8 Patio Doors With Built In Blinds Problems [Quick Fix]

There are many benefits of installing a patio door with built-in blinds at home. They are the most convenient way to control the daylight entering your room, and also a great feature to ensure your privacy. 

They are quite different from the standard blinds and are less prone to get dirt from the surroundings. They are much easier to manage also. 

Although there are lots of benefits to having a patio door with built-in blinds, they aren’t perfect and many homeowners addressed some very common issues with them. 

This article is all about what are some common problems with Patio doors of different brands that come with built-in blinds and how to fix them.

But before moving further, let’s understand…

How Do Patio Door Built-In Blinds Work?

A patio door built-in blind is an innovative way to protect your home from bright sunlight in the daytime and add security as well. Unlike traditional blinds, a built-in blind is tucked between the glass panes. 

This way it doesn’t get dust and dirt easily, it doesn’t get damaged and is protected from the touch of your child. 

Built-in blinds are a part of your patio doors and are different from a standard blind that is attached to the door externally. 

You can operate them using a magnetic slider attached to the side frame of your patio door. You can move this magnetic slider up and down to open and close the blinds. 

Problem With The Standard Blind

1. Get Dust Easily

One of the main problems with a standard blind is it becomes dirty easily. It catches lots of dust from inside and outside and you have to clean it frequently. 

2. Fun For Kids

Standard blinds are easily reachable to kids and pets and they can tangle its slat easily. Seeing someone tangled up in the blinds is funny. 

3. Confusing To Operate

It is very annoying to pull different cords to make blinds even and to clean the dust between its slats. 

Although a built-in blind mitigates some of these common problems of a standard blind, you have also experienced some issues with it, which are listed below.

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8 Most Common Problems With Patio Door built-In Blinds And Their Possible Solutions

 patio door with built-in blind

At first sight, patio doors seem a very handy choice for a homeowner but it has some drawbacks that must be known to a homeowner. 

1. Expensive

One of the major problems when choosing a patio door that has a built-in blind is its price. They are way more expensive than the standard blind. 

The price of a built-in blind patio door makes it a specialty product. 

2. Difficult To Repair

Although the chances of damage to a built-in blind patio door are less, If they become damaged then they are very difficult and expensive to repair. 

3. Dusty Built-In Blind Of A Patio Door (How To Clean It)

You can remove the dust and debris from a standard blind easily. You can wipe them with a cloth, and you can also use some vinegar to remove that stubborn dirt. 

This is not the case with built-in blinds. built-in blinds are not easily accessible and you need to remove the glass to clean them which is very challenging and risky for your patio door. 

4. Patio Door Built-in Blind Operator Problem & How To Fix It

Most homeowners face this problem with their patio door built-in blinds where the blinds do not move up and down even if the operator is moving properly.

Cause Of This Problem: This problem is related to the operator of your patio door. A disengage operator creates such type of problem. The operator becomes disengaged when someone lifts and lowers the blinds quickly several times. 

Solution: You don’t need to call a technical person you can fix this problem on your own within a few seconds. 

  • You have to push the magnet up along the frame of the patio door until you find the first magnet. Here you feel a little bit of resistance and a click sound. 
  • Now move it up until you hear the second click sound, now push it to lock it in place. Voila, you are all done. 

Now you have successfully engaged the disengage operator of your patio door. 

5. Stuck Blinds Problem And Quick Fix

Sometimes people face stuck blinds problems with their patio doors. In this case, it becomes hard to lift them and lower them. 

How To Fix Magnetic Blinds Tilt Inside Door?

Cause Of This Problem: When the blinds remain still in their one position for a long period they become stuck in that position and it becomes hard to move them from that position. 

Solutions: This problem can be fixed with a little bit of exercising the blinds. This way they become loose and will move up and down easily. Simply lift and lower them a few times using the magnet.  

6. Unleveled Blinds Of A Patio Door And How To Fix Them

What to do if the blinds of your patio door become unleveled at the bottom? This is a common problem that a homeowner might face on his patio door. 

Solutions: Fixing such a problem is quite easy. Hold the magnet and lift it to the top to lift the blinds and then move it to the bottom end to lower the blinds. 

Voila, you have successfully leveled all the blinds of your patio door without taking the help of a repairman. 

7. Available In Limited Design And Colors

Patio doors with built-in blinds don’t come with lots of designs and colors that can match your home interior. If you want to install a patio door having built-in blinds with desired colors and patterns then you will be disappointed. 

On the other hand, a standard blind setup allows you to choose several colors and different patterns for your home. 

The magnetic slide which is used to operate the blinds has many benefits but you can not use other styles like Venetian and roller blinds here. 

8. Less Energy Efficient

Patio doors with built-in slides are less energy efficient because companies fill some insulated gases like Argon and Krypton between the two glass panes. 

The majority of patio doors with built-in blinds don’t seal airtight properly, and there is no question of insulation here.

Solution: Some brands attached the third glass pane to fill the insulation gases. However, it will significantly increase the overall cost of the patio door. 


The built-in blinds have many benefits that provide privacy as well as prevent excess sunlight inside your room. However, they do have a few problems that you may not know about.

I’ve mentioned 8 problems that you could face with a patio door having built-in blinds and their easy fix. I’ve also mentioned the cause of most of the problems. The majority of the problems you can fix yourself by following the above-mentioned methods but some complex problems need professional help. 

FAQ (Problem With Blinds Between Glass)

Q.1 How To Fix Crooked Blinds Between Glass?

Ans: To solve the fix crooked blinds between the glass problem you need to hold the magnet and lift it to the top to lift the blinds up and then move it to the bottom end to lower the blinds. 

Q.2 How To Fix Magnetic Blinds Inside Door? 

Ans: Sometimes the magnet that is attached to the frame of your door disengages. To solve this problem you need to push the magnet up along the frame of the patio door until you find the first magnet. Here you feel a little bit of resistance and a click sound. Now move up until you hear the second click sound, now push it to lock it in place. Voila, you are all done.

Q.3 How To Remove Enclosed Blinds On French Doors?

Ans: Removing enclosed blinds of a French door needs expert help if you are a novice for such kind of DIY work. First, remove all the screws from the door using a Philips screwdriver drill. Now remove the front and back glass panes and you can remove those enclosed blinds from the door. 

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