifetime warranty on all materials other than glass and workmanship to its original buyer as long as they own the house. 

Homeowners can get a refund, repair service, and replacement of the defective part of the product. The new homeowner will get 10 years of warranty from the date of the purchase from Pella. 

Window World 4000 Series Warranty

Window World also offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products. You have to pay extra if you want additional add-on services such as glass damage to the company.  

Vinyl frames, sashes, vent stops, etc come under a limited lifetime warranty. Window world warranty is also transferable but they charge a $50 fee for this service. 


Window World 4000 Rating

The Window World 4000 series underperform in terms of various ratings the Pella 250 series. Window World 4000 Series Double Hung Window rating is given below:

VT No..40

Pella 250 Rating

Pella 250 series performance is decent in various ratings as compared to the Window World 4000 series. 

Pella 250 Series Double Hung Window Rating:

VT No. .35

Which One Is Better Pella 250 Series Vs. Window World 4000 Series 

I hope this article helps you a lot to understand the various parameters of Pella 250 and Window World 4000. If you are still in confusion about which one to choose for your home then let me clear this simple doubt in this section.

I personally like the warranty service of Pella which is better than Window World. On the other hand Window, Word offers different choices in the internal and external frame grids. 

Pella 250 series also perform better than the Window World 4000 series in various Ratings. Window World 4000 series is a mid-level product lineup for budget buyers while Pella 250 series offers improvements in performance in many parameters. 


Q.1 What Is The Strength Of A Pella 250 Series Window?

Ans: Pella 250 series is made of the best quality vinyl that is almost 50% stronger than ordinary vinyl-based windows. Twisting and warping are rear in Pella 250 series doors and windows.

Q.2 Which One Is Cost Effective Between Pella 250 And Window World 4000 Series?

Ans: Window World is a mid-range product lineup for budget customers. Pella 250 series is an upgraded version of Thermastar. There is a price difference between their product lineup.
In terms of performance, and quality Pella 250 series is cost-effective.

Q.3 Which Windows Have The Best U-value?

Ans: The U-value of Window World double-hung windows is .34 and for Pella, the 250 series U-value rating is .30. Which means Pella’s U-value rating is slightly better than the Window World 4000 Series. 

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